2023 Festival Results & Awards

Canada Shorts: Canadian and International Short Film Festival


Best Short / Grand Prize Winner Best Canadian Short Best Director Best Sci-Fi / Fantasy Best Animated (tie)

An old man reflects on his past, having spent his entire life within the confines of a spacecraft. He wonders when the time will come for him to find the true purpose of his life.

  • Director: Matthew Rouleau
  • Writer: Matthew Rouleau
  • Producer: Matthew Rouleau
  • Runtime: 9 mins
  • Screening: Saturday, Dec. 16th
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The One Note Man

The One Note Man

Best International Short Best Music Score

A lonely bassoonist lives his life meticulously, mired in routine. Each day, he plays a single note in an orchestra and leaves the stage while the rest continue. One day, his exit is accidentally delayed and he hears a breathtaking violin solo, which changes his life forever.

  • Director: George C. Siougas
  • Writer: George C. Siougas
  • Producers: Michael Stevenson, Luke Carroll, George C. Siougas
  • Composer: Stephen Warbeck
  • Runtime: 20 minutes
  • Screening: Saturday, Dec. 16th
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Best Drama Best Cinematography

The film follows the story of a man who loses his beloved and everything else he holds dear, prompting him to question the meaning of life.

  • Directors: Sergey Spirin, Andrei Beresnev
  • Writer: Sergey Spirin
  • Cinematographer: Andrei Beresnev
  • Producers: Andrei Beresnev, Galina Beresneva
  • Runtime: 13 minutes
  • Screening: Saturday, Dec. 16th
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Dead Drop

Dead Drop

Best Action Best Suspense

A wounded man arrives at a dead drop unaware that he was followed by those intent to do him harm.

  • Director: Jason Gosbee
  • Writer: Jason Gosbee
  • Producers: Jason Gosbee, Vincent Rother
  • Runtime: 7 minutes
  • Screening: Saturday, Dec. 16th
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Orest Leere and His Marvelous, Mysterious, Malicious Empathy Machine

Orest Leere and His Marvelous, Mysterious, Malicious Empathy Machine

Best Thriller / Horror

A dark fairy tale about a man who has isolated himself from the world in his gothic tower. He has created an "Empathy Machine" that allows him to steal memories from his victims, because Orest has none of his own.

  • Director: Jeff Smith
  • Writer: Jeff Smith
  • Producers: Jeff Smith, Anna Jane Edmonds, Alex Kingsmill
  • Runtime: 10 minutes
  • Screening: Saturday, Dec. 16th
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Something's Not Quite Right

Something's Not Quite Right

Best Writer Best Comedy

One morning David Sleet wakes up and feels out of sorts. Desperate for answers, he sets out on a quest to find out what's not quite right about today.

  • Director: Tom Cornwall
  • Writer: Tom Cornwall
  • Producer: Lisa Bishop
  • Runtime: 11 minutes
  • Screening: Saturday, Dec. 16th
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Old Dragon Man

Old Dragon Man

Best Family / Animated (tie)

'Old Dragon Man' is a heartfelt short film that follows the introspective journey of an elderly artist as he paints a majestic dragon.

  • Director: Doug Cook
  • Writer: Alex Rettie
  • Producer: Doug Cook
  • Runtime: 3 minutes
  • Screening: Saturday, Dec. 16th
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Best Documentary

Katrina paints canvases bursting with colour and expression, but what separates her is the ability to paint under pressure. 'KC' immerses the viewer into a live painting competition where artists race to complete a masterpiece in just 20 short minutes in front of a live audience who ultimately decides who wins.

  • Director: Mike Palmer
  • Producers: Mike Palmer, Katrina Canedo
  • Runtime: 4 minutes
  • Screening: Saturday, Dec. 16th
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The Cage

The Cage

Best Experimental Film

A girl navigates through paths of her life.

  • Directors: Daniele Bagolin, Nancy Zorzin, Irene Zordan, Paolo Romio, Matteo Giacomelli
  • Writers: Irene Coccoli, Ahmed Jomaa, Rokon Molla
  • Producers: Camille Ythier, Paola Pouzet, Sana Mubashar, Yuliana Zhytariuk
  • Runtime: 8 minutes
  • Screening: Saturday, Dec. 16th
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Premier Awards / Best Of Awards

Grand Prize: Reborn by Matthew Rouleau

Best Canadian Short: Reborn by Matthew Rouleau
Best International Short: The One Note Man by George C. Siougas

Best Director: Matthew Rouleau for Reborn
Best Writer: Tom Cornwall for Something's Not Quite Right
Best Cinematography: Andrei Beresnev for IYOV
Best Music Score: Stephen Warbeck for The One Note Man

Best Action / Adventure: Dead Drop by Jason Gosbee
Best Comedy: Something's Not Quite Right by Tom Cornwall
Best Suspense: Dead Drop by Jason Gosbee
Best Documentary: KC by Mike Palmer
Best Drama: IYOV by Sergey Spirin, Andrei Beresnev
Best Experimental Film: The Cage by Daniele Bagolin, Nancy Zorzin, Irene Zordan, Paolo Romio, Matteo Giacomelli
Best Family / Animated (tie): Reborn by Matthew Rouleau
Best Family / Animated (tie): Old Dragon Man by Doug Cook
Best Thriller / Horror: Orest Leere and His Marvelous, Mysterious, Malicious Empathy Machine by Jeff Smith
Best Sci-Fi / Fantasy: Reborn by Matthew Rouleau


After Mourners by Hanna Högstedt
Art of Crossing by Tobiasz Wałkiewicz
Bi-Presence by Marco Antonio Tellez
Canelo Film by Jordi Ayguasenosa, David Calderón
Dead Ed by Paul Mortlock
Demon Interrupted by NJ Brown, Anthony Bretting
Dissent by Chris Boyd
Egaliter by Orhan Burak Acar
Esther: Death Is No Sin by Ana Cristina Bolanos
Eyes Down by John Strahl
Fever Dream by Roman Hageman
Gutter by Theodore Drusba
Hey Alexa by Rebecca Demeter
I Can't by Aidan Bristow
Jinn Julian by Jae Sterling, Contra
Lab Rat by Austin Smith
Left To Pretend by Taylor Elliott
Limit by Qing Kong
Morning Begins at 4:30 by Ivan Law
Note of Defiance by Brian Henderson
Organism by Hongyuan An
SAM by Ibrahin José Buznego
Space for Art by Maclovia G Martel
Takbir by Jordi Calvet
The Friend, The Dove & The Deer by Daire Powell
The Funeral by Xiaowen Xing
The Wild Within by Logan Lambert
Those Missing Words by Sosthene Williams
Three on a Match by Tim Litwinschuh
Translators by Rudy Valdez
Unseen Dancer by Kevin Corbeil Palma
Visitant of Paris by Jérémy Strohm
Xtemplar by Paul Furminger
Yun by Yuezhang Qin
Seek by Shane Kosugi, Kansuke Asano

Awards of Excellence

3.15am by Amit Raj Verma
An Axe To Grind by Joshua Gollish
An Outcast by Tian Jiao Nie
Big Brother by Prada (Penn) Ram Wang
Bring Back the Whistle Dog by Bob Simpson
Burning Moon by Ziwei Li
Cafe Racer by Harrison Houde
Charter by Asif Limbada, Alireza Shojaei
Cicadas by Alexandria Christina Collins, Jared Austin Culp
Cinderella by Ala'a Al Qaisi
Comment faire taire une foule en colère by Éloïse Lavictoire
Descend by Alejandro Aguirre Tanus
Dragon Fruit by J.Brown
Dwelling by Brandon James Lorimer
Ella Ella by Eddy Yang
End of the Line by Marc Salvatore Lajoie
Evil Step Sitter by Kate Kennedy, Rossana Diez
Expedition Nictau - Exploring New Brunswick's Herbicide Dilemma by Harrison David Burton
Extreme Beachcombing by Ryan Pinkard, Christian Klintholm
Gift of the Artist by Ron Chapman
Gnothi Seauton by Elodie Lorquet
Half Samurai by Rashad Haughton
Happen to Happen by Julie Joohee Jeon
Harmonia: by Bogdan Darev
Hi, Chase by Shane Trowbridge
How Are You Feeling by Jia Wen Lee
I Remember by Raphaël Benoit Pettigrew
I'm Not A Nurse by Jessica Bailey
[Insert Short Film Title] by Kory Orban
In The Beginning by Prabu Muruganantham
Judge by Nicolo' Pozzali
Little feet forever running silently by Derek Olive
Little t by Masha Martynenko Ellsworth
Love Without Words by Octavian Iacob
Mad Pierrette by Diana Bahirian
Microwave Coven by Josh Almario
Monstr by Tank Standing Buffalo
More Than Gold: The Story of The Yukon Soaps Company by Jesse Blight
Oh Sirop by Marie Côté
Old Haunt by Michiel van Echten
Out of Touch by Christine Buijs
Panorama by Okay Dayan
Pico by Joel Arthur Tremblay
Plant by Dee Spuriel
Preserving Taste by Gelareh Kiazand
Ramos Fizz by Morgan Lee
Residual Splendour by C. Hudson Hwang
Robots Don't Tell Jokes by Kelli Caldwell
Save the Date by Bria McLaughlin
The Church of Tony Dufresne by Patrick Hodgson
The Climbing Rose of the Garden District by Jessica Gohlke
The Dragon's Dance by Sean Jasper Lim
The escape by Antoine Blanche
The Exchange by Marco Berger
The Feeding-time by Olivier Barthelemy
The Fire Dancer by Agnieszka Pajor, Lancelot Burton
The Injustices by Calyx Passailaigue
The Moon Followed Me To Falmouth by Joël Gibbs
The Mother by Emily Strong
The Return by Bohdan Donald Tanasijczuk
The Shadow of the beast by Frederic Raynaud
The Things That Matter by Jules Cherbonnier
The Warbling by Quentin Ferrant
Thousand Paper Cranes by Xiaoxuan Liu
Till I Pass Out by Kateryna Holovko
Uncontrollable by Mia Geere
Unthinkable Conversations by Emma Richardson
Vela by Esteban Powell
Virago by Aida Gevorgyan
We Sold Our Souls For The Cause by Olivier Surprenant
Wooden Toilet by Zuri Rinpoche
You Are the Blue by Beatrice King
Your Skin Is The Galaxy by Jose Domingo
Yupeng's July by Hongtao Guo

Awards of Distinction

100 Days by Joshua Ravenhill
3 Nights by Guillermo Pastor
A Vegan Love Story by Daniela di Salvo
After the Beep by Yu-Ran Shih
Ages of Man by Claire Leona Apps
All of Yourself by Dalia Allocca
Allways / Desde Siempre by Monica Abascal
Amphibious by Ghazal Partou
An Interview with The Times by Marc Cunningham
B&E by Jamie Robertson
Bardo by Fu Yuan Chiang
Begin Again by Gabriel Venneri
Beyond the Sea by Massimo Ivan Falsetta
Bonding by Luke Rex
Bonno Eversong and the 20 Sides of Fate by Mike Schoenhals
Breathe by Kimberly Miller-Pryce
Cancer by Yunnian Han
Carpool by Steve Darby
Cartography of a Woman by Andressa Back
Cecile Park Rd. by Thomas Kriechhammer
Chat by Brad M. Johnson
Chirophobia by Daniil Vasilyev
Coin Toss by Shaun Michael Crafton
Cold Turkey by Fereidoon Tavassoli
Come to an End by Ruiqian Pan
Cottonmouth by Hailey Naomi Irvin
Dancing Tree by June Jing Wang
Earthrise by Shane Joseph Willis
Fable Deaf by Chrystene R. Ells
First Position by Mallory Clarke
Five Questions by David Arrow
Forth Time's a Charm by Kung Chieh Hsi
Frank Gets The Job Done by Dallas R Soonias
Ginny's Enterprise by Suzanne Marie Moreau
Good Girl by Sunita Miya Muganza
H.O.M.E. by Yiğit Batuk
Happy Pills by Nathan St. Louis
Heavenly Flames by Quentin Ferrant
Hinter-Land by Christopher Angus
Hurt by Vince Lapointe
I am Kanaka by Genevieve Sulway
I Still Love You by Diane Pontius
I'll be with you in the dark by Conor Forrest
La Maison by Katherine Burger
Ladder to the Moon by Chris London
Laundry by Eric Tolzmann
Leap by Linxi Huang
Lemons by Matt Handy
Let's talk by Elad Mukades
Lucid by Jim Watson
Making A Difference in Their Community; Dave's Rock Garden by Marci Lynne Krown
Maneater by Eric Marroquin Lucha
More Than You Can Know, A Marriage Story by Naomi Guttman
My Friend, Francis by Vlada Hayvoronska
Not A-Muse-D by Sammy Ray Welch
Oasis by William Cardinal
Orchidaceae by Cru Alexander Timi
Otherwise, we're lost by Giulio Franz
Paper airplane by Clelia Piredda
Pentaclub [The Club of Five] by Roberto Strazzarino
Peripeteia by Merve Gezen
Persistence by Neil Schell
Pierre's Hair by Mathilde Laporte, Julien Flechelle
Pulling the Goalie by Hiag Avsharian
Rainy Season by Jason Wan Lim, R. Trevor Griffiths
Raven by Tom S Taylor
Reading to Robots by Liam Callander
Redlights by Eva Thomas
Remnants by Barrett Hooper
Safe Space by Matt Pittroff
Scent of A Persimmon Flower by Jae Hong Park
Shadow by Gemma Watson Bonfiglioli
Shadow under the Bed by Yu-Le Chang
Smash or Pass by Cory Reeder
Solitaire by Tessa Tan
Someone who is punctual by Haibo Wang
Sometime, Somewhere by Logan Findlay
Sour Love by Benjamin Del Vasto
Still Playing by Jack Bailey
That's Enough Now Thanks by Aquila Chase-Daniel
The Barber's Cut by Maxim Arandelovic
The Cabin by Joey Monahan
The Choice by Barb Briggs
The Dog - A Rapidly Condensed Guide to Treading Water by Michael Makaroff
The Good Word by Constance Hilton
The Hunt by Louka Hogue
The Inhabitance by Prachi Chopra
The Jump by Daniel Woods
The Pros and Cons of Killing Yourself by Matt Moreland, Jaden Curtis
The Shadow by Martin Berthiaume
The Sofa Bed by Major Jas Boothe
The Unaccused by Puneet Rakheja
The Villain by Everett Lemmon
The Wild Goose by John Flood
Things Left Unsaid by Daniele Catini
To Belong by Sarah Uwadiae
Unbroken: A Story of Resistance by Katharine Lake Berz
Under the Blessed Table : Moto by Marie-Natacha Barampana
Undeveloped by Derek MacDonald
Visit by Michael Robert Stafford
Voice of the wind by Gaku Sugioka
Voice to be heard by Lila Rios
White Lies by Greg Moran
Your Own Happiness by Wei Chang Siaw

Awards of Commendation

#iorestoacasaconme by Chiara Sibille
A Call by Chengyu Guo
A Gangster's Fate by Maxim Arandelovic
A Very Strange Day by Camille Solari
Abyss by Amrita Anand
Aftercare by Anubha Momin
Aftershock by Cyrus Lo
Angel Fleet by Tristan Loraine
Apples of Discord by Shaoul Benchimol
Beached by Karina Xiao Loerchner
Behind the Smile by Vanessa Williamsen
Beyond You by Federico Amicosante
Birthed Uproots by Jessica Alunaya
Blind Date by Dylan West
Braves Wear Braids by Jamie Starlight, Bryce Starlight
Bridges by Roni Blak
BrokeHer by Anna Cooley
Broken Mirror by Sina Maali
Burt and Darf - The Lock by Loren C Mally, Greg Threlkeld
Catching the Bus by Sean Branney
Christmas Threesome by Devon Ferguson
Culicidae by Greg Moran
Dancing With Her Ghost by Alexandra Nicole
Dementia: You Can Make A Difference by Firdaus Kharas
Different Kind of Sick by Nightingale
Don't give up by Guan Ren Chen
Dow by Sofi Abou-Assali
Down Among the Dead Men by Lili Cormier-Stumpf, Theo Christianson
Dwight in Denmark by Cristopher Lee Anderson
Encounters By The Water by Joao Manoel Machado
Entropic by Sydney Posliff
Falkland by Alex Pavlovic, Ivan Gorbenko
Forecast by Paula Randol-Smith
Fortune Cookie by Matt Snell
Freckle by David Usner
Freight by Sandy Morris
Galatea by Julien Ahmaranian
Gaslit Apocalypse by Cole McCracken
Ghosted by Eden Kannistan
Global Warming? by Ralph Sinnender
GRWM - Get Ready With Me by Etienne Jacques
HeARTwork by Conscious Economics, Lunar Studios
Here, Now... by Olaf Jacobson Sahuaya, Het Desai
Hollow Shells by Sebastian Cruz
If The Number 13 Didn't Exist by Serge Bonafous
In Her Shoes by Mariam. J. Momani
ISA-Feeding The Machine by Marc Gaudet
Islandtrification by Lani Cupchoy
It's Not All Right by Matt Brown
Iter by Ismail Alberto Ali, Andrea Hernández
Karak by Ian Tan
Latchkey by Nathalie Therriault
Laundry by Victoria Zubick
Leave a Message by Bashir Aden
Life for a Life by Beau Tanton
Limbo's Cocktail Lounge by Wes Adams
Liminal by Evbaguehita Odeh
Little Yellow Flower by Chien-Ping Lin
Logging Algonquin by Conor DeVries
Love In Vain by Rudolf Strukoff
Love It If We Made It by Marika Melnyk-Nadeau
M'onc'Omer by Marie Côté
Mail Man by Jessica Johnson
Malunderstood: A Virtual Performance Experience by Amy Blackmore
Mary Two Bears by Sarah Nicole Faucer
Mercy by Jessica Orcsik
Mori by Aidan Warren
Mothers: Out Of A Pandemic by Shonna Foster
Nubbinwood by Tim Granberg
Our Beloved by Clare Methe
Pollo Loco by Derek Bauder
Protection by Z. Heygood
Rakchham by Ray Demski
Renascence by Cindy Tang
Ridley's After 7 by Garrett Sweeten
Rooted in Art by Makayla Hidalgo
Ruined - But It’s Not My Fault by Afshar Iqbal
Running Rabbit by Bret Robert Franics Kenworthy
Sandcastles by Susan Angela Ko
Seventh Direction by Ray Demski, Jasmine Ellis
Sight For Sore Eyes by Trevor Meyer
Smoke by Bohdan Brown-Cholod
Spirit Bear: Honouring Memories, Planting Dreams by Amanda Strong
Spirit Girl by Kim Soo Goodtrack
Stan's Plan by Barry Nerling, Baille Reid
State of Affairs by Leyla Bulatova
Sticky Fingers by Nicolai Joseph
Super Deer Man by Jing Huang
T-Bone by Zachary Bennett
Tantrum by Soomin Choi
Teacher Sophy: A Special Needs Teacher in Kenya by Abigail Sarah Grace Mascher
The Almighty Vending Machine by Stanislav Mitin
The Big White Veil Mistake by Bridget Wixted
The Happiness Not Belong To Me by Olivia Pham
The Last Goodbye by Gordon Yarley
The Meeting by Chandra Raye
The Night Shift by Peter Eliseev
The Old Saturday by Rondrell McCormick
The Refuge by Zach Madge
The Spectrum Of You by Tomide Bamigboye
The Take by Cole Beaulne
The Time Is Right by Diane Carol Harder
The Upper Room by Marcus Richard Gregory Bassett
The Victims of Sundarbans by Dilip Ghosh
The YEG Soccer Project by Ricardo Arturo Casanova
TTB- Teen Tondawaali Bai by Atharva Ravindra Jadhav
Twitch by Suden
Two Lost Brothers by Stanley Wah-Hong Leung
Two Thirds by Laur Brewin
Under My Bed by Matt Cairns
Unwavering by Jase P Chau
What Do You Think? by Brandon Boyd
When Worlds Collide by Genevieve Sulway
Where Can I Run? by George Turnbull
Where I Lie by Michael Hitoshi Maddeaux, Elston Wong
Who Saves Saves by Romaine Myers
Wicked Plans by Lee Chambers
Will Ye No Come Back Again? by Deb Ethier
Zeke by Darrell N. Bridgers

Merit Awards

A Man Named Death by Rob Tari
Alone Together by Megan Swertlow
Amara by Panta Mosleh
As Himself by Evan Saumier
Beyond Profit: Seeking Sustainability by Nick Graham Ridley
Brinda by Nisha Luthra
Butterfly Skin by Shaina Follis
Cave's Fable by Magaly Pefig
Chad Valyear - Up From The Dark by Steve Sugarman
Chimera Road by Gregory Da Silva
Christmas at Doug’s by Dean Harder
Corporate Retreat by Phillip Hassman
David by Matthew Forbes
Death's Duty by Antonio Gonzalez Wagner
Disconnect by Riley Wadden
Disowned by James Starr
Disturbed by Michael-Claude Winfield
Dongting Village by Qianhui Xu
Estelle by Guy Mazarguil
For Christ's Sake by Simon McNally
Getting Along by Scott Dobson, Michael Phillip Wojewoda
Glass Works by Norman Ng
Golden Threads by Aman Kaur Khangura
Grief by Dustin J. Robison
Groove, Slam, Work It Back by Amélia Simard
Hamartia by Nicole Sofia
Heal Through Poetry by Garima Soni
Heavy Rain In 96 Scenes by Bo Zhang
Hope in Uganda by James L. Hussey
Hypochondriac by Thomas Davisson
I Can Explain by Emorphia Margaritis
I Love U by Brandon Stewart
Initiative by Grayson Berry
It's Just Business by Judy Boyle
Jessie by Zach Ruchkin
Left.Right by Hongtao Guo
Lighter by Evan James Gillmore, Evan Ray Roberts
Living Still by Frederik Wiedmann
Lost in Thought by Amanda Ellsworth
Mandibules by Louis-Michel Bedard, Martine Musau
Mighty Man by Ethan Zuchkan
Nosside by Kaden Peter Wilson
On Her Behalf by Iraj Habashi
Perennials by Grant Earl MacIntosh
Perspective by Delanie Tiedemann
Prisoner by Julie St-Marseille
Purple and Blue by ZeKai Zhang
Red Walls by Ethan Billard Dooley
Sean by Hamed Niki
She Speaks To The Trees by Séamus Miller
Silhouette by Steven Rohrer
Solo Duet: Who's On First by Paul Michael Snider
The Apprentice by Yulin (Kevin) He
The Curtain by Leslie-Ann Coles
The Fight by Fausto Saez Salomão, Luciano Risso
The Midnight Retaliator by Peter Hajdu
The Old Age Home by Rahul Razdan
The Onion Effect by Malka Martz-Oberlander
The Passion of Paul-Emile Borduas by michael cutler
The Real Fight by Scott G Linson
The Roar Shack by Duncan Alexander Jones
Turkey's Cooked by Sarah Nicole Faucher
Twin Flame by Eli Artman
Unwritten by Oriana Theo
Wanna Buy Something by Scot Sax
We Are Just Soldiers by Saffron Bisiker
What the Dirt Don’t Like by Jenn L Ashton
Wiigiwaam by Anna-Celestrya Carr
You, Too by Rodrigo Antonio Villaronga
Yu Jie by Li An Li

Honorable Mentions

Crayfish by Leigh Mackenzie
Cry About It by Joe McInnis
Debug by Hanzhang Fang, Yatong Liu
Doubt by Kayode Kasum
Dream of the Return by Yew Weng Ho
Eupnea by Trish Morrissey
Gjalp by Matt Risk
Helpless by Christian Meer
Home Invasion by Demitra Papadinis
Just Right Girl by Sherri Dahl
Love At Last Sight by Joel Michael Reimer
Memories and Magic by Katy Lo
My Tree by Mahmoud Houshmand
Numb. by Genesis Thompson
Painting the Sky by Ernie Nathaniel
Release by Sasan Behroozian
The M3nage by Barrett Hooper
When Will This Story End by Jack Bailey