2016 Festival Results & Awards

Canada Shorts: Canadian and International Short Film Festival
A Perfect Day

A Perfect Day

Best Short / Grand Prize Winner Best International Short Best Director Best Writer Best Comedy/Romcom

It's Emma's birthday, and the first present is a little unusual. Her parents are divorcing.

  • Director: Christian E. Christiansen
  • Writer: Christian E. Christiansen
  • Producers: Ida Harder, Mads-August Grarup Hertz
  • Runtime: 15 mins
  • Screening: Saturday, Dec. 10th
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The Path of Grey Owl

The Path of Grey Owl

Best Canadian Short Best Documentary Best Cinematography

The question is not what we get out of nature, but what can we give back to nature.

  • Director: Goh Iromoto
  • Writers: Goh Iromoto, Ray Mears
  • DOP: Goh Iromoto
  • Producer: Steve Bruno
  • Runtime: 10 minutes
  • Screening: Saturday, Dec. 10th
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Best Music Score

A haunting experimental, docu-musical about global warming and changing the dream. A woman is guided by a dream therapist onto a shamanic journey through the inner and outer worlds of being.

  • Director: Ariana Delawari
  • Writer: Ariana Delawari
  • Score: Ariana Delawari, Butchy Fuego & Miguel Atwood-Ferguson
  • Producer: Nicole Disson
  • Runtime: 10 minutes
  • Screening: Saturday, Dec. 10th
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Best Drama

Miguel, a young men of 31 years old, has just been left by his wife, but he doesn't know the cause. Gloria, an alternative therapist helps him to remember what happened the days prior to separation.

  • Director: Nicolas Jullian Urenda
  • Writers: Nicolas Jullian Urenda, Patricio Loutit
  • Producers: Cristian Vargas Hugot, Carlos Piñeiro
  • Runtime: 10 minutes
  • Screening: Saturday, Dec. 10th
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Best Crime/Suspense

Ethan et Jody are a young couple in financial troubles. Ethan has to pay back quickly a gambling debt to his bookmaker. He decides to make a fake robbery in the nightclub where Jody works.

  • Director: Arthur Devreux
  • Writer: Arthur Devreux
  • Producer: Arthur Devreux
  • Runtime: 12 minutes
  • Screening: Saturday, Dec. 10th
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Best Family/Animated

How a boy deals with the loneliness in life.

  • Director: Arturo Espinoza Cruz
  • Writer: Arturo Espinoza Cruz
  • Runtime: 6 minutes
  • Screening: Saturday, Dec. 10th
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Don't Let Them In

Don't Let Them In

Best Thriller/Horror

Dan Metzger, a struggling author, consumed with the urban legend of the Black Eyed Kids, fears his obsession has led their evil to his door.

  • Director: David Lawrence
  • Writer: David Lawrence
  • Producer: David Lawrence
  • Runtime: 13 minutes
  • Screening: Saturday, Dec. 10th
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Best Sci-Fi/Fantasy

A world-weary homeless woman is given an opportunity to leave her violent life behind when a roguish mechanic devises a risky plan to send her to a colony on the Moon.

  • Director: Matthew Lucas
  • Writer: Matthew Lucas
  • Producer: Sonya Dunn
  • Runtime: 22 minutes
  • Screening: Saturday, Dec. 10th
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Best Experimental Film

Thornbird is an award-winning experimental fairy-tale about a young girl who is transported into a dreamworld after finding a magic mask.

  • Director: Jonathan Stutzman
  • Writer: Jonathan Stutzman
  • Producer: Krista Imbesi
  • Runtime: 9 minutes
  • Screening: Saturday, Dec. 10th
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Premier Awards / Best Of Awards

Grand Prize: A Perfect Day by Christian E. Christiansen

Best Canadian Short: The Path of Grey Owl by Goh Iromoto
Best International Short: A Perfect Day by Christian E. Christiansen
Best Documentary: The Path of Grey Owl by Goh Iromoto

Best Director: A Perfect Day by Christian E. Christiansen
Best Screenplay/Writer: A Perfect Day by Christian E. Christiansen
Best Cinematography: The Path of Grey Owl by Goh Iromoto
Best Music Score: Entelechy by Ariana Delawari

Best Drama: Therapy by Nicolas Jullian Urenda
Best Crime/Suspense: Servant by Arthur Devreux
Best Comedy/Romcom: A Perfect Day by Christian E. Christiansen
Best Family/Animated: Innocence by Arturo Espinoza Cruz
Best Thriller/Horror: Don't Let Them In by David Lawrence
Best Sci-Fi/Fantasy: Moonshot by Matthew Lucas
Best Experimental Film: Thornbird by Jonathan Stutzman


A Tiny Legacy by Joshua Natev
After by Fernando Rojas Acuna
Allegoria by Nobilis Bellator
Asphalt by Laz
Blackout by Jonathan Lawrence
Bubble Bath by Kevin Saxby
Coin Boy by Chuan-Yang Li
Comrade Crunch by Roy Arwas
Contre-Champ by Michaël de Nijs
Dear John by Péter Vácz
Disappeared by Jon Silverberg
Doris by Oscar Rodriguez Gorriz
Extra Life by Miguel Angel Quintero
Farewell by Lushun (Osbourne) Xiang
Firpo by Fernando Caneda
Fruitcake by Harriet Francis Croucher
Greenwood by Larica Perera
Grocery Store Action Movie by Matthew Campbell
Hole by Mike Callaghan
I Loved You and I Loved You by Roswitha Chesher
Into the Ovoid: An Ovella by Tina Brand
Juvenile Justice: The Road to Reform by Gandhi Brigade Youth Media
Kookie by Justin Harding
Mausoleum by Lauri Randla
Meet Me Here by Maria Riboli
Mr. Richard Francis by Tom Hackett
My Coffee With Jim by Taras Lavren
Nudinits - Tickled Pink by Sarah Simi
OS Love by Luc Gut
Polar Accusation by Vincent Ho
Praise and Blame by Shane Book
Present Moment by Aimie Vallat and Noah Dassel
Quelqu'un M'attend by Mustapha Souaidi
Red Bracelet by Zezhen Yuan
Reinforcements by Coury Deeb
Remnants by Stefano Casadei
Replace by Mark Ang
Resolution by TL Westgate
Right Here or Over There by Mabille Pauline
Rococo Neuron by Narichika Oto and Wataru Yanagida
Seed by Nelson Lee
Skin and Bone by Augustin Lobet
Slave by Amat Escalante
Step 8 by Rick Lenzing
Temptations from the Doll by Marshall Law
The Double Cross by Mark Brocking
The Last Tear by Christopher H.K. Lee
The Limestone Players by Paola Della Malva
The Meeting by Sergey Ramz
The Orchard by Darcy Van Poelgeest
The Shoe Maker Pages by Girum Ermiyas Gebreselassie and Elias Hailmariam Tefera
The Sticks by Jamie Delaney and Russell Davidson
The Trench by Javier Llamazares
The View by Andrea Bertolotti
Their Land: Last of the Caribou Herd by Mike McKinlay and Isabelle Groc
TOM And His Computer "Organ" by Martin Garde Abildgaard
Unforgettable by Jay Rao
What a Woman's Suppose to Look Like by Janelle Kung

Awards of Excellence

3 Taps by Dean Philips
A Jolly Father's Killing by Ariel Arburola and Carlos Redondo
A Selfie by Mafer Suárez
Across The River by Iulia Nastase
Adversary by Steve French
Agrinoui by Alexis Chaviaras
Arc of Justice by Mark Lipman and Helen S. Cohen
Bad Jesus by Anthony Ash Brennan
Bernie and Rebecca by Melissa Kent
Blue Peter by Marko Šantić
Bullshit by Marc Wiltshire
Chop Chop by Christophe Granier-Deferre
Co-Ed by Britany Sparrow and Gordon Mihan
Condolences by Karen Veninga-Zaricor
Cowboys by Bernabé Rico
Croissant by Marius Conrotto Diaz
Dear Kate by Ilona Elizabeth McCrea
Dont Come Back from Paradise by Francis Frenkel
Dragon Dreaming by Daniel Clarke and Amy Pysden
Ellie by Morgana McKenzie
Escaping the Gang Life by Klement Tinaj
Exploring Bell Island by Trisha Stovel and Russell Clark
Face Wash by March Mercanti
Firebird by Alan Nguyen
Flying by Jhon Mario Angulo
Ground Control by Dusty McKeelan and Aaron Putnam
Hatten Bit (Dodal) by Baroque Scipio
Imp by Brad McDermott
In Bed by Michael Nowacki
In My Back by Camille Gabet Langlois
In the Rough by Cappello Vincent
In the Valley of the Moon by Brian Rossney
Late by Karena Evans
Late Harvest by Benjamin Musgrave
Lighthouse Keeper by Nadia Shmeleva
Love, Colin by Steve Parker
Made in Montréal by Joffrey Saintrapt
Meat on Bones by Joseph Ollman
Mona by Lorena Sopi
Mr. Y by Yuanyuan Qiu
My Father’s Garden by Shwan Attoof
Nolens Volens by Piet Sonck
Nut Cracker by David Pinkston
Oh, Romeo by Celia Cooley and Mark Cooley
Once Upon a Dream by Anthony Nion
Pooch by Osman Yazici
S.A.M. by Hector Carreon
Scams Incorporated by Matt Mirams
See You in My Art by Meline Höijer Schou
Sisyphus Runs by Hayden Chisholm
Smooth Moves by Chris Beauchamp and Cris Seppola-Podsada
Soap by Anshul Chauhan
Solo by Brendan Kirschbaum
Soulmates by Darren Borrowman
Star Wars: Behind the Saber by Zack Abramowitz
Stitched by Heather Taylor
Strongroom by Megan St. John
Sundays by Benjamin Noah
The Barber's Cut by Mark Brocking
The Blue Sophia by Philipp Klinger
The Courtship by Jonathan Norberg
The English Lesson by Paul Herbert
The Forging of Marston by Ryan Marston
The Land of Nod by Ivan Ramin Radnik
The Last Day by Patrick Hodgson
The Line by Jerome Velinsky and Greg Melanson
The Perfect Day by Ignacio Redondo
The Polar Bear Story by Suisei Hoshii
The Sound of Life by Jacob Beautemps
The Walking Man by Derek Selinger
The Weekend by Dennis Cahlo
'Til Death by Eric Myers and Adi Alfa
True Colours by David Valent
Underdog by Vivian Belik and Naomi Mark
Wildhouse by Mia Fiona Kut and Andrew M. Johnson
Woman of the House by Aidan Gibson
Ye Most Excellent and Adventuresome True Historie of Yorick by Deb Ethier

Awards of Distinction

@MovieGeek by David Woods
30 Days to Say Goodbye by Edward King III
A Fish Walking on Land by Yu Ting Huang
A Prodigal by Alexander Philippi
Adi - At The Confluence by Joor Baruah
Alchemy by Brandon Polanco
Always On My Mind by Andrew M.A. Spear
Amukta by Tarun Thind
An Animated Guy by John Spry
Authentic by Wei Tan
Awakening by Rolf Lindblom
Barbicide by Nathan Boone
Being Seen by Paul Zehrer
Bio by William Morgan
Blind Spot by Jorge Carvajal and Ricardo Salcido
Blinds by Thomas Crandall
Brady's Lot by Eric Hanson
Bulaklak Means Flower by Anne M. Hilliges
Busy Bee by Myke Bakich
Caged In by Aaron Kamp
Choose Me by Carlos Muñoz
Christmas Is Believing by Andrew M.A. Spear
Death in VanCity by Federico Morales
Dreams and Spaces in Between by John Graham
Eleven Eleven by Alicia Krawchuk
Engineers by Tyler Williams
Falconman by Colin Bradley
FeMale by Lily Ni
Five Bullets, Five Names by Jeff Hanni
Follow Me by Dieter Michael Grohmann
From Me To You by Aron Safranyos
Fuller Democracy by Jonathan Victory
Getting There by Tim Hanan
Green Light by Bunthivy Nou
Help Wanted by Jacquile Kambo
He's Mine by Daniel Daigle
Hold Back by Steffen Geypens
Honey, I'm Home by Nathan Bergs
In The Blink of an Eye by Janalee Budge
Innocent Things by Sam C. Avery
Judith's wood by Laura Gasperi
Kanashimi by Wing Flanagan
Keystone by Ian Foster
Kiss of Death by Timothy Collins and Jillian Kibler
Last Chance by Dániel Füzes
Last Tango Vancouver by Velasquez
Lee's Choice by Joshua Costea
Let's Play Dead Girl by Christian A. Morán
Lingered by Kelanie Aragon
Little Keys by Chelsea Innes
Love, the Invention by Rebecca Pearson
Mammary Gland Malfunction by Robyn Laliberte
Mending with Gold by Cassandra Paige
Monster by Nicole Fairbrother
Mr. Razi by Georges Saad
My Name is Joan by Margaret Stapor Costa
Only Child by Andy Toovey
Orange by Hakan Ünal
Para by Joachim Regent
Pills for the Common Cancer by Esteban Chaires
Poor George by Jim Harris
Rearview by Jon Mann
Righteous Indignation by Michael Nickerson
Room For Rent by Charlie Christensen
Running Home by Whitney Ingram
Sparsh by Dag Kaszlikowski
Sprawl by Steven Lang
St Paul by Thien Nguyen
Straight From The Pole by Jeff Schellenberg
Summer Friend: A Ballet Film by Adam E. Stone
Swim Low by Amanda Ann-Min Wong
Taking Possession by Peter Campbell
The Ballad Of Gloria Sedgwick by Peter Riddihough
The Boy and the Flower Girl by Joshua Crosby
The Broken Places by Andrew S. Ritchie
The Girl Bunnies: Rocketship by Francoise Doherty
The Land of Exodus by Skinner Myers
The Letter by Yifan Xiao
The Second Move by Nicolò Tagliabue
The Seedy Garden by Veronica Jennings
The Tenor by Damon Crump
The Woman in White by Ross Moore
The Wonderful World of Chinese Characters by Shan-Pen Lin
The Year I Did Acid by Chandra Siddan
Through It All by D'Anthony Ward
Tight Lids for Loose Women by Sophia Loffreda
Transagenda by Molly Stark-Ragsdale and Anna Andersen
Two Opposed by Laura Van Haecke
Un Amour Dangereux by Greg Paterson
Vanessa by Tyler Ritchie
Vom Smolicek by Barbara Lackermeier
Wanderer by Mark O'Brien and Jake Wilkens
Windfall by Rick Tae
Wishful Life by Ragheb Al Khoudari
With an Eye of an Eagle by Olesya Shyvikova

Awards of Commendation

20:15 by Marc-André Morissette
20 Minutes Late by Ariel Felix
400 Miles by Felix Martiz
A Story By My Father's Brush by Muaid Mahmood
Alike by Choukri Ben Meriem
At What Cost by Isabelle Ramsden, Daisy Tenycke, Teigen VanDerKooi & Shaelee Sawa
Autistic Artistic by Keegan Richard
Becoming by Steven Lockyer
Boundless by Cathrin Blickling
Choke Hold by R. W. Gray
Circles by Jordan Thomas Brewer
Contents of the Heart by Julie Epp
Culvert Affairs by Kelly Hill
Dark and Stormy Night by Jared Carney
Death and Life by Gregory Alosio
Doubler by Aidan Johnston and Nick Genova
Dream by Javier Mancilla
Easy as Pi by Naseem Loloie and Ryan Lee
Ella by Damien Madden
Eyes on the Wall by Vicente Gonzalez
Face Value by Derek Lukosius
First Breath After Coma by Iolanda Santos
Flush by Maisie Jacobson
Follow Me by Shannon Litt
Full of Heart by Ryan Coleman
Ghost Nets by Mark Bousfield
Good Mourning by Lillian Pinsky
Herons and Monks by Elizabeth Zetlin
Holding Back by Wilson Louis
Honk! Honk! by Lars Fuchs
Horrid When She's Bad by Firdaus F. Bilimoria
I Know You by Colin Gerrard
In the End by John James Goldbeck
In-Kind by Daniel Quitério and Stephanie Dawson
It Could be Your Daughter by Gudrun Gundelach
Spiral Labyrinth by Cecilia Pego
Letters Home by Jonah Jones
Mariana's Sandwich by Carlos Cuarón
Mind Games by Jonathan Bray
Montréal Caché by Max Machado
My Shoreline by Aimee Louw
No Objective by Shony Rivnay
Nur by Qais Khan and Jasper Box
Once Upon a Blood Moon by Robert C. Eaton
Our Garden Was Green by Malileh Noghrehkar
Oxford by Lauren Belanger
Paul C. by David Gaylord
Porcelain by Aleah Anseth
Angel Dust by Everaerts Laurent
Project Zero by Maurizio D'Alessandri
Silent Boy by Kun-Young Park
Sixteen by Sarah Rae and Dina Lobo
Sling Express by Jeanette Nair
Smart by Ian Wood
Soul Fish by Michelle Tocher
Stop. by Julia Retzlaff
Take the Chocolate by Shahid Kamal
Tap Tap Tap by Dean Philips
The Backroom by Albert Fry Jr.
The Call by Ammar Sonderberg
The Girl In The Forest by Rohit Thakur
The Groundskeeper by Felix Schwadorf
The Son Of The Sea by Roberto Aznar
The Spot by Shelly Findlay and Miranda Edwards
The Wind by Jim Henry
This Neighbourhood by Evan Ottoni
Tucker by Aliyah Wasmuth
Twice Upon A Time by Paul Borghese
unpredictABLE by Herman Perera
We'll see if we drown by Hugo Becker
Whisky by Jason Seelmann
Will and the Blue by Collin Meath and Benjamin Drew Thompson

Merit Awards

32 Light Years by Christopher Neville
A Beautiful Silence by Steven Adam Renkovish
A Hole To Hell by Pawel Nazaruk and Tomasz Adamski
All Fight by Matthew Philip Downs
Another Day In Paradise by Bellopropello
AXIS by Raey Ang
Charge! by Yaro Krushko
Echo by Scott Jarvie
Electric Shock by Lloyd Bissell
Esmeralda by Erica Meus-Saunders
Eyetooth by Cory Thibert
Fragments by Alsey Lafon
Free by Miguel Romero
Gold Diggers by Sy Patnode
I Am An Artist by Anton Knight
I Need to Belong Here by Ntora Kazantzidi
I Promised by Danny MAlin
Johnny Sparks Forever by Evan P. Dunbar
Joseph Samuel Jacques Julien by David N. Bernatchez
Julia by Carlo Perassi
Love by Nicolai Tegeler
Marital Aids by Liz Taylor
Mating Rituals of the Modern Male by Steve Ferguson
Me (Asmad) by Prabhjit Dhamija
Message in the Fortune Cookie by Golam Mustofa
Mister Come Tomorrow by Shamas Nawab Siddiqui
Mohamed, The First Name by Zairi Malika
Mongi's Islam by Fouad Sassi
Natural Born Character by Jean Bernard
Noble Love by Erica Meus-Saunders
Now Appearing in Bucharest by Robert Lawrence
Pillow Talk by Tristan McIntosh
Saari by Ella Mikkola
Salad Solutions by Christopher Lazar
Security by Neel Kumar
Seven Moments Of Growing Up by Yixin Cen
Sixteen Sunrises & Sunsets by Marilyn Swick
Southern Ride The Introduction By Gregory Dixon
Summer Time by Vadim Bulitko
The Audition by Dean Henry
The Audition by Neil Schell
The Farmer by Sylvain Guerin
The Girl With The Flute by Dieter Michael Grohmann
The Lion by Carmelo Zucco
The NeverMeeting Story by Letizia Giorgio
The Perfect Crime by Noury Chemtob
The Rosewood Art Society Established 1903 by Scott Roodvoets and Sean Scally
This Pretty Face by Justin Robert Vinall
Twisted by Kennedy Seed
Tylonoxicateroid by J. Samuel Ryan
A Tale with Christ and Jesus by Oldren Romero
Whiskey Brown by Ryan Wibowo
Who is she? by Prasanna Siddharthan
Why? by Andres Ramirez
Workplace Wellness by Kate Jaimet

Honorable Mentions

A Digital Childhood by Abu Nizam
Aidos by Robert W. Gray
An Inconvenient Ruth by J. Samuel Ryan
Banana to Papaya by Peter Chen
Bum Rush by Martina Bell
Come Closer My Love by Anthuwan Makimaidass
Doorman by Charlotte Chen
Harlan County: A Road to Change by Kim Childers
How to Youth in Politics by Raey Ang
I Exist by Ahmed Abdelnaser
Intoxication by Kristian Thorup
Justice for Hannah by Clement Ofoedu
Mrs. Teddy by Yvon Justin Cote
Pordioseros by Carlos Jesus Garcia
Poultice by Kelly Hill and #Hotdadjesus
REM by Marilyn Swick
Shelter by Aimee Morgan
The ACE by Richard Strobel
The Autumn Station by Vadim Bulitko
The Emerald Bracelet by David Li and Sophie Song
The First 10 Years by Shony Rivnay
The Intrepid Rites of Man by Jiminy Scit-Scat
The Missing Part of Me by Elizabeth Hewlett
The Party Crashers by Douglas Ferguson
The White Room by D. Wynn B.
Too Late to Life by Sasha Akbari