2021 Festival Results & Awards

Canada Shorts: Canadian and International Short Film Festival


Best Short / Grand Prize Winner Best International Short Best Director Best Action Best Suspense Best Music Score (tie)

Each person creates his own world according to his own values, the values decides other people’s life and death, and the memories repeat and stay.

  • Director: Junghyun Hwang
  • Writer: Junghyun Hwang
  • Composer: Woochi
  • Producer: Junghyun Hwang
  • Runtime: 19 mins
  • Screening: Saturday, Dec. 18th
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A Man And His Murals

A Man And His Murals

Best Canadian Short (tie) Best Documentary (tie)

One of Toronto’s first Street Artists, Walter Ruston, communicates why art is the most important ideal in today’s culture.

  • Director: Adam Bowman
  • Writer: Adam Bowman
  • Producer: Kathe Zahn
  • Runtime: 7 minutes
  • Screening: Saturday, Dec. 18th
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The Last Christmas

The Last Christmas

Best Canadian Short (tie) Best Writer (tie) Best Comedy (tie) Best Thriller / Horror (tie)

A mischievous 8-year-old girl unleashes a twisted Christmas nightmare, when her plans to capture Santa Claus go horribly wrong.

  • Director: Ryan Port
  • Writer: Ryan Port
  • Producers: Moe Rai, Mafalda Gugliuzzi
  • Runtime: 12 minutes
  • Screening: Saturday, Dec. 18th
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Cactus & Mime

Cactus & Mime

Best Writer (tie) Best Drama (tie) Best Comedy (tie)

A documentary crew inadvertently captures the declining success of a children's theatre duo. Based on the award-winning stage play.

  • Director: Darcy Conlan
  • Writers: Roby Favretto, Caitlin Spears
  • Producers: Roby Favretto, Caitlin Spears
  • Runtime: 17 minutes
  • Screening: Saturday, Dec. 18th
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Best Experimental Film (tie) Best Cinematography (tie)

With the ongoing war in Yemen, people rely on knitting to distract themselves from reality, with its rhythmic repetitive movements placing them in the present moment, distracting them from mulling over the past or fear of the future.

  • Directors: Asim Abdulaziz
  • Cinematographer: Abdulrhman Baharoon
  • Producer: British Council
  • Runtime: 5 minutes
  • Screening: Saturday, Dec. 18th
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A Year of Sundays

A Year of Sundays

Best Experimental Film (tie) Best Cinematography (tie) Best Music Score (tie)

Exploring our relationship to the creative process at a time when the days seem to stretch on forever, and inspiration and joy seem all too scarce, A Year Of Sunday’s follows Juliet Doherty as she strives to fill the moments.

  • Director: Jeremie Dameme
  • Cinematographer: Jonathan Karam
  • Composer: Benjamin Dameme
  • Producers: Ava Mihaljevich, Jeremie Dameme
  • Runtime: 3 minutes
  • Screening: Saturday, Dec. 18th
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He Murdered Sleep

He Murdered Sleep

Best Thriller / Horror (tie) Best Sci-Fi / Fantasy (tie) Best Cinematography (tie)

What do you get when the Scottish Play is shoved through a cyberpunk grinder? Neon nightmares and laser gun blues.

  • Director: Jeremy Boxen
  • Writer: Jeremy Boxen
  • Cinematographer: Robert Scarborough
  • Producers: Mackenzie Donaldson, Chantal Kemp, Shonna Foster
  • Runtime: 20 minutes
  • Screening: Saturday, Dec. 18th
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Best Cinematography (tie) Best Music Score (tie)

The beauty of British Columbia.

  • Director: Sergii Bogomolov
  • Cinematographer: Sergii Bogomolov
  • Composer: Arcade Fire
  • Producer: Sergii Bogomolov
  • Runtime: 3 minutes
  • Screening: Saturday, Dec. 18th
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Madeline: Take 2

Madeline: Take 2

Best Documentary (tie)

A 94 year old singer rerecords a song she recorded in 1946.

  • Director: Richard Mortimer
  • Runtime: 7 minutes
  • Screening: Saturday, Dec. 18th
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By Faith, Denis

By Faith, Denis

Best Drama (tie)

Denis is a Knight of Faith (at least in his mind). One night during a Bible study, the topic of sexual morality is broached, resulting in an uncomfortable confrontation.

  • Director: Jeremy Ratzlaff
  • Writer: Dustan J. Hlady
  • Runtime: 13 minutes
  • Screening: Saturday, Dec. 18th
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Best Family / Animated

Tank, a natural artist who is always drawing, runs into trouble with the law with his gang of friends.

  • Director: Tank Standing Buffalo
  • Writer: Tank Standing Buffalo
  • Producer: Xstine Cook
  • Runtime: 5 minutes
  • Screening: Saturday, Dec. 18th
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Lucky Guy

Lucky Guy

Best Sci-Fi / Fantasy (tie)

A man's wife leaves him, he drinks a lot. And God comes to him, who offers to fulfill one person's desire. But then several more gods appear with the same intentions.

  • Director: Lika Krylaeva
  • Writer: Andrey Starovoitov
  • Producers: Andrey Starovoitov, Vladimir Namestnikov
  • Runtime: 16 minutes
  • Screening: Saturday, Dec. 18th
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Premier Awards / Best Of Awards

Grand Prize: Stay by Junghyun Hwang

Best Canadian Short (tie): A Man And His Murals by Adam Bowman
Best Canadian Short (tie): The Last Christmas by Ryan Port
Best International Short: Stay by Junghyun Hwang

Best Director: Junghyun Hwang for Stay
Best Writer (tie): Roby Favretto and Caitlin Spears for Cactus & Mime
Best Writer (tie): Ryan Port for The Last Christmas
Best Cinematography (tie): Abdulrhman Baharoon for 1941
Best Cinematography (tie): Jonathan Karam for A Year of Sundays
Best Cinematography (tie): Robert Scarborough for He Murdered Sleep
Best Cinematography (tie): Sergii Bogomolov for Nightfall
Best Music Score (tie): Benjamin Dameme for A Year Of Sundays
Best Music Score (tie): Arcade Fire for Nightfall
Best Music Score (tie): Woochi for Stay

Best Action / Adventure: Stay by Junghyun Hwang
Best Comedy (tie): Cactus & Mime by Darcy Conlan
Best Comedy (tie): The Last Christmas by Ryan Port
Best Suspense: Stay by Junghyun Hwang
Best Documentary (tie): A Man And His Murals by Adam Bowman
Best Documentary (tie): Madeline: Take 2 by Richard Mortimer
Best Drama (tie): By Faith, Denis by Jeremy Ratzlaff
Best Drama (tie): Cactus & Mime by Darcy Conlan
Best Experimental Film (tie): 1941 by Asim Abdulaziz
Best Experimental Film (tie): A Year of Sundays by Jeremie Dameme
Best Family / Animated: RKLSS by Tank Standing Buffalo
Best Thriller / Horror (tie): The Last Christmas by Ryan Port
Best Thriller / Horror (tie): He Murdered Sleep by Jeremy Boxen
Best Sci-Fi / Fantasy (tie): He Murdered Sleep by Jeremy Boxen
Best Sci-Fi / Fantasy (tie): Lucky Guy by Lika Krylaeva


9'th Circle by Mark Dagondon
Adventures of Aya by Christian Ghammachi
Angelos At Christmas by Fotis Zampetakis
Blue Moon by Emily Ruhl
Blue Morpho by Sarah Lopez
Color Me Jane by Mary Darling
Colors by Robert Alexander Prein
Courtroom sketches by Karleener
Dark Night by Mary Birnbaum
Deep Encounters by Maxime Laurin
Displaced by Carl Thiel
Drone by Behrad Mosh
Escalation by Christian Bachini
Face by Samuel E. Mac
Father of Storm by Christian B Frederiksen
Fireflies by Léo Bittencourt
Gegenschein by Kai Krösche, Kolja Burgschuld
Goodbye Taipei by Alan Chen
Grace, Mercy, and the Telephone Poles on Ninth Street by Em Lubbers
Haiku by Martin Gerigk
Hank by Michael Pedley
I Don't Want Him Either by Heather Hawthorn Doyle
In The Running by Lewis Gordon
Indian’s Summers by Manifest - Anaïs Colpin
Jilted by Dan Hodgson
Kairos, Qualitative Time by Carlos Scasso
Kalamiti by Glenn Pack
Last of My Kind by Nicolas Brown
Leave by Adam Alon
Man Of Fire by Heather Schmidt
Missed Connections by Kassy Gascho, Melissa Jones
Mission Sankofa Awakening by Quentin VerCetty
Mixed Feelings by Benjamin Freemantle
Music in Contrary Motion by Tom Belding
New-Chah-Nulth: Reclaiming Tradition by Mike Morash
Órla and the fish by Chloe Askari Pope
Our Time by Veronica Spedicati
Quarantine Fling by Milo Shandel
Raise My Dust by Fadi Awad
Rann by Peter Simpson, Sarina Pearson, Shuchi Kothari
Read Or Alive by Kearsten Johansson, Trent Newton
Red String of Fate by Lovina Yavari, Lance Fernandes
Reverse by Josh Aries
Scarlett by Tahraoui Sarah
Shadow Glass by Jay Lee
She Keeps Me by Erica Orofino
Sister by Janine Bujie Zhang
Stranded by Emile Viens
Tainan Fantage by Jason M Tseng
Tango Through Life by Zsofia Opra-Szabo
Taste the Diversity: Garlic by Olena Tumanska
The Actor by Courtney James
The Ancestral Tree by p.a. duquette
The Babylon Gardens by Karim Moussa
The Babysitter and the Stranger in the Office by Danny Choi
The Great Artist by Indrani Pal-Chaudhuri
The Scritching Hour by Karlee Morse
The two missing hours by jean claude thibaut
The Way of Mourning by Matthew Segal
The Woman's Hour by Allison Johnston
The World Is My Stage by Andrew Arrakis
They Call Me Dax by Patrick Alcedo
They Call Us Sediciosos by Iz Gutierrez
Trashed by Kate Johnston
Vodi by Nath Milburn
When They Come by Hunter Collins

Awards of Excellence

444 by Alexandre Nachi
13th Round by Michael Trainor
A Dog's Tale by Darren McCullough, Darcy Wittenburg
A man named after Death by Tarek Sardi
A Moment by Robert dos Santos
A place of dusk by Hoi Wah Lee
A Soldier's Letter by Calvin Yearsley
Achy by Connor Leinweber
Addiction by Marc De Vinci
Amelia by Anna Chiyeko Shannon
Amidst by Khizer Khani
Angst by Béla Baptiste
At the Strawberry Stand by Gerald Gerhard Pribek, Marc Weber
Back Home Again by Michael Mankowski
Bittersweet by Christopher Paik-Swan
Black Rock by Geordie Trifa
Blackout by Kan Yamamoto
Brando's Spoon by Mac Brydon
Bridge 10-46 by Dylan Best
Call Of The Coastal Wolves by Maxwel Hohn
Chef Adam Ryan by Niko Karle
Clay Pots by Michael Lamont Makaroff
Climate Emergency: Feedback Loops by Susan Gray
Concession by Perry Miotto
Contrasts by Vanessa Prigollini
Dance Dance Kill by J.K. Robinson
Darkvision by Rico Espinoza
Deez Nuts!: Black Bodies Dancing Defiance by C. Kemal Nance, Cristian Barreto-Avila
Dust to Dust by Mahnoor zaidi
E-motion-AI City by Tsz Wai So
Eddie Goes to Space by Jesse Pickett
Emmi by Peter Hegedus
Entangled in Costa Rica by Innoceana / The Vegan Pirates
Esther by Benjamin Bayer, Ole Schwarz
Eunuch by Félix Gómez Amaya
Everything Is Going To Be Alright by Brett Jubinville
Family Is... by Aaste Iverson
Family Ties by The McCachen Brothers
Fear of Flying by Ernie Berger
Fever by Matias Carlier
Fiddler by Sheng-Hung Pai
Francisco by Kyle Jaster
Gift to Give by Erica Daniels
Hangman by Mathew Young
Happy Birthday, Carol by Sean Abplanalp
Homecoming by Michael Duhamel
Homesick by Jon Cole
I am not an Angel by Joe Chang
In the Red by Megan Raso
It's All In Your Head by Kelsey Darragh
Journey 4 Justice by Jaylene Matthews
Junior by AJ Wilhelm
Lightness That Inspires by Carlo Guttadauro
Latched by Emilio Mounsef
Leaving for Holiday by Ariel Goldenberg
Little Sparks by Denali Tiller
Little Star by Theodore Adnet-Bruce
Looking Back by Anna Anaka
Louie by Robert Biggs
Lullaby by Dhun Sharma
Mild by Daniel Woods
Miranda's New Friend by Leasal Liddle-Pirouet
Mountain Climber by Rebecca Snowden
Mulligan by Katelyn McCulloch
My dear corpses by German Golub
Odota Minua by Patrick Shannon
one last dance by Austin (Long Phi) Doan
One Night Elsewhere by Zhichao Zhu
Persist by Justin Bromley
Physique by Jennifer James
Pic(k) me by Simone Edelmann
Pit Stop by Erin Egan
Prostitute by Yi-Tong Zhao
Rapid by Isabel Dickson
RaRa My Lifestyle by Matt Snell
Reasons by Cesar Erba
Red by Yankun Wang
Remembrance by Shane Joseph Willis
Safe House by Quaison Nangle
Saint Lucy by Kenzie Yango
Slump by Polly Pierce
Soap Dish by Sheronna Osbourne, Troy Crossfield
Somos by Laura Krsmanovic, Lydie Nesvadba
Speechless by Zita Hanrot
Terra Beach by Mike Gallant
Thank You For Your Call by Erika Patricia Wagner
The Dreaming Day by Samuel Exton
The Gesture by Sebastian Sabal Bruce
The Great Bear Swim by Trisha Stovel, Russell Clark
The Gun, the Gin, and the Two Masked Men by Dinitha Vithanage
The Jogger by Daryl Denner
The Last Breath by Celia Peterson
The last Maslow's day by Laurent Paillot
The Last Supper by Jarrod Stark
The little Match Girl by Selma Indine Strønen Damm
The Maidenswood by Kasia Peruzzi
The memory in wind by Fang Xitong
The Sea Between by Wilmarc Val
The Treasurer by Richard Burke
The Yellow Bicycle by Mickey Nedimovic
Tokyo 202x by Akinori Ikuse
Tomorrow by Mohammad Shihab Uddin
Vane by Anton Filipenko
Why are you black? by Julie Skaufel

Awards of Distinction

10 Eggs by Rositsa Trayanova
10-56 by Jason Winn
A Den of Unholy Sacrilege (And Booze!) by Daniil Vasilyev
A Gathering by Connor Campbell
A Handful of Toenails by Tristan Winter
A Matter of Time by Abhiiruchi Lovel Risshi
A Stolen Truth by Rosa Maria Mauceri
A Will to Change by Malcolm Wilkins
Alexis by Renata Mellão
All Night Long by Jason W. Gordon, Ethan P. Johnson, Michelle Molineux, Luke Wohlgemuth, Nathaniel J. Wohlgemuth, Jay Slay
Allodynia by Mina Soliman
Alone Together by Robert Bazzocchi
Anonymous Heroes by Linda Pidhirney
Anywhere But Here by Lucas Solaro
Beach House by Yihui Hu
Borderline Darkness by Ryan Brison, Demetrius Diaz
Bottleneck by James Weicker
Break Any Spell by Anton Jøsef
By Tomorrow by Sean Shkurhan
Cachés Cachés by Winifred Brook Young
Call in Sick by Ryan Doyle
ChickenQueen Paradise by Ken Blindenbacher
Closure by Nora Smith, Hysterical Hearts Collective
Clumsy Mother Bird by Tony Shih
Corona Cuckoo by Stephen Roscoe
Couch Guy by Miriam Linnea Kaukosalo
D O L O R by Max Montesi, Austin Macwhirter
Days of Darkness by Magaly Pefig
Dear Catherine by Svetlana Cvetko, David Scott Smith
Dear Julia by Mya Kovach
Dear Max by Nifemi Ogunlola
Death of God by Broderick Rule
Demon by Colin Friend & Mitch Findlay
Diary of the Swami by Denes Hallok
Duckman by Kaixin Aethelu Wang
Falling In by Theo Kim
Feelings of Invisibility by Charmaine Kachibaia
Finding Your Rhythm by Leah Galloway
Flying by Jane Guo
Fool Me Once by Anthony Liscio, David Noiseux
For Myself, Alone by Victor Dubyna
Forgive me your sacrifice by Nikita Bershanski
Freedom by Emmanuel Tsatsanis
Full V by Anna Rose Duckworth
Gardening Eden by Jackson Prince, Alec Gondobintoro
Giraffe by Dan Nicholls
Girlhood by Vania Turner, Maria Sidiropoulou
Good Feng Shui by Yurong Xu
Hart Breaker: Loss, Legacy & Lunacy by Mike Johnston
Heartache by Kris Langford
Hell in a Handbasket by Lee Chambers
hiraeth by carly lorente
Holdout by Adam Benish
Home by Guust Mulder
Homecoming Song by Daniel Janke
Honeymoon on Park Street by Ruvek Maharaj
Hop Along Hang On by Cobra Collins
Hunting Darkness by Ryan M Andrews
I am the Warrior by Tara Audibert
If You Give a Beach a Bottle by Max Romey
In the Backseat by James Salmon
Island Hopping by Michael Long
Isolation Row by Robert Scott MacLeay
It Gets In Your Blood by Ed Hartman
It's All a Game by Joan Kabugu
Jeffrey and me by Obadia Thierry
Justin's One Year With His Taxidermy Leg: Recovery Story by Joe smith
Kill 4 Love by Hugh Liu
Last Time by Egan Yi
Learning The Covid Way by Liliane Chretien, Dave Mende
Lefkamos by Yorgos Tzikas
Lenny by Kristen McNaule
Lola Does Manhattan - by Rob Margolies
Long Distance by Kiana Rawji
Look by Victor Enns, Murray Toews
M1das by Razan Takash
Mā Ma by Queena Liu
Mama Canada: The Symbols of Canada by Sofia Bobriseva
Mansanas by Erin Hembrador
Matty Boy by Dr Shahid Kamal
Memory Lane by Steven LaMorte
Message by Filipp Romanychev
Milkskin by Sarah Derendinger
Moving Past...Goodbye by Arielle Keach-Tremblay
New Horizons by Kelsey Andries
One Day by Whisper-Lynn Harper
One Night Only by Lili Bordan
One Room: A Family of Teachers by Chris Mutton
Paysages by Mathieu Lévesque
Perfect Song by Andreas Kranzler
Petra by Ella Jones
Pheonix by Lena e Lorenzo Mariotti
Plain Jane by Calvin Yearsley
Plan Z by Jackie English
Promises by Jim Morrison IV
Quarantine Dream by Bradley Young
Razor by Dwight Petrovic, Joshua Bilbao
Reason by Graeme Finlayson
Red Balloon by Avi Federgreen
Reflection by Aidan Barrett
Reflections by Steven Edwin Rohrer
Resting Where No Shadows Fall by Nish Joshi
Sauble by Graeme Jokic
Saving Amelia by Matthew Fridg
Sexual Enlightenment by Yu Yanqi
Shelf Life by Clark Bishop
Sheri by Rebecca Stern
Shoseph by Andy Nagashima & Peter Grasse
Smile: It's Only the End of the World by Justin Kueber
Stalemate by Vlad Corb
Stay With Me by Mark Owen
Stream of Consciousness by Jesse Shore
Subtext by Bo Yuan Huang
Talisman by Reangsei Phos
Tawny eyes by Irene Salvador
The Anniversary by Andrew Balint
The Battle of the Faith by Robin Anctil
The Bearded Princess by Anthony Shonaman
The Bubble by Beth Evans
The Day I Killed Him by J.Christian Hamilton
The Day I Left by Ikram Haizammuri
The Diner by Randy S Kirk
The English Teacher by Jeremy James Fokuoh
The Flexed Arm Hang by Findlay Brown
The Game The Doubt by Hamid Reza Mahmoudi
The House by vassilis dimou
The Little Death by Christoph Rohner
The little shame by Zahra Benasri
The Lottery by Ariel Lopez
The Love Prank by Brandon Colby Cook
The Summer Of Snakes by Lara Panah-Izadi
The Valravn by Spencer Hetherington
The Wind That Held Us Here by Jack Cronin
Tintype by Craig Thomson
To Glory Land by Fadi Awad
Tree Gods by Mikey Rovzar
Undertow by Fareed Kairon
Visions by David Scrieciu
Voetry S3 Pilot by Affrica Spence
Waiting by Rebecca Towns
Wanderer by Salvador Parada
We Are Here by Fadi Awad
What's in a Name by Nathalie Maher
White by Zoe Birse
Within the Silence by Jade Tailor
Woman To Woman by Alexandria Collins
Yearning by Daisy Brodskis
Yeti by Logan Fulford

Awards of Commendation

A Humber Hawk Pause by Mason Thivierge
A Miracle On Jay Ave by Bernie Rieser
A Reaching of Crossroads by Hunter Bird
Absence of Emily by Taylor Nixon
Acton Vale by Simon Besner, Dora Benderra
Agreement by Brynne McGregor
Amazing Apple by Yutong Wu
And after by Marine Follonier
Anniversary by Gareth Roberts
Another Beautiful Day by Brandon Okumura
Ant by Mateo Røssevold Christensen
Are you okay? by Waqar Ahmed
At What Cost? by John Nyce, Deidre J.
Ateotd by Takumi Saitoh
Beyond The Blue by Tanya Randall
Birnam Wood by Maxwell C. Blackriver
Black Box by Nicole Sofia
Blessing by HABIMANA Fisca Jean Paul
Bottled Up by Shannon Gibbs
Boudoir by Ted Temny (Timur Temnikov)
Breathe the Night by Álvaro Girón
Cingulate by Aaron Williams
Clark! by Claire Dub
Cyriaque by Pedulla Anthony, Darman Emmanuelle
Day 333 by Matthew Wilcox
Dead Eye by Cassius Rayner
Decisive Action by Magaly Pefig
Defense Contract by Doug LeBow
Derelict by Mitchell Cole
Des Esprits, Des Images by Ceed Concordia
Devirati, Goddess of sexual pleasure by Miraz Roshan
Dissociation by Thet Win
Distant by Michaella Ann Forbes, Leslie Ellis-Tynes
Drifting Clouds by ZhengLiu
Drop Bear by Adam Lawes
Even by Anna K. Long
Every Moment by Samantha deManbey
Finding Orleen by Wendy German
Firewall by Mark Calderbank
Fotdella by Maria-Saroja Ponnambalam
Garbage Collectors by Andreas Broberg Pedersen
Gazing at Mei by Li Yun Hua
Going For Gold by Jazz Lintott
Goodnight, Bella by Clyde Capistrano
Guess What's Coming to Dinner by Evan Pitt-Payne
Happy Birthday! by Claudia Miatello
Harm: Alberta's Preventable Overdose Crisis by Jason Lajoie
Hi my name is Mariana and I had a relationship with a sociopath by Mariana Benjamin
House Troll Halloween by Kanja Chen
I Know You Are Here by Javier Aparisi
In Hiding by Cameron Nash
In The End by Susan Ko
It's A Love/Hate Thing by Krishna Kolanupaka
It's Not Me, It's YOU! by Jeff Schubert
Janus by liam kumor
Jayla by Fitch Jean
Lady M: Mr King by Nia Williams
Lockdown by Jay Mandal
Lotus Flower by Victoria Washington
Mahina by Anjali Pandey
Mama by John Edwards
Man's Best Friend by Eric Smigiel
MindGait by James Rasile
Monster by Kirsten Brass
Mute by Kyle Dunbar
My Girl, Skelly by Abraham David
New Day by Max Xu
Nightingale by lingming lu
Nina by Maggie Piazza Carroll, Molly Piazza Carroll
On a Saturday Afternoon by Tae Hun An
Once There Was a Girl by Deb Ethier
Our Journey by Joe Bluhm, Burcu & Geoffrey
Purgatory by Jack Stockley
Purple Kisses by Maryam Ejaz
Rabbit And Bear by zhaocongbo
Rebel by Evgeniy Tsyganov
Recovery by Banafshe Araby & Toufan Mehrdadian
Redass by Danny Di Giovine, Jeff Garneau
Rerouted by Kelsey Andries, Noah Fallis
Road to Elie by Jack Young
S for Submission by Paul Miley & Kyle Miley
Sanitize This! by DJ Higgins, Stefan Fulton
Script by Piero Cannata
Sea Pharaoh's Circles by Wayne Williams
Seven Days by LI JIA
Seventeen by Fofy Perkins, Francesco Saxton
Show Me The Pain by Robert Zastre
Sleep Without a Dream by Benji Robert Irwin, Prudence Wangu
Small Town Strength by Darryl Haugen
Spidermama by Mike Trebilcock
Suddenly The Sky by Erwan Gobilliard
Ted by Zixin Zhang
Ten Thousand Poems by Anlan Tao
Terminus by Tim Seyfert
The Agency by Kawthar Talbi
The Andy Hilt Show by Robert Murphy, Micheal Puckett
The Audition by Catherine Dyer
The Bet by Daniil Belostotskiy
The Big Picture by Kaitlin Green
The Caffeine Rabbit Hole by John Bandler
The Divide by Ioannis Koutroubis
The Divorce by Jackson Tozer
The Human Kind by Steven Haas
The Invisible Ones by Eliza Brownlie
The Last Milkman by Jacob Markham
The Last Time You Made Me Breakfast by Charlie Steele
The Lingering by CK Love
The Minority Manifesto by Joseph Pascaretti
The Mother Wound by Eesha Johal
The Ol' One Two by Daniel Brown
The One by Yu Liu
The Overwhelmed by Zach Diotte
The Poem by Matt Handy
The Search for Racüna by Jonathan Doyle
The Shave by Hanna Khoury
The Wooden Chair by Alex Biro
There is exactly enough time by Oskar Salomonowitz
They/Them by Goldbloom Micomonaco
This Time by Sebastien Ball
Timeless Drift by Mathieu Dumond
Tips by Mercedes Papalia
Torn by Chris Lambert
Trust Frank - 28 min by Penny Moore
Two Worlds by Chanelle Ambruosi, Rachael O'Halloran
Unpredictable by Joel Eley
Used by Candice Macalino
Wait by Jackee Jing, Pei Yao Xu
Water: Just Drink It by Jason Neal Kurth
Weekender by Claudia Marchisello
White Hats by Gaurav Dhillon
Wild Heart 1981 / 2020 by zach dorn
Work Party by Matt Takatsch, Lauren Wolanski

Merit Awards

50 Years Later by Dion Williams
A Brief Encounter by Bruce Nicholson
A Winter's Passing by Heidi Livingston
After Eight In Ghost City by Guillaume Blanchet
And Ingrid by Hannah Dubois
Between the Headphones by Matt Evans
Bottom Dollar by Phil McArdle
Candle Cops by Tony Collingwood
Chocolate Monsters by Nicky Naudé
Clash by Orlando Giraldo
Companions by Sanjeeb Mitra
Confessions of a Fearless Cuban by Hebert Poll Gutiérrez
Daraar - a lockdown story by Ashim Sen
Day 14 by Sean Tretta
Down to Earth by Christopher Fernandes
Ear Worm by Derek Lai
Five Walks by Mark Petering
Four Seasons A Garden's Journey Short by Dr. Ashok Wardekar
Gratitude by Sidartha Murjani
Hot & Bothered by Jill Riley
If She Goes by Meina Hawashin
Interviewed by a Cannibal by Michael Wisniowski
Janet by Pihu Gupta
Love And Addiction by Gardea K Mayon
Masks by Samm Azen
Men In Sync by Parmida Hamdollazadehkive
Misunderstood by Stephanie Alecia Rose
Ni kallatho by Sujay Putchala, Mahaveer Abhimanyu
No Beloved by Salman Alam Khan
Now or Never by Sonia Kung
praying by Linrui Xiong
Red Daffodils by Angus Rawson
Reflections: When It's No Longer by Wanda Reinholdt
Ripen by Christopher Vo, Zipporah Yohannes
Sanction by Logan Charron
Say No For A Kiss by Mazahir Rahim
Stalled by Stu Marks
Stockholm Syndrome by Hannah Biddlecome
Sunlight Around the Corner: The Golden Sparrow by Daymé Arocena, Pablo Dewin
The Clone by Joei So
The Cold Front by Ben Crossman
The Door Between Worlds by Sarah Nicole Faucher
The End of the World by Sarah Lang
The Final Solution by Zan Abdullah
The List by Luciana de Oliveira
The Most Beautiful Ones by Ray Koh
The Secret of Colors by Travis Nguyen
The Seventh Man by Shane Colin Mountain
Toronto 2020 by Shane Roberts
Us The Living by Jackson Gay, Steven Padla, Riw Rakkulchon, Sinan Zafar
Walks by Al J. Moran
What Really Matters by Karrie Kwong
Worn by Julia D'Angelo
Your World is Colorful by Vanessa Volz

Honorable Mentions

A Date by Marcelle Aleid
Beguiling Visions by Emile A. Mena
E-promised Day by Farhad Eivazi, Noora Nooriasl
Ensnared by christopher d jennings
Exit Interview by Serhat Dogantekin
Homestead by DC Dzoja
Just A Day by Anas Manfi
Lifelines by brooke smiley
Making Par by Josh Zaentz
Morning, Mr. Barry by Dani Flores
Stand By You by Britany Sparrow
Synthetic Love by Navin Monteiro
Talk with Us by Fabio Costa Prado
The Creep by Jacob Nelson
The First Supper by Sean Dowie
The Perfect Game by David Cartwright
Tony's in the leaves by Yohana Ambros