2020 Festival Results & Awards

Canada Shorts: Canadian and International Short Film Festival
Just For The Record

Just For The Record

Best Short / Grand Prize Winner Best Canadian Short (tie) Best Director (tie) Best Family/Animated

In an abandoned attic, dictaphone robot REC desperately tries to connect to a bird that stops on its window.

  • Director: Vojin Vasovic
  • Writer: Vojin Vasovic
  • Producers: Vojin Vasovic, Senka Radivojevic
  • Runtime: 7 mins
  • Screening: Saturday, Dec. 12th
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Wild Hearts

Wild Hearts

Best Canadian Short (tie) Best Documentary

A documentary about the wild horses of Alberta.

  • Director: Inder Nirwan
  • Writer: Zoocheck Canada Inc
  • Producer: Zoocheck Canada Inc
  • Runtime: 15 minutes
  • Screening: Saturday, Dec. 12th
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Cleaning House

Cleaning House

Best International Short Best Action (tie) Best Comedy (tie)

An 80's driven action comedy that revolves around a spirited maid and an overzealous secret agent.

  • Director: Shahaub Roudbari
  • Writer: Marissa Labog
  • Producers: Marissa Labog, Emily Wasnerski
  • Runtime: 10 minutes
  • Screening: Saturday, Dec. 12th
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Best Director (tie) Best Suspense

Successful businessman and golden boy, Jack Wells, is unscrupulous, immoral and will stop at nothing to get what he wants.

  • Director: Simon Ross
  • Writer: David Cunningham
  • Producers: David Cunningham, Stephen Cranny
  • Runtime: 11 minutes
  • Screening: Saturday, Dec. 12th
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Inside the Actors' Cult

Inside the Actors' Cult

Best Writer Best Comedy (tie)

Jeff takes his first ever Acting Class and gets a taste of the industry's toxic side. Will he drink the Kool Aid?

  • Director: Scott Paterson
  • Writers: Raymond Ablack, Dalmar Abuzeid
  • Producers: Raymond Ablack, Dalmar Abuzeid, Shane Kippel, Scott Paterson, Samantha Ghost, Hannah Bird
  • Runtime: 6 minutes
  • Screening: Saturday, Dec. 12th
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Best Cinematography Best Drama (tie)

When Rebecca Rowe finds her father hanging in her garage, the town rallies to show her love and support as they mourn the loss of their beloved church pastor.

  • Director: Jordan Lane Shappell
  • Writer: Brit MacRae
  • Cinematographer: Karl Janisse
  • Producers: Amy Geist, Karl Janisse, Gina Simone
  • Runtime: 15 minutes
  • Screening: Saturday, Dec. 12th
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Best Music Score Best Comedy (tie)

Despite his father's refusal, Angel escapes from work with his best friend to audition and interpret the role of an assailant.

  • Director: Jose Pablo Arellano
  • Writer: Jose Pablo Arellano
  • Composer: Jose Pablo Arellano
  • Producers: Daniel Alejandre, Jose Pablo Arellano
  • Runtime: 16 minutes
  • Screening: Saturday, Dec. 12th
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My I Love You

My I Love You

Best Drama (tie)

A visual poem that explores the extreme highs and lows of past relationships.

  • Director: E.C. Waters
  • Writer: E.C. Waters
  • Producer: E.C. Waters
  • Runtime: 3 minutes
  • Screening: Saturday, Dec. 12th
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Call of Duty Fanmade

Call of Duty Fanmade

Best Action (tie)

Based from a video game called Call of Duty in a play mode called Warzone, two players enter into a world where they need to survive, last man standing.

  • Director: Bronwin October
  • Writer: Bronwin October
  • Producer: Ian Williamson
  • Runtime: 14 minutes
  • Screening: Saturday, Dec. 12th
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Best Experimental

A young woman quits his girlfriend for another man, but the consequences are dangerous!

  • Director: Florian Beros
  • Writer: Florian Beros
  • Producer: Stephane Caboche
  • Runtime: 12 minutes
  • Screening: Saturday, Dec. 12th
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The Door Down The Hall

The Door Down The Hall

Best Thriller/Horror (tie)

Two caring parents who want what's best for their daughter, Paige, have a rule in place in their house that forbids Paige from entering the door down the hall.

  • Director: Christian Vetrone
  • Writer: Christian Vetrone
  • Producer: Julian Vetrone
  • Runtime: 7 minutes
  • Screening: Saturday, Dec. 12th
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Dreamer’s Journey

Dreamer’s Journey

Best Thriller/Horror (tie)

Dreamer’s Journey is a psychological horror film centred around the concepts of sleep paralysis, lucid dreaming, and repressed memory.

  • Director: Mitchell Branget
  • Writers: Mitchell Branget, Eric Branget
  • Producers: Sebastien Gaspar-Woods, Mitchell Branget
  • Runtime: 19 minutes
  • Screening: Saturday, Dec. 12th
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Best Sci-Fi (tie)

While a cryo capsule resurrects the body of a surviving crew member on his long way back to Earth, his wakening mind unwinds memories of the first contact mission.

  • Director: Danil Krivoruchko
  • Producer: Danil Krivoruchko
  • Runtime: 5 minutes
  • Screening: Saturday, Dec. 12th
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Best Sci-Fi (tie)

Ahmed and his pregnant wife Medina are forced to flee their village after a devastating alien invasion.

  • Director: Sina Sultani
  • Writer: Sina Sultani
  • Producer: Sina Sultani
  • Runtime: 4 minutes
  • Screening: Saturday, Dec. 12th
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Best Sci-Fi (tie)

In a dusty future where the last humans have taken refuge in a cold, sterile Moon colony, A-153 is being driven mad by vivid dreams of a beautiful green world.

  • Director: Didier Konings
  • Writer: Evelyn Stommel
  • Producers: Mauricio van Hasselt
  • Runtime: 20 minutes
  • Screening: Saturday, Dec. 12th
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Premier Awards / Best Of Awards

Grand Prize: Just For The Record by Vojin Vasovic

Best Canadian Short (tie): Just For The Record by Vojin Vasovic
Best Canadian Short (tie): Wild Hearts by Inder Nirwan
Best International Short: Cleaning House by Shahaub Roudbari

Best Director (tie): Vojin Vasovic for Just For The Record
Best Director (tie): Simon Ross for Avernus
Best Writer: Raymond Ablack and Dalmar Abuzeid for Inside the Actors' Cult
Best Cinematography: Karl Janisse for Rowe
Best Music Score: Jose Pablo Arellano for Assailant

Best Action / Adventure (tie): Cleaning House by Shahaub Roudbari
Best Action / Adventure (tie): Call of Duty Fanmade by Bronwin October
Best Comedy (tie): Cleaning House by Shahaub Roudbari
Best Comedy (tie): Inside the Actors' Cult by Scott Paterson
Best Comedy (tie): Assailant by Jose Pablo Arellano
Best Suspense: Avernus by Simon Ross
Best Documentary: Wild Hearts by Inder Nirwan
Best Drama (tie): Rowe by Jordan Lane Shappell
Best Drama (tie): My I Love You by E.C. Waters
Best Experimental Film: Absence by Florian Beros
Best Family / Animated: Just For The Record by Vojin Vasovic
Best Thriller / Horror (tie): The Door Down The Hall by Christian Vetrone
Best Thriller / Horror (tie): Dreamer’s Journey by Mitchell Branget
Best Sci-Fi (tie): Blindsight by Danil Krivoruchko
Best Sci-Fi (tie): Refuge by Sina Sultani
Best Sci-Fi (tie): Uncario by Didier Konings


A Fan's Bible by Pépito
Across The Room by Mellinda Hensley
Ada by Steven Kammerer
Anamnesis by Ryan Gransden, Mark C. Edwards
Animal Calling by Candice Dixon
Beyond the Line by Jinuk Choi
Blue Hour by Sam Ip Siu Chung
Boneyard Ballet by Steven Holleran
Cloudy Days by Yung Hsiang Chuang
CR: Complete Reality by Stanton Chong
Daughter of the tide by Julien Viala
District 18 by Maral Karaee
Dystonia by Julian Stamboulieh
Eddy's World by Lyn Goldfarb
Fran by Ben Hausdorff
From up above by León Boltvinik
HAMbassy by Vini Moreira
Hamda by Ilona Szekeres
Harlot and habitue by István Nagy, Áron Palkó
Hidden Love by XuYing
Juba the Iraqi Sniper (the untold story) by Samir Albaraheem
Juicy Girl by MJ Kim
Karim Hussain and the revival of genre cinema in Canada by Joanne Belluco
Mamaville by Irmak Karasu
Manasie Akpaliapik by Shelby Lisk
Missing by Gabriel Calamari
Odd Girl by Rami Kahlon
One Night Two Threads by Emi Saito
Pâtisserie De Jeunesse by Gianmarco Di Traglia
Procedural Justice by Josh Callahan
Punch It! by Olivier Perrier
RenaiDance by Zhike Yang, Wenjie Wu, Han Chen Chang
Sadhbh by Arjun Rose
Silence by Rabail Khan
Social Mediation by Matt Pittroff
Stay Connected by Natasha Krishnan
Test Flight by Emma Momoko Frew
Thai Country Living by Ben Tubby, Dan Tubby
The Beacons of Gondor by Scott Paterson
The Four People Who Call You At The End Of The World by Kenzie Yango
The Gifted Fighter by Geordie Day
The King of Hearts by Stanton Chong
The Last of Ian Campbell by Courtney Deelen
The Midnight Trip by Josh Brandao, Nicolai Kornum
The Moviegoer by Chan Sheung Shing
The Pitch by Ken Kwek
The Quieting by Ali Liebert
The Story of Lee Ping by Jasmin Tarasin
The Uncanny Valley by Julia Beney
The Yellow Dress by Deborah Grimes
There & Then by Stefan Feldmann
Town & Gown by Moses Feldman
Vantage by Jack Dunn
Veil by Hassan Rasouli
Vortex by L-Shan Mo
Whales Without Walls by Charles Vinick, Dr. Lori Marino, Michael Mountain, Matt Stamm
What The Spell? by Krsy Fox
Wife Me by Gregory Fox
Wireless by Criss Gidas

Awards of Excellence

100% Girl by Chen Liangyu
2006 by Mo Pittaway, Beth Street
20 Minutes to Life by Veronika Kurz
33 Floors by Chris Austen
37 Things by Zane Roach
A Lonely Duck by Kexin Gao
A State Of Self by Justin Ivan Hong
Aftershock by Gareth Wilkes
An Imposter by Tyler A. Williams
Arlington by Patrick Devlin, Tee-Jay Furgala
As The Smoke Rises by Sharon Heigl
Bearcat by Jenna Turk
Before by Julia Monahan
Bike & I by Ji-hun Chang
Black Boys Can't Cry by Victor Gabriel
Broken Reflection by Sean Treacy
Canada's Unchecked Racism by Zoe Davidson
Chappy by Rachel Sutherland
Cruel World by Dylan Mask
Da Capo by Ipek Efe
Danni & May by Julianne Dowler
Debt by Max Ovaska
Diving Bell by Kyle Brewis, Josh Klaassen
Dog Bite by Luvia Petersen
Dream by Chris Morritt
Dumps by Boris Bilic
Feeding Lewisham - Food Banks in crisis by Cara Bowen
Finding the Balance by Steve Sxwithul'txw
Free Money by MJ Asuza
Fully Involved by Kyle Kulla
Give Me a Name by Sheena Holliday
Glad You're Here by lisa Kannakko
Guardians of the Grasslands by Sarah Wray , Ben Wilson
Habit by Amanda Vigil
Hands by Larry Bao
Harmony - a zero waste film by Stanislava Oben
Hollie's Dress by Annie Sakkab
In the Silence by Andrés M. Méndez
Inn Love by Denzel Watson
Jaan Poldaas: New Work by Patrick Barfoot
Jane Doe by Brett Rickaby
Janet by Wendi Tang
Keeping The Faith by Michael Rae
Kickin' Up a Fuss: The Charles Daniels Story by Cheryl Foggo
Kite by HongWei Wang
Laundry by Emily DeBackere
Lea's Secret by Rico Gutierrez
Melodie by David Cazal
Mimi Meets Books by Yih-Fen Chou
Mimi Says No by Yih-Fen Chou
Mining the Moon by Susan Osberg, Tom Moore
Ninti by Juan Francisco Calero Hueso
Norah & Poppy by Bea Macapagal
Obdurate by Jim Morrison IV
On my way by Elwira Iwanowska
Once Upon a Pandemic by Ryan Northcott
Phenomxnal Womxn by Alexxa Walker
Planted in 2020 by Santiago Bessai
Poetry, War and the Dance of Life by Randy S Kirk
Priced Out: Why You Can't Afford A Place to Live in San Francisco by Dyan Ruiz, Joseph Smooke
Pride of Katanga by SJ Finlay
Red Balloon by Avi Federgreen
Retributive Minds by Mehrtash Mohit
Revenge of the Supermom by Sara Page
Sagitta by Tove Jonstoij
Same day, same time by David Pujol
Sandbox by Daniel Anda
Sfumato Invisibile or The Mona Lisa's aura by Eric Delbaere
Sixth Grade by Yuzhuo Wang
Speak by Shaheed Devji
Spelled by Emma Lichti
Spin Cycle by Diego Garibay Wendler
Still Nearer by Dean Sun
Survival by Manyu Yang
Sycamore by Mehmet Tığlı
Tadpoles: The Big Little Migration by Maxwel Hohn
Take The Long Way Home by Enzo Kaletta
Tattoo by James Dean Ferguson
The Act by Raffinand Akiji
The Basement by Amir Emadian
The Bench by Savannah Lamble, Rachel Stackpool
The Cold by Brittany Delgaty
The Empire's Surgeon by Guillaume Main
The little thief by Nicole Vanden Broeck
The North Star: Finding Black Mecca by Angel Panag, Torrin Blades
The Paperboy by Michael James Regan, Mark Brombacher
The Private Part by Faezeh Alavi
The Romantic Movement by Yuhe Lu
The Tailor by Nathalie Therriault
The Woodsman by Bryce Humphrey
This Time With Feeling by Spencer Glassman
Three Grand Souls by Johny Greenlaw
Tindey by Seemaa Desai
Tuva youngster - Yong Deng by Zhang Xiquan
Vestige by Anthony Thornton-Hopwood
Waiting for Gina by Victor Villar-Hauser
We Hear Running by Karine Dashney
What We Can Do Without by Max Montesi, Austin Macwhirter
What We Found Out There by Karl Kimmel
Ya Hoota by Latifa Al-Darwish, Abdulaziz Yousef

Awards of Distinction

2035 by Tannaz Keshavarz
33' Lot by Sarah Genge
A Letter From The Sea by Anna Tsai
A Midwinter Nightmare by Kristina Hampton
A Simple Life by Myrto Papadogeorgou, Robert Harding Pittman
At Its Own Rhythm by Jorge Ayala-Isaza
Absence by Sonia Kung
Anicca by James M. Warner
Ashes Of Tyranny by Alan Rosenfeld
Baby Making 101 by Stephanie Baird
Baby Teeth by Sonya Chwyl, Anik Desmarais-Spencer
Be Water by Cheuk Ying Cherie Chan
Beer Bowl by Tim Mombourquette
Belle-ile In Acadie by Phil Comeau
Béton amer by Chloé Simonin , Margot Lançon
Better Half by Pete Johnson, Adam Jones
Beyond Bronze, Silver and Gold - Conviction-The Steve Genter Story by John L. MacLeod
Borderline Coffee by Jeff Ayars
Call Back by Par Barn
Chances by Rob Heschl
Conviction by Jia Wertz
Crazy Collections: Cadillacs by Mykyta Novokhatskyy
Crisálida by Villiam Chahal
Daylight by Avraham Granit
Deep Fears by Ryan Chu
Down Deloro River by Josh Wood
Drone Wedding by dana richardson
EAS by Sam Johnson
Elephant by Vicky Huang
Empty by Tristan Laughton
Eyes of a Slave by Bamtyn Wade
Fabric of Change by Jennine Terra Rybicki, Karli Clark
Face To Face by Caio Alves
Fallen Heights by Dustin Weible
Family Ties by Andrew Ahmed
Fantasy Pony by Caitlin Carleton
First Month by John Crowther, Curtis Whitear
Fish Head by Marcos Durian
Five Seconds to Air by Cameron Harris
Flash Drive by Nigel Ball
Follow My Brain by Robyn Thomas
Fox by Achille Jubinville
Friendly, Engaging, Trustworthy, Professional by Nick Dipchand
Gaza, one football, one leg by Patrice Forget
Glitches by Annie Chen
Going Up by Forman Howes
Holding Silence by André Kloer
I Miss You, Margaret by Danny Choi
Identical Faces by Daniel Bristol
Immigrant Holdem by Slava Babenkov
Joker by Arsalan Malik
Katie Ohe: a mystical kind of experience by Aquiles Ascencion
Koselig (noun/verb) by Cassie LeFevre
Life without Parole: The Story of George Martorano by Unnamed
Lilith by Galla Borowski
Lilly Goes to the Dogs by The Bum Family
Limbo by Anthony von Seck
Lucky Break by Nicole Benoit
Making Spaces by Cage Mathes
Manasanamaha by Deepak reddy
Max Lozzer by Bruno L. Cury
Me and Grandpa by Tymm Holloway
Mechamorphosis by Bowen Tan
Meet Me Inside by Dominique Brownes
Mileage by Nellie Ehn
Milk by Micaela (Mick) Robertson, Margaret Rose
Mirror by Emilie Viotto
My Tagalong by Jerry Wang
Not Your Average Bear by Cliff Skelton
On The Fence by Paula Ner Dormiendo
Pallidus by Chelsea Jade McEvoy
Pandemic Elementary by Geordie Trifa, Roanne Kosokowsky
Patchwork Hero by Emily Pasternak
Querencia by Austin Lindsay
Real Life Outback Adventures by Glen Strindberg
Reflexion by Simone Paturel
Secret Victoria: Rush for Freedom by Melinda Friedman
Segregation by Sian flanagan
Silver Cord by Suha Toraman
Sincerely, P.M. by Elizabeth May Potter
Solace by Gianluca Cuscuna
Spy Patch by Taylor Vernon
Stand Down by Matthew Wilcox
Terror from the light by Wei Geng
That Thing You Did by Stefan Kuchar
The Abandoned Block by James Bourne
The Body by Adam Weber
The Curse by Ellie Stewart
The Decay by Murvin Allen
The Delivery by Chun Tak, Yuen
The Dufferin Farm Tour 2020 by James O'Conner
The Forest Floor by Jonathan Brioschi
The Garden Collective by Sara Wylie
The Law of Attraction by David Drew
The Maroon Bomber by Joshua M. Thomas
The Mother by Kaytlyn Turner
The Reason by Noah Conopask
The Secret of Kelly Reńet by Anabella Funk
The Stonekiller by Michele Vance Hehir, Nathaniel Vance Hehir
The Wishful & Lonely by Kris von Kleist
The Wolf by Leah Loftin
The Wood by Lu Huatian
Thoughts and Prayers by Lisa Gold
Time Sheds No Tears by Telly Bitsakakis
Toxic by Shae Beadman, Taryn Beadman
Transfer by Benjamin Rouse
Truth Hertz by Shaun Majumder
Under the Lemon Tree by Noor Alasswad
Unlocked by Isorine Marc, Charmaine Kachibaia
UnLucky by Orlaith Mc Manus
Verbicide by Santiago Fernandez-Concha
Violetta by Fivos Imellos
Wednesday by Lisa Delhom, Jérémy Paquet
What I Can't Tell You by Marcel Grabowiecki
Wichita by Sergine Dumais
With New Eyes by George Leontakianakos
Young People Ask by Zachary Lacosse
You're a Mother Now by Alyssa Gismondi
Zoey by John Giardulli

Awards of Commendation

10/17 by Taylor Renwick
10 Photographs by Brandon Jordan
A Kind Era by Carla Sacco
Alice and her little brother save the World. by Julien Gagnon
All Alone by Camryn Zacharias, Keely Martin
Alone by Phil Beastall
Anna by Éric Pineda
Awakening by Mark Anthony Hogan, Tamara Hamilton
Awakening by Mehmet Demirli
Balboa Mist by Linda Spence, Adam Revesz
Becoming One Of Them by Lyle Groniger
Before It Gets Dark by Neha Anand
Ben's Room by Conor Madill
Beyond Curls & Kinks by Osas Eweka-Smith
Boy Soldier by SJ Finlay
Brunchophobia by Laura Gladwell
Call of the Djembe by Catherine Veilleux
Captain Cowboy Rides Again by Shauna Wason
Casanova by Marie Richardson
Claire de Lune by Valérie Lecomte
Coda by Julian Hamman
collection by Seyedali Golestan
Colours In Wake by Cameron Nash
Crackers in Bed by Alison Loeb
Cutting by Micah Hincliffe
Dagwood's Brig by Alec J. Macri
Dark Tastes Short Film by Dan Couto
Detroit Hymns, Christmas Eve: A Cinepoem by Marcus Fields
Dirty Laundry by Alex Forgues
Fertilizer by Kirk Ramsay
For Two by Karina Finegan Alves
Fruitfly by Jeffrey Hanley
Gaia by Juan Zuloaga Eslait
Gallows Pole No More by George Lessard
Hammers $5 by Emma Cosgrove
Hands by Rob Ayling
Hinterland by James Raudabaugh, Max Straubinger
Hudood by Daraksha Rehman
Human Nature triptych. by Souley Keïta
Hunting & Gathering by Zehua Yang
Identity by Kyle Lawrence
Intruders by Miguel Sahid Rodriguez, Andres F. Mejia
It's Desmond (your misguided tour guide) by Daniela Di Salvo
Jack Be Quick by Sarah Nicole Faucher
Jesse by Sophie Leddick
Kid Gloves by Theresa Kowall Shipp
Layover by Olivier Frigon
Logged out by Tobiasz Wałkiewicz
Love Wins by Aaron Rothermund
Mano's lions by Francoise Desbois
Manu Learning Centre of the CREES Foundation, Peru by George Lessard
Marisa Anderson: Pure Form by Claudia Meza
Mary Mary Quite Contrary by TinNgai Chan
Meeting by Marcus Mullen
Mom by Polina Ami Kosele
Moonboy by Christopher Logan
Mute by Constance Hilton
My love, our love by Han Luo
My Waking Nightmare by Erik Bajzert
Mysophobia by Ilya Demutsky
Mystery Theatre Horror Show by Meri Pakarinen
Nana the Happy Face Spider's - Happy, Sad, Happy Day! by David Oglesby
NecroClones by Angus Rawson
Niagara Suicides by Chris Darton
Nightswimming by Liam Riley, Will Riley
One Night in Portland by Ethan Bochicchio
One Over Capacity by Michael Zamanis
Out Of Sync by Sasuke Sayama
Overcaterers Anonymous by Wayne Tunks
Peacock by Li Yunrui
Platform by Terence Mcglade, Hayden Currie
Positive by Casey Romanin
Romance Deadline by Angela Koh
Sawa by Harinarayan Rajeev
Selene by Salvatore Leonardi
September by Konstantin Rall, Zeehyun Soh
She by Adele Thomas
She Decided Not To Remember by Ozan Boz
Surprise in the Night by Sam Bhat, Aaron Rothermund
Sweet Tofu by Li Xiaolong , Brennan Martin
Syndicate by Lana Thomason
Take It Easy by Gary Fontaine
Temptation by Willie Singh
Testing 1,2,3 by Robin Lee
The Condom King Of Newfoundland by Prajwala Dixit, Rodrigo Iñiguez Becerril
The Cost by Tim Taylor
The Kiss Goodbye by Babs Hopkinson
The Magic Wallet by Florian Potra
The Male Gaze by Danielle Butters
The Mark by Loren Blazek
The Paradox by Dylan Reed
The Road by Vanessa Wenzel
The Story of the I'm Alone by Allison Wolvers
The Trial by Joshua Gleiser
The Unexpected by John Nyce, Mark Nyce
The Vacation by Brandon Nicoletti
The Visit by Kristi Tethong
Therapeutic breathing by Petros Stefaneas
Through Darkness I See You by Jesika Kula
time together by Pauline Gallinat
Vengeful Love by Alexandra Balda
W(or)K by John B. Lowe
Wadayaze by Dieter Michael Grohmann
When We Were Young by Annick Blizzard
White Nights by Diego Collados V
Windshield by Bofan Luo
You Are Here by Jason P. Schumacher

Merit Awards

400 Petals by Angelie M. García Ortiz
A Place to Train by Jessica Gomula-Kruzic
All Saints by Ingrid Vargas
An Open Sky by Surbhi Dewan
Are All My Friends Quarantining Without Me? by Sandeep Hundal, Emily Carlstrom
Baldur by Mark Riddle
Bark by Laura Coleman, Anthony Penney
Burt Bassett & The Life Satisfaction Survey by Elliot Roberts
Celeste’s Dreams by Iona Morris
Citizen Safety by Samuel Hawley
Cucumber by Christian Corbett
Day One by Xavier Vance
Disappearium by Christopher Laxer, Michael Laleye
Dom & Dommer by Domenico De Luca
Escape the Doom! by Lauren Henke
Flux by Sal Allarakhia
Food for thought by Mengyuan Xue, Xuejun Zhong
Food Medicine by Lani Cupchoy
GoGo! Typhoooon by Takahiro Kawabe
Good Friday by Andrea Rescigno
Grand Minor Things by Mengyuan Xue, Xuejun Zhong
Grey Rainbow by Mengyuan Xue, Xuejun Zhong
Haunted Cape Breton Episode 2 by Dawn Wells
Haunted Cape Breton Episode 3 by Dawn Wells
Heroes' Honeymoon by Rich West
I'm Looking For You by Alejandro Chapa
Imagine a World Without Children by Morteza Avani
Killer Door by Ian Pozzebon
MarriageFit by Rob DiNinni, Jeffrey Palmer
Murder is Messy by Taylor Murray
My Friend Paul by Emmett Redding
OCD by Lucas Bosch-Coubris
Overbridge by Nihar Kapoor, Amshu Chukki
Poly by Yeimy Daza
Red waters by luane costa
Riflessivo, Reflective by Maii Fallara
Testing Positive by Fay Simpson
The Art of Fortune Cookie by Jiayi Li
The Execution by Melody Sui
The Flowers by Pete Malicki
The Girl who Cried Red Tears by Killian O'Regan-Artaud
The Life and Death of Tom Thomson Who Was A Painter by Rob McLean
The Mole by Ambrose Smoke
The Photo by Marcus Greco
The Rot by Jonathan Brito
Todd Takes a Break by David Samuels
Trapped (in her head) by Sarah Uwadiae
Trial by Chi Parson
Under The Supermoon by Larica Perera
Walk With me by Ranjit Mullakady
Wheels by Mark Wolfe
You Turn Me by Juliane Backmann

Honorable Mentions

2019 by Kentaro Saito
Catch-Up by Michael Huang
Checking Out by Ant Mahoney
Glass Box by Chen Hascalovitz
Humanity by Alex Prevost
L'appel Du Vide by Christopher Corbett
Magic Camera by Rodney S. Robinson
Mount by Lauren Kasmer
Recipe for Disaster by Jackie Fiorillo
Say No More by Ryan Orizabal
Statement of Intent by Tara Grundmanis
The Ascension by Malcolm J. Solomon
The Real by Craig Hole
Unaware by James Pinson
Voluntary Slavery by Mengyuan Xue
Wake up 666 by Aniketh Suresh Kumar, Tino Vaidyan
Who's Next? by Amreen Ghouse
Wishful Thinking by Meghan Courtney