2017 Festival Results & Awards

Canada Shorts: Canadian and International Short Film Festival
The Swan

The Swan

Best Short / Grand Prize Winner Best International Short Best Director Best Sci-Fi

A story about a young photographer who takes photos of animals in some time in the future.

  • Director: Jonas Karasek
  • Writers: Peter Rajcak, Jonas Karasek
  • Producers: Gun Powder, ALIEN Studio, Effectivity
  • Runtime: 10 mins
  • Screening: Saturday, Dec. 9th
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Twice Upon a Time

Twice Upon a Time

Best Canadian Short Best Animated Best Writer

Twice Upon a Time, there was a king with split personality whose one half wants to become a poet and the other a fearless warrior.

  • Director: Vojin Vasovic
  • Writers: Vojin Vasovic
  • Producer: Vojin Vasovic
  • Runtime: 14 minutes
  • Screening: Saturday, Dec. 9th
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Being Change

Being Change

Best Documentary (tie)

Being Change is the life story of an Australian environmental visionary, Alexandra Seddon, whose mantra is 'conservation, community and education'.

  • Director: Toni Houston
  • Writer: Toni Houston
  • Producer: Toni Houston
  • Runtime: 27 minutes
  • Screening: Saturday, Dec. 9th
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Human Portraits

Human Portraits

Best Documentary (tie)

Human Portraits is a mini Documentary about what it is like to be white and poor in America

  • Directors: Mark Pimentel, Porfirio Fernando Castillo
  • Producers: Mark Pimentel, Frank Volicella, Rudy Murrieta, Porfirio Fernando Castillo
  • Runtime: 7 minutes
  • Screening: Saturday, Dec. 9th
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Best Cinematography

A mentally distraught man chases after alternate realities to find one where his late daughter had lived a full lifetime.

  • Director: Gabriel Andres Valbuena
  • Writer: Gabriel Andres Valbuena
  • DOP: Diana Yifei Dai
  • Producer: Tiara Olson
  • Runtime: 7 minutes
  • Screening: Saturday, Dec. 9th
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Best Music Score

Iridescence is an experimental visual short film, which exposes how society needs to label a person by their sexuality.

  • Director: Max Beauchamp
  • Writer: Max Beauchamp
  • Score: Armando Fierro, Tobias Bartsch
  • Producer: Kent Donguines
  • Runtime: 9 minutes
  • Screening: Saturday, Dec. 9th
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Best Drama

A young girl cares for her younger brother at home, while she awaits her mother’s return.

  • Director: Tessa Hoffe
  • Writer: Tessa Hoffe
  • Producer: Tessa Hoffe
  • Runtime: 14 minutes
  • Screening: Saturday, Dec. 9th
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Rescue Before Dusk

Rescue Before Dusk

Best Action

A young business man with a hidden past, tries to rescue his fiance by battling through a group of thugs.

  • Director: Samuel Lee
  • Writer: Samuel Lee
  • Producers: Samuel Lee, Cheng Shian Wen
  • Runtime: 10 minutes
  • Screening: Saturday, Dec. 9th
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Best Suspense

Dawn. A baby breaks the silence.

  • Director: Iván Sáinz-Pardo
  • Writer: Iván Sáinz-Pardo
  • Producer: Iván Sáinz-Pardo
  • Runtime: 4 minutes
  • Screening: Saturday, Dec. 9th
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In a Dream

In a Dream

Best Comedy (tie)

A young office worker and aspiring pet portrait painter, is determined to find a mysterious man who keeps appearing in her dreams at night.

  • Director: Edina Kishonthy
  • Writer: Edina Kishonthy
  • Producers: Edina Kishonthy, Teodora Chrystie
  • Runtime: 17 minutes
  • Screening: Saturday, Dec. 9th
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Hell of a Gap

Hell Of A Gap

Best Comedy (tie)

Two angels, Nancy and Glen, are sent from Heaven to do the same job. Guess who's being paid more?

  • Director: Caitlin English
  • Writers: Caitlin English, Eric Frank, Chris Boyle, Jacqueline Costa
  • Producers: Caitlin English, Eric Frank, Chris Boyle, Jacqueline Costa
  • Runtime: 3 minutes
  • Screening: Saturday, Dec. 9th
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The Cop Cam

The Cop Cam

Best Horror (tie)

Police body cams reveal paranormal events.

  • Director: Isaac Rodriguez
  • Writer: Isaac Rodriguez
  • Producer: Isaac Rodriguez
  • Runtime: 3 minutes
  • Screening: Saturday, Dec. 9th
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The Jitterman

The Jitterman

Best Horror (tie)

A babysitter, alone in a house is tormented by an evil entity.

  • Director: Alex Mathieson
  • Writer: Alex Mathieson
  • Producer: Sagal Aden-Buxton
  • Runtime: 12 minutes
  • Screening: Saturday, Dec. 9th
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Best Experimental Film

A nightmarish journey through the fragmented psyche of the West, traversing the underworld of the modern collective shadow.

  • Director: Lubomir Arsov
  • Writer: Lubomir Arsov
  • Producer: Lubomir Arsov
  • Runtime: 13 minutes
  • Screening: Saturday, Dec. 9th
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Premier Awards / Best Of Awards

Grand Prize: The Swan by Jonas Karasek

Best Canadian Short: Twice Upon a Time by Vojin Vasovic
Best International Short: The Swan by Jonas Karasek
Best Documentary (tie): Being Change by Toni Houston
Best Documentary (tie): Human Portraits by Mark Pimentel and Porfirio Fernando Castillo

Best Director: Jonas Karasek for The Swan
Best Writer: Vojin Vasovic for Twice Upon a Time
Best Cinematography: Diana Yifei Dai for If
Best Score: Armando Fierro & Tobias Bartsch for Iridescence

Best Drama: Spinosaurus by Tessa Hoffe
Best Action: Rescue Before Dusk by Samuel Lee
Best Suspense: Save by Iván Sáinz-Pardo
Best Comedy (tie): In a Dream by Edina Kishonthy
Best Comedy (tie): Hell Of A Gap by Caitlin English
Best Animated: Twice Upon a Time by Vojin Vasovic
Best Horror (tie): The Cop Cam by Isaac Rodriguez
Best Horror (tie): The Jitterman by Alex Mathieson
Best Sci-Fi: The Swan by Jonas Karasek
Best Experimental Film: In-Shadow by Lubomir Arsov


2BR02B: To Be or Naught To Be by Marco Checa Garcia
40 Winters by Simon Donato and Drew Goldsack
A Northern Path: Exploring the Nisga’a and Stewart-Cassiar Highways by David Peacock
A Thousand Days of Solitude by Jeremiah Andrew Benskin
A Whole World for a Little World by Fabrice Bracq
Advertisement by Timur Ismailov
Breaker by Philippe McKie
Business is Brutal by Jack Thomson
Casey by Cody Westman
Concrete Canvas by Gema Ceron and Nicole Rivera
Destroy Madrid by Joseba Alfaro
Emily by Jean-Marc Demmer
For Dad by Jason Rosenblatt
Glamorous Gladys by Michal Lavi and Berkley Brady
Haley by Corey Sevier
Julia's piece by Amelia Eloisa
Little Chicken by Nicolas Legendre
Little Thief by Xavier Guignard
Lucy Dies by Ian Macdonald
Mad Dogs by Kuba Lubniewski
Marauder by Brendon Rathbone
Micro giants by Yifu Zhou
Might by Emil Sallinen
My Blossoming Summer by Wu Boping
Never Better by Lucie Guest
Never Land by Anna Hoghton
On The Line by Sean Menard
One by Mariana Osuna Perez
Pickup by Jeremiah Kipp
Retimer by Robin Tremblay
Saltz by Dominique McClellan
She Came Knocking by John Ainslie
Show and Tell by Reem Morsi
Similar by Florent Agostini
Sophia by Zsofia Opra-Szabo
Spread by Samuel E. Mac
STHLM Hunters by Tor Helmstein
Studded Nightmare by Jean-Claude Leblanc
Super Idiots - Guns 40 to 1 by Rich Wilkie
Tag by Patrick Green and Steve Tirona
Tears In The Rain by Christopher Grant Harvey
The Canoe by Goh Iromoto
The Date by Adrien Yiptong
The House of Ill Compute by Neal Schneider
The Making of Latex 101 by Hayley Evans
The Visitant by Nic Barker
The Walrus Whisperer by Adrian Pop
Threshold by Federico Montero
Through It All by Joshua Fifield
Through My Eyes: Hani's Journey by Zahra Mackaoui
Unravel by Evan Luchkow
Upload:U by Samuel E. Mac
World War Anywhere by Scott Antifave
Zackman by Jack Tong

Awards of Excellence

#Connected by Haad Bakshi
2442: by Homer Liwag
35 Pieces by Steven Siegel
A Digital Bromance by Léonard C. Héliot and Eliott De Gastines
A Life Devoured by Daniel Orosz
A Special Night by Diana Kaluza
A Timely Gift by Paireac Keane
After School by Gisela Nadasy
After by Alec Goss
Afterglow by Akira Kamiki
Age by Thomas Collocott
All Of Me by Daphne Schmon
Anne by Siri Nerbø
Ashes of Time by Bide Yuan
August in the City by Christie Conochalla
Axis Mundi by Gary M Gowans
Becoming Beautiful: Ballroom Dance in the American Heartland by Joanna Bosse
Blackout by Timothy Collins
Blind Sushi by Eric Heimbold
Borrowed Time by John Krissilas
Carpark by John Frohlich
Catching the L Train by Eric Raingruber
Comfort and Joy by Will Jeffs and AJ Simmons
Courage by Jean-Luc Julien
Daughter for Daughter by Melissa Chen
Day One by Anthony Z James
Dead End by Carter Ferguson
Dear Good Son by Or Meir Schraiebr and Omri Drumlevich
Dispersion by Nikita Trocki
Dissecting Gwen by Katherine Barrell
Dollar King by Andrew Pollins
Exosphere by Ramy El Nagar
Face Blind by Maddy Burgess
Follow Up by Stefano Casadei
Forgive Me Father by Mark Datuin
Forgotten life by Philip Spaar
Freedom Roulette by Jevon Boreland
High Calorie by Mehmet Tigli
Highland Cafe by Yuehan Zhang
I Am Sophia by Simoon Moshi
In-Between by Kostopoulos Stavros
Insanity by Vrishub Merai
Interrogation by YueCheng Liu
It Happened During Recess by Zuojia Zong
Jetlag by Matthew Leigh
Jigden: The beginning of the end by Shenpenn Khymsar
Johanne by Anna-Ester Volozh
Johnny on the Moon by Eva Everett Irving
Knife Fight by Miguel J. Soliman
La nuit est faite pour dormir by Adrien Costello
Ladysitter by May D. Gavini
Mackenzie by Sofia Astrom
Manners of Dying by Bo-You Niou
Martien by Maxime Pillonel
Mary by Juraj Primorac
Mato Twilight by Tang Peiyan and Uchiya Emi
Meanders by Tereza Srbova
Memories of Time by Kyrian Rouvet and Jean-Baptiste Pacioselli
Mimicry by Aliks Chen and Dylan Simmons
Mug by John Freeman
Name by Genevieve Bourassa
Nana by Ali Kellner
Night Live by Dazhi Huang
Nothing Is Sacred by Peter Jang
Now Boarding 2 by Dr. Teresa Mular
NTK by Chloé Conseil
One man called Olivier Bécaille by Alessandro masella
One Sunday by Zack Spiger
Passengers by Simon Portus
Peaks by Kyra Newton-Guy
Quantum Satori by Samuel Vanclooster
Redruby Jose Holder
Redshift by Benjamin Crane
Reflection by Rodolfo Salinas
Return Flight by Marisa Tontaveetong
Ruthless by Chris Pender
Searching Skies by Vivian Hua
Sleepwalker by Behnam Afiat
Snow in Love by Trey Solberg
Sparrow by Shin-Wei, Huang
Spotlight 2 by Peter Paul Basler
Stella Maris by Kalainithan Kalaichelvan
Sunny and Gerd in Spring Cleaning by DaCosta Bayley
Thanks For Everything by Frank Aron Gårdsø
The accompanying dancers by Karleener
The Arctic Circus by Connor Johnstone
The Butterfly by Andy Alvarez
The Cherry Tree by Matthieu Boivineau
The Company by Taylor Katsanis
The End of My World by Kamil Krawczycki
The Fruit Machine by Omer Khan
The Harms of Hate by Hayley Evans
The Little Truth by Stefan Mandachi
The Making of Recovery by Matthew Gillespie
The Man Who Doesn't Sleep by Jana Stackhouse
The Meditation by Dennis Mantin
The Morning After by Leanne Mangan and Sean Cousins
The One I Adore by Jason Seelmann
The Pawn by Amir Karimi
The Polar Bear Story by Suisei Hoshii
The Secret of Joy by Max Bartoli
The Son, the Father... by Lukas Hassel
The stairs by Adriano Ricci
The Truth About Haunting by Juliana Naples
Think Fast by Jan D Stanton
Triple Time by Trevor Mayes
Tuesday 10:08AM by Jane Tattersall and Thomas Pepper
Unfounded by Teddy Edwards
Vacant by Nina Lisandrello
Vesper by Keyvan Sheikhalishahi
Welcome To Canada by Treven LePage
Woolies by Liam MacDonald
You Are Here by Deb Ethier

Awards of Distinction

11 AM by musab alamri
116 by Julia Campanelli
14:00 by Kazuya Ashizawa
22 by Xander Regnaugh
95 Never Looked So Good by Tymm Holloway
A Bolt from the Blue by Deb Ethier
A Cello in The Subway by Iven Tu
A Family by Chris Hanna
A Short Film About Hats by Gabriel Foster-Prior
About the Boy who ate an Oakwood Chair by Pieter Goethals
Above the Mist by Gabriel Galand
Anna by Natalie Dale
Ayesha by Ambarien Alqadar
Bakery by Hashim Didari
Bardo by Derek Coté
Before the Fall by Kamelya Alexan
Bended bonds by Julie Janssens
Big Apple by Micheal Kehren
Black Snow by Stephen Linstead
Bookmark by Danush Bhaskar
Break In by John McPherson
Breathing Through a Straw by Leigh Rivenbark
Burden by Johnny Cullen
But Wait There's More by Mike Mildon
Butter by Chris Violette
Canon by Igor Sadovski
Cartoon Lullaby John-Daniel Arauz
Chocolate Cake by Brittney Grabill
Chocolate Queen by Mariusz Brozek
Cupid is Not a Terrorist by Bellopropello
Curtains by Gar Hoover
Destiny by Steve Gibbs
Dinner for Two by Elen Ji
Dragonfly by Carl Carter Greene
Economics for Everyone, It's For you to! - The Dawn of Coperation by Neil Grahn
Eli by Yayun Hsu
Ellie & Sam by Jessica Petelle
Empty Window by Ming Zeng
EnGaged - Carolyn Gage On Stage and Off by Jenna Orkin
Ephemeral by Antonio Darwiche
Escape by Fábio Barros
External Gazer by Joe Doyle
Famílias by Joffre Faria Silva
Go Getter by Josh Aries
God's Country by Alex Kuciw
Gorge by Maxwell Seiler and Gabriel Francis
Grandpa Online by Ian Lui
Happy Birthday Ronnie by Gagan Sandhu
Haunted Witness by Daniel Clarke
Hi, My Name Is by Tiara Montgomery
Hidden by Launay-Franceschini vincent
Honesty by JC Little
HorrorShow by Juan Camilo Mejia
How The Grinch Stole Christmas From Vancouver by Kevin Getz
Huntsmen by Ryan Orizabal
I am Sorry by Teodor Kuhn
I Thank the State by Freddie Gerrard - Abbott
In My Mother's Closet by Adri Almeida and Carolyn Wu
It's getting darker every day by Natalie MacMahon
It's Raining by Ciro D'Emilio
Joyeux Noel! by Anne-Sophie Marie
Late Night Talk Show by Denise Khng
Life is Horrible by Rachel Zhou
Lights Beneath My Feet by Laz
Like a dust in the wind by José Joilan
Little Rebel by Aimie Vallat and Guido Ronge
Loop by Tsubasa Maruno
Lost Man by Hoo Youn Kwon
Love's River of Errors by David Richardson
Lovesick by Lauren Bridle
Lurker by Marcel Simoneau
Mab by Katie Bonham
Marysia's World by Katarzyna Ewa Zak
Meter Maid by Aaron Setton
Mia by Octavian Kaul
Milo by Jeremie Azencot
Mind Games by Michael Schaar-Ney
Mirrored Past by Evan Grizos and Ronan O'Hanlon
Morning After by Patricia Chica
Mother by Piotrek Golebiowski
Mulberry Lane by John Krissilas
Multiverse Dating for Beginners by Kelly Tatham
Neo Max by Radha S. Menon
Nessa For Your Needs by Jeff So
No Need For Shelter by Julian Figueroa
Not a One-Way Street by Eva Colmers and Heidi Janz
Notes from Einstein by Mimi Garrard
Noturno by Eduardo Mattos
Odd & Maud by Michael Axelsson
On the Spectrum by Gerard Mckenzie
one man by Philippe Gregoire
One Night in Aberdeen by Brett Ferster
One Night Stand by Wojciech Zielinski
Orphans Unwanted by Xavier Cattarinich
Our Camera, Our Cure by Lindsay Fitzgerald
Our Canada, My Story: Kevin Takahide Lee by Salima Stanley-Bhanji
Out Go the Lights by Edward Mines
Paranoia by David Nguyen
Passaic by Douglas Underdahl
PhD Gold Digger by Youcef Beghdadi
Pitch Black by Chris Hanna
Platypus by Reynier Cepero
Polis Nea by Pierluigi Ferrandini
Poor Man's Evil Dead by Kristine Kleist, Kevin Buessecker and Zach Bryson
Prom Night by Samantha MacAdam
Pure Madness by Lander Haverals
Raising the Flag by Tom Mae and Reet Mae
Ravage by Leon Lee
Refuge by Mohammed Alsultan
Resilience by Andrew Yates
Reunion Tour by Jeremy Griffiths
Ritournelle by Camille de Leu
Sasha by Dana Marisa Schoenfeld
Scattered by Ellie Harvie
Scrabble by Merve Gezen
Sea by William Vitoria
Seabank: Nature's Dividend by Liz McKenzie
Seeing Him by Chris Jones
Shieldmaiden by Benjamin Janicki
Shut Up and Run by Kamyla Davis
Sidney by Jen Frankel
Skip by Jenina MacGillivray
Slashed! by David Rawlings
Soap by Brayden McManus
Something Went Wrong by Both
Son of Man by Josh Cisewski
Such is Life in Eszterovia by Pat Suveg
The Archetypes by William J. Stribling
The Bed by Anand VRS Tomar
The Benefaction by Nikhat Powell
The Cocktail Waitress by Dan H Smith
The Hag: Bloodline by Chris Borgo
The Heckler by Jonathan Gagnon
The Honey Badger by KB Kutz
The Kaleidoscopic Journey of Florence Flutterbucket III by Demmi Dupri
The Last Farewell by Jomz Ramirez
The Making of SoKo Danub by Manuel Molzer
The Man From Ballyduff by Ron Devitt
The Mindless Imagination of Thomas Porter by Justin Bromley
The Mudfish by Jun Yong KIM
The Naked Screaming Man by Alain Kramer
The Others by Amanda Brennan
The Prince by Kyra Zagorsky
The Shallow End by Eric Bizzarri
The Talk by Tyler Boyco
The Things I Couldn't Say by Zlatina Pacheva
The United Guys Network by Tabatha Golat
The Watchers by Michael Van Patten, Jason Fedusenko and Edward King III
The Writer´s Woman by Leslie Aldana
They Make You Grow A Beard by Anthony Kinsella
This is not about us by Marek Kacer
To Live Again by Aron Safranyos and Christopher Smith
Under the Florida Snow by Sylvio Jacques
Value of Life by Natasha Despotovic and Alexandra Tabar
Violet and June by Linnea Ritland
Vocatio by Juan Ramiro Torres Tapia
Walled In by David Morrison
Wasted Talent by Larry Boyce, Andrew Arehart, Jack Arehart and Matthew Arehart
When Life Gives You Lemons by Roy Arwas
When the Wind Blows by Daphne Miltiadou
Whoever Was Using This Bed by Andrew Kotatko
Wishful Thinking by Dennis Nap
Without Reason by Edward Mines
Yowza-Chan Falls In Love With A Cat by Tim Pattinson and Zheng Kang

Awards of Commendation

101 Ways To Kill Your Lover by Joel Siroen
5639 by Justin Latimer
A Lotta Life by Mark Dessauer
A Point Of Likeness by Sharon Belle
Alien Ramen by Cassäundra Sloan
AnonMan by Jonathan Heatt
Bangarang: A Fairytale by Sandy Thomson and Jeremiah Reynolds
Be my first by Philippe McKie
Becoming Wigglesworth by Bryan Kowalsky
Bella Donna by John Krissilas and Lena Burmenko
Bia by Valerio Nicolosi
Blood Debts by Christopher Tram
Bob's Soul by Harry Roth
boy meets boy by Jonathan MacPherson
Brannan & the Monosexuals: Double Booked by Caryn K. Hayes
Break Room by Andy Hourahine
Bridge by Niels Bourgonje
Broken and Outcast by Jak Gavriel
Brown Guys Do - Pirates by Maninder Chana
Candy by Robert Shannon
Cannonball by Katherine Barrell
Catch of the Day by Geraint Huw Reynolds
C'est Moi by Howard J. Davis
Change by Barry Mann and Jennifer Baker
Charlotte by Anthony Thornton-Hopwood
City of Sounds by Emily Fuchs
Coached by Gordon Mihan
Cycles by Hansel Ureña Espósito
Dal Segno by Jennifer Walden
Dark Clouds Far Away by Ian Lapworth
Dark Horse by Yvonne Mullock
Death Barrel by Stefan Luciani
Dee Gal by Kumara Raja
Denny Boy by Dylan Rosychuk
Depiction by Adonis Johnston
Did You Know - Edmonton Oil Kings Hockey Special by Sabrina D. Anderson
Doktor Ripp by Matthew Ripplinger
Donald by Grant Withington
Down The Hall by Anthony Hunos
Enzo by Martin Czachor
Ephasini Lamabhudango by Ndumiso Sibanda
Escape by Johnny Cortes
Eternally Child by Lorena Sopi
Evelyn And I by Weiye Su
Extinction by Iram Parveen Bilal
Fall of Night by Kristopher Nielsen
False Start by Guillaume Blanchet
Fatal Rhapsody by Javier Badillo
Father Forgets by Mihai Son
Firdaws by Mayur Puri
Flicking the Bean by Jemma Cotter
For Whom The Bell Tolls by Iulia Nastase
Forever & Always by Natalie Dale and Chris Violette
Formers by Irina Bas
Foxhole Conversations by Pranay Noel
Frame by Andres Ramirez
Greyscale by Daniel Alexander Denino
Growing Up With Grandpa by Sydney DiBenedetto
Grown-Ups by Caitlin Dahl
Hajimé by Florian Delhormeau
Happy Birthday, Mango! by Eva Colmers
Havana Hustle by Vicky Huang
Head Up, Throttle On by Joseph A. Wells
Hearts of Steel by Gayle Wilmot
Hello Canada by Rebecca Bugg
Hidden Shadow by Jeroen Dutranoit
Honestly Charlotte by Sarah Hedar
I Am The Wolf by Alexandre Gougeon
I Lost My Mind by Michael Tobin
I’m not afraid by Bohdan Khomyn
In a Moment by Khushnuda Shukurova
In My Heart by Marcus Mullen
In The Moment by Bryce Mercier and Mac Downey
Jajá by Melina Borcherding
Jax In Love by Colin Campbell
Karma by Piotr Jelen
Khwaab (Dream) by Ali Barkat Zaria
Kitakyushu Stories - Chapter 1 Kimi The Star by M.J. Di Rocco
Kwadacha by The River by Dave Shortt, Jessica Hallenbeck and Mitchell McCook
La Hoyada by Roberto Flores
Lego House by Yara Borrello
Lemonade Stand by Justin Appleton
Leveler by Eric Warwaruk
LifeJacket by Sasha Tolstoy and Bobby Kwesi Adabie
Living with a Monster by Joffrey Saintrapt
Love My Way by Pascal Payant
Love Zach by Pauline de Guzman
Milk for Britain by Danijel Margetic and Shay Carriere
Million Mile Man by Ross Cadranel
Misora, Misery by David Doko
Missing Indigenous by LaRonn Katchia
Nemesi by Simone Ciancotti Petrucci
No Traffic No More by Julie Roy
Not That Beautiful by Miguel Quintero
Notas la diferencia? (Do you Notice the Difference?) by Fernanda Caride
Objector by Molly Stuart
Out Loud by Marina Pyak
Pay Your Bill by Muaid Mahmood
Pearl by Simon Schueller and Steven Samuel Johnston
Point-St-Charles, The Fight by Jonathan Goyette
Purrs and 'Ol Man blues by Susan Shulman
Rayne by Ethan R Hill
Redemption by Setha Mongkhoun
Reunion by Leon Lee
Robo Greaser by Dakota Arseneault
Rocket Candy by Terry Groves
Roomies by Reni Walker and Sydney Tam
Rose by Brett Stumpp
Rose by Sonia Bajaj
Sarah's Moving On by Josh Woo
Sarah's Restaurant Rendezvous by Rahel T Yohannes
Scratchy by Marv Newland
Shoot! by Eric Duvochel
Shortchanged by Sisan Fregene
Smack & Serve by Haus des Rodriguez
Snips by John Krissilas
Sophia by Abi Dube
Stagnant by Xavier Colamarco
Station Mythah by Sahba Keihani
Superior : Gitchi Gami by Laura-Lynn Petrick
Suzanne Gauthier: one thing leads to another by Ariella Pahlke
Tango Dreams by Steven Salgado
That was my Twenties by Florent Perrin
The Backyard Project by Kat Craats
The Boat by Caroline Bacle
The Closet by Victor Martin
The Free Spirit by Rahman Leenin
The Getaway by Kym Wyatt McKenzie
The Gift by Luca Bertossi and Betty Maier
The Guilt List by Tereza Horak
The Interview by Kellan Watts
The Last Cowboy by Terryll Loffler
The Lesson by Marielle Heydt
The Love Suckers by Jim Politano
The Major Affairs by Vanessa Rault
The Ocean in Our Backyard by Lynn langtry & Laurie Lanktree
The Shakespeare Book Club by Harry Papavlasopoulos
The Sons of Mapes by Aaron Hosé
The Statue Maker by Celia Peterson
The truth danger by Luigi Di Donato
The Truth of the Sun by Chris Hanna
The Unbearable Whiteness of Being by Vesna Marich
The Unfriended by Claire Dub
The Voyage of the Golden Hind-er by Deb Ethier
The Weekend by Andrew Jared Dean
There's Something About The Virgin Mary by Kevin McSorley
This I Know For Sure by Carly Southern
Thrill by Lizzie George
Thyself by Jerry Auld
Tomorrow by Gabriel Bagnaschi
Trauma by Vincent Santiago
Tribal Pride by Jessie Skeva
Under Water by Bryan Fitzgerald and Valery Lessard
Veins of the Living by TeriLynne Scott
Wake Of Irrelevance by Rowan Tofflemire
Wanderer by Narae Kim
Wax Poetic by Sara Heathfield

Merit Awards

Acceptance by Sheila Sandhu
Alexander by Dianne Ouellette
Amphora Falls by Chris Jones, Wally Lurz
An Uneasy Truce by Sylvia Colt-Lacayo
Ángel by Pedro Zagitt
Attack of the Handface People by Todd Redenius and Jason Brooks
Bad Kids by Tanner Sawatzky
Beach VR by Tia Salisbury
Belle-Île-en-Mer, a Breton and Acadian Island by Phil Comeau
Between Dome and Home by Vid Ingeleivcs
Birds of a Feather by Nathan Shaw
Bit by Bit by Colin Baxter
Black Box by Frédérik Bernier
Bleach by Don Best
Brown Paper Bag by Mike Zeng
Cellar Dwellers by Jim Gleason
Circles by Dashamaine Jamal Doctor
Cold by Robert S. Evans
Connection: Spreading the Joy by Melissa Pratt
Copycat by Bob Gottfried
Cover to Cover by Nancy Wyllie
Creep by Grae Burton
Daughter of the Lake by Ozlem Altingoz
Day of the Dead by Daniel Bribiesca
Designated Caretaker Redux by Frederick Keeve
Double A by Evguenia Men
Empty Cans by Darcy Fitzpatrick
Errance by Hind Lekbir
Escaping Eden by Lisa Fevral
Fading Away by Axel Ghinea
Fetch by Georgianne Stinnett
Final Exam by Philippe Gosselin
Girasoles by Jeff Zorrilla
His Good Wife by Sage Christian Drake
Holy Trinity by Blake Morrow
Juken by Brian Wilson and Mark Rankin
Laura by Sarah Psihogios
Legends Are Made Here by Derek Coté
Lemon Eyes by Chelsey Raegen Knapp
Life In Technicolor by Amaan Saeed
Look Around by Pedro Henrique Chaves
Magdalena's File by Konrad Boguslaw Bach
Making Music by Ryan La Via
Malignant by Andrea Dunne
Mary and Mariana's Diary by Sheila Atienza
Mon kimono rouge by Françoise Desbois
My Head by Alison Loeb
Night Walk by Philip Yao
Notlob by Eric Myles and Rob Paul
One O'clock by Vibol S. Sungkriem
Out of Season by Sabrina Campos
Perspective by Varundeep Chawla
Pocket Full of Nuts by David Prokopchuk
Portrait of Snow by Roy Zheng
Raw by Natalie Mason
Remember everything, to not forget anyone by Paolo Caspani
Rencontre by Brennan Martin
Reservation by Matthew Willson
Ripple by Emilie Vloeberghs
Salad Days by Nathan Bergs
San Guerrero by Jeff Zorrilla
Shaawatke'e's Birth by Ryan Cortez Perez
She (Plural) by Scott MacLeay
Shout at the Ground by Joe Lonie
Showreel by Filip Flatau
Silent Love Stories by Amr Al-Hariri
Snooze. by Joseph Lawson
Soul Breaker by Judson Vaughan
Still Hear by Evan Zeiger
Suits Don't Matter by Michael P. Jahoda
Super Speed Dates by Neil Schell
Switch by Robin Wang
Take My Hand Again by Lun Yan
Tea by Valentyn Korotkevych
Tell Her by Amanda Matalanis
That Dark Place by Alex Hodgson
The Big Payback by Maziyar Khatam
The Buried & Discarded by Sarah C.E. Parker
The Clubhouse Dysfunctional Existentialists by Firdaus F Bilimoria
The Dancer by Everett Sokol
The Death of Ian Hall by Rick Bartram
The Hole by Daniel Ira Couchie
The Hourglass (Das Stundenglas) by Dieter Grohmann
The Inmensity of the Universe by Emir Luciano Tlachi Sandoval
The Photographer by Christophe le Jeune
The Returning by Paul Russell
The Solicitor by Mike Cameron and Jason Goldberg
Tuned In by Matthew Marshall
Vice Versa by Brandon Letkeman
Voice A Chords by Donna Thompson
What Time Is It? by Karine Versluis
When One Door Closes by Tom Holmes-Brown
When We Listen by Amr M Moustafa
Wife And Death by Matt Wright
Yes I Canada by Katarzyna Kochany

Honorable Mentions

7934 Kilomètres Away by Daniel McClelland
A Short Film Named Desire by Alex Dermer
Akkhan by Mitali Ray
Bang! Bang! Bang! by J.R. Vegas & Matthew Willson
Bone Dawn by Michael Raines
Caution! by Argeen Retna and Asad k.M
Closure by Rob Paul and Eric Myles
Gain by Paul Robinson, Tom Lute
Get A Life by Rob Paul and Eric Myles
Glove me tender by Florian François
Grandpa's Diary by Ram Prasad Mandal
Home by Kate Annie Lightstone
JOB in Purgatory by Robert Verlaque
La vie d'un clown by Vira Burmenko
Leaving Turtleford by Ron Kennell
Life is Wonderful by Alexey Brazhnikov Brazhnikov
Nasim by Petri Kankkunen
New by Simone LeClaire
Old Shoes by Zeyad Gad
Parental Advisory Warning by Janet Hilliard and Joyce Cyr
Parsley Girl by Scarlett Li
Pig Boy by Ashleigh Hanley
Samantha by Marc Allen
So Cheerio for Now by Sally Waterman
South West by Athan Vu
stupid smartphone therapy by Garmamie Sideau
The Australian Patient by Paul Mahoney
The Babushka Lady and The Umbrella Man by Xavier Venne-Robert
The Experience by Buchi Ogbonnaya
The Letter by Ashton Taylor Hughes
The Secret Life of Ivan by John Krissilas and Lena Burmenko
The Shed by Adam Murray
Toy by Prithwish Roy
Voices From Kaw Thoo Lei by Martha Gorzycki
Walkaway by Robert Waldeck
Webern Pendulum Series by Hali Rey