2022 Festival Results & Awards

Canada Shorts: Canadian and International Short Film Festival


Best Short / Grand Prize Winner Best Canadian Short Best Director Best Cinematography Best Sci-Fi / Fantasy (tie) Best Experimental Film (tie)

In a near future, a lonely man elaborates a twisted plan in order to fulfill his desire to have a child.

  • Director: Maxime Le Flaguais
  • Writers: Maxime Le Flaguais, Frank Tremblay
  • Cinematographer: Jérôme Sabourin
  • Producers: Maxime Le Flaguais, Chasseurs Films
  • Runtime: 18 mins
  • Screening: Saturday, Dec. 17th
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Best International Short Best Writer Best Comedy (tie) Best Sci-Fi / Fantasy (tie)

The brave crew of the Equinox have just landed on Mars. Now inhabitants of Station Orion, they will look to each other for inspiration and survival. And then there's Gary...

  • Director: Doug Cox
  • Writer: Doug Cox
  • Producers: David Verhoef, Scott Wickman
  • Runtime: 7 minutes
  • Screening: Saturday, Dec. 17th
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Ten Essentials

Ten Essentials

Best Drama

A man wakes up in the desert chained to a corpse.

  • Director: Travis Greene
  • Writer: Peter LeFevre
  • Producers: Aly Trasher, Eddy Acosta
  • Runtime: 13 minutes
  • Screening: Saturday, Dec. 17th
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One In The Chamber

One In The Chamber

Best Action

Hanna unknowingly wakes up in an abandoned building swarming with mercenaries.

  • Director: Hubert Boorder
  • Writers: Ilan Rosenberg, Hubert Boorder
  • Producer: Ilan Rosenberg
  • Runtime: 10 minutes
  • Screening: Saturday, Dec. 17th
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Best Comedy (tie) Best Suspense Best Thriller / Horror (tie)

We’ve all received scam phone calls, but what about the person making the calls? Cruise is a dark workplace satire about a hapless telemarketer trying mightily to give away a free cruise. And if he fails, there will be dire consequences.

  • Director: Sam Rudykoff
  • Writer: Sam Rudykoff
  • Producers: Sam Rudykoff, Mark Delottinville
  • Runtime: 7 minutes
  • Screening: Saturday, Dec. 17th
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Part Forever

Part Forever

Best Thriller / Horror (tie)

Huei and her husband Wen Hsiung come to say goodbye to Huei’s dearest sister. The seemingly calm and sad farewell ceremony seemed to hide an astonishing and dark secret.

  • Director: Alan Ou Chung An
  • Writer: Alan Ou Chung An
  • Producers: Juliane Lin Chun Hua, Lin Hsiao-Ching
  • Runtime: 13 minutes
  • Screening: Saturday, Dec. 17th
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Billy Hoople

Billy Hoople

Best Thriller / Horror (tie)

After purchasing an old picker-upper Victorian home, young couple, Bob and Sara, call upon an unconventional exorcist to rid them of an aggressive spector. Billy Hoople, exorcist, mystic protector, and exterminator of any and all varmints natural or otherwise.

  • Director: Luke Baker
  • Writer: Luke Baker
  • Producer: Nath Milburn
  • Runtime: 6 minutes
  • Screening: Saturday, Dec. 17th
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Best Family / Animated

Jules looks up to the stars and wonders if we will ever get to explore the worlds and galaxies we are yet to see, or even begin to imagine. Love and exploration are the central themes that bind the story together.

  • Director: Robert Petrie
  • Writers: Robert Petrie, Angus Kneale
  • Producers: Angus Kneale, Melanie Wickham, Verity Grantham
  • Runtime: 7 minutes
  • Screening: Saturday, Dec. 17th
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Rising - Lil Berete

Rising - Lil Berete

Best Documentary

Short documentary dives into the personal story of Yay Berete p/k/a Lil Berete, a young rapper from Regent Park, Toronto's most notorious and violent neighborhood.

  • Director: Avery Harris Stedman
  • Writer: Avery Harris Stedman
  • Producer: Meika Wagner
  • Runtime: 13 minutes
  • Screening: Saturday, Dec. 17th
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Best Experimental Film (tie) Best Music Score

In Japan, Sakura means cherry blossoms in spring, is synonymous with renewal, beauty and ephemeral nature of life. It evokes the hope of a new beginning, and is of almost divine inspiration.

  • Director: Miguel Raymond
  • Composer: Gavin Luke
  • Producer: Miguel Raymond
  • Runtime: 3 minutes
  • Screening: Saturday, Dec. 17th
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Best Experimental Film (tie)

A few fragments from the story of a lonely young man looking for love. A film adaptation of 'A', an unpublished play by Antoine Pelletier exploring contemporary LGBTQ+ relationships.

  • Director: Antoine Pelletier
  • Writer: Antoine Pelletier
  • Producers: Antoine Pelletier, Alexe Laroche
  • Runtime: 3 minutes
  • Screening: Saturday, Dec. 17th
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Premier Awards / Best Of Awards

Grand Prize: Ouroboros by Maxime Le Flaguais

Best Canadian Short: Ouroboros by Maxime Le Flaguais
Best International Short: Gary by Doug Cox

Best Director: Maxime Le Flaguais for Ouroboros
Best Writer: Doug Cox for Gary
Best Cinematography: Jérôme Sabourin for Ouroboros
Best Music Score: Gavin Luke for Sakura

Best Action / Adventure: One in the Chamber by Hubert Boorder
Best Comedy (tie): Gary by Doug Cox
Best Comedy (tie): Cruise by Sam Rudykoff
Best Suspense: Cruise by Sam Rudykoff
Best Documentary: Rising - Lil Berete by Avery Harris Stedman
Best Drama: Ten Essentials by Travis Greene
Best Experimental Film (tie): Ouroboros by Maxime Le Flaguais
Best Experimental Film (tie): Sakura by Miguel Raymond
Best Experimental Film (tie): A by Antoine Pelletier
Best Family / Animated: Blue by Robert Petrie
Best Thriller / Horror (tie): Cruise by Sam Rudykoff
Best Thriller / Horror (tie): Part Forever by Alan Ou Chung An
Best Thriller / Horror (tie): Billy Hoople by Luke Baker
Best Sci-Fi / Fantasy (tie): Ouroboros by Maxime Le Flaguais
Best Sci-Fi / Fantasy (tie): Gary by Doug Cox
Best Sci-Fi / Fantasy (tie): Blue by Robert Petrie


10:35 by Alan Sánchez
A Mar by Danilo Albero Sánchez, Juan David León
Brume by Maureen Payne-Hahner
Creatura by Ford Mckeown Larose, Phethsari Pathammavong
Drafted by Robert Baird
Five and a Half by Heidi Nyburg
Georgia by Jayil Pak
Gift by Jiaqi Bin
Hayya by Sheren Montasser Abououf
Hush by Emilie Beck
I Dream As A Mother by Inder Nirwan
Imaginings by Anja Hiddinga
Interview in the Womb of the Whale by Rashko Rakov
Joe by Noah Rogers
Keep Live Alive by Julia Patey
Lightfall - A Journey in Photography with Sterling Lorence by Colin Jones
Mindy by Jeremy Phillips
Mitote by Érika Gagné
Momma's Boy by Sonny Atkins
Musher by Michael Kaack
Nomad by Abdulrahman El Abyad, Lynne Zakhour, Tamara Qaddoumi
Overwerk x Pilotpriest - Parallel by Olaf Blomerus
Pint? by Duncan Guymer
Pupilles by Laurence Tremblay
Simon Without Notice by Jeremie Scoulsky-Lavigne
Still Here by Guido Ekker
Story by Mohamed Bouhari
The Caged Bird by Tzu Yin Kung
The Heritage by German Roberto Almaraz
The Last Cloudweaver by Anna-Ester Volozh
The Reality of a Dream by Ryan Mah
The Writer by Jay Hannah
This Person by Nora Rosenthal
To The Stars by Robert dos Santos
When I met Sangre Negra by Miguel Rueda
Where Have You Been by Colman Hayes
White Hot Fury by Laura Ashley Polisena
Wings by Peiyan Zhao
Zoy’s Return by Adilkhan Yerzhanov

Awards of Excellence

9mm by Daniel D Duguay
A Fable for Four Voices by Deb Ethier
A Thousand Words by Ross Mendigorin
As Possible As Everything by Selen Örcan
Aurora by Jo Meuris
Beat It by Thomas Lorber
Betel Nut Fifty by Yuezhen Chang
Big Dumb Animal by Schuyler Willson
Butterfly by Mercenary
Calls From A Bridge by Ali Liebert
Chateau Laurier by James Stewart
Consumer by Stephanie Izsak
Delilah by Nika Agiashvili
Down The Line by Oliver Hamilton
East Side Ed by Lukáš Hyrman
El Mulatto by Andy Hodgson
Escape The Imitation by Peter Julian Wilcheck, Jack Gilliat
Figures by Jamie Hegland, Jade Yurich
Fireworks by Hang Yu
Foster by Steven Yaffee
Free Bird by Lauren Mackenzie
Gerro! by Bill Webb
Gist by Patrick Harris, Nadine Spencer
Go Fool Yourself by Marco Felipe Rossi
grief and joy by Shana Lee Gibson
Hell by Xinrui Zhou
I Will Be Fine by Zein El Cheikh
Imagine by Reid Valmestad, Austin MacKay
In Tune by Hannah Miles Wong
Injustice by Kieran Stanley
Jane by Sydney Scotia
Late Bloomer by Nathan Bergs
Le Ballon Bleu by Katherine Griffin
Lemo by Zuri Rinpoche
Linger by Daniel Bricker
Locus Amoenus by Marco Morandi
Lost Lovers by Adrian Bodegas Levet
M.A.N.S. by Peter T Clarke
Mandatory Presence by Adam Ziajski
Medium Young by Erin Margurite Carter
Never Broken by Mary-Jo Dionne, Jeff Macpherson
Niagara Falls by Victor Bellomo, Tara Sickmeier
Niyebe by Kevin Ang
No War by Enzo Zelocchi
Not the 80s by Marleen Valien
Okay by Yasmine Aker, Elliot Knight
Optics by Oleksii Novikov
Pandemic: Opened RED Door by Don Albert
Perfect by Michael Heaton
Pit & Pendulum by J. Aldric Gaudet
Programmed by Armin Hossni
Puzzled Path by Kenneth Ma
Redo by John Paul Summers
Rural Runners by Forest Woodward
Scalamare by Jiri Kylian
Seventy Times Seven by Juan Zuloaga Eslait
Smashing Keys by Adam Schierau
Sons of Toledo by Monty Cole
Sorry Mom by Sarah Lajoie-Asselin
Spark by Hsiu-Ching LU
Stolen Moon - Chum by Olga Zakharova
Sunflower by Bryan Edwards
Suzanne & Chantal by Rachel Graton
Teacher of Patience by Carmen Vincent
Ten Weeks by Reza Shademan
Teratoma by Pauline Beauchamps, Théo Delarche
The Funeral Photographer by Ashley Thompson
The Lesson of Courage by Ruisong Sun
The Misadventures of Kidsuper by Sebastian Ssdaigui
The Other Side Of The Mountain by Katherine Ren
The rat by Zhantemir Baimukhamedov
The Scarlet Queen by Sali Yang
The Story of Mama Butterfly by Yuqian Cao
The Sunny Side by Samuel Kilpatrick
The Switch by Thomas Obewu
Thirst by YUCA
Tomorrow We continue by Abdullah Ghanem
Under the Flag by Jalen Robinson
Unmai Therindhal Kondru Vidu by Jeevan Stalin
Waahli - Men Sou Yo (Feat Sam I Am) by Bruno Destombes
Waiting for a Wave by Kaori Danjo
Whale Heart by Phillip Edge
White Lady by Marc Yungco
Working for The Man by Hawkin Paleczny
Yang by Stanton Chong
You Will Die Alone in Space by Colette Komm

Awards of Distinction

1815 by Neil Boyle
A Century in the Making - The Stu Crawford Story by Mike Downie
A Little Funny Story by Cheng Xu
A Man Walks Into a Bar by Adam Gaudreault
A Thousand Hands And A Thousand Hearts by Marco J. D. Maida, Edson M. Cabral
Adrift by Cathy Huynh
Alberta by Marie-Hélène Gosselin
Aldous by Francis Rogers
An Island Drifts by Vivian Ip
As a cobalt blue moon by Yihan Yuan
Beats by Eugene Fedorov
Because I Could Not Stop for Death by Eric Luthi
Behind The Berms by Matthew Higginson, Natalie Castellino
Blood Buddies by Suzanne Marie Moreau
Buon Ferragosto by Claudia Miatello
Bystander by Yun-An Chen
Call Button by Rhona Rees
Call Me AWOL by Geordie Trifa
Call the Paperboys by Julienne Pancho
Carnival by Daniel Farkas
Cherry Blossoms in March by Riley Rheyan
City Eyes by Nick Green
Coexistence by Youri Létourneau-Langlois
Coin Slot by Scott Jones
Cold Tea by Asim Overstands
Composition by Paul Sestakov
Corvine by Sean McCarron
Cunning by Lu Hsin-Yu
Cure by Tianyu Tina Gu
Discovering Brooklynn by Aliya Brooks
Edge of Hope by Emorphia Margaritis
Empty Spaces by Lukas Hanulak
Engaged by Anastasia Boyett
Ever So Slightly by François Blouin, Victor Quijada
Everyone Needs An Army by Biko Franklin
Exhaustum by Antoine Boulanger
Fellowship of the Sea by Flossy Roxx
Fervor by Tim Taylor
For a Coffin Full of Gold by Dinitha Vithanage
For Magda by Carla Larrea Sánchez
Fractal by Kiarra Goldberg
Frontline Nurses: Dispatches from the COVID-19 Pandemic by Cynthia N White, Alexander S White
Gem & Shaz by Chloé Hung
Good Times Coming by Tony Asimakopoulos
Goodbye by Rechna Varma
Grandma Lee's Dress by Janalee Lynn Budge
Heartbreak Country by Edward Tyndall
Her Home by Julien Hardy-Cardinal
Her Sweater by Jannik Ehret
Hightail by Jenny Lee-Gilmore
Horseback by Shu Ya
How Tall is Jeffrey? by Madison Stenner
Imitates Life by Tabatha Golat
Isaac Et Suzie by Damien Bihemi
Junior's Giant by Paula Brancati
Just An Assignment by Siyi Quan
Kendrick by Marvin T Finch
Kite by Amir Qasim
Leech by George Coley
Lightning Strikes by Zoe Ga Lok Neary
Lior by Scott Glassman
Liv & Adam by Emma L.R. Hogg
Long Kiss Goodbye by Duy Viet Hai Tong
Lost Arab by Carine Koleilat
Lost Lake: Gone but not Forgotten by Amanda Christmas
Making Money in... Manitou, Manitoba by Austin Ladouceur
Medea by Feifei Zhong
Meet Carly W. by A.J. Hartman
Memory by Keefe Jassoy
Mirror Mirror by Elsha Kerr
Modern Life by Anthony Poujouanine
Monomyth by Thomas Scott Holland
Mr. Ashley Lived Here by Hannah Timmons
Murder Matrimony by Jacqueline D McDowell
My Gift by Michael Raso
Mystery Meat by Hannah van Dijk
Necro by Austin MacWhirter, Max Montesi
Nelly : Since we are by Josué Bertolino
Nickels by Chris Sage, Stephen Schroeder
Not an Irrelevant Trifle by Debora Elgeholm
Once Upon A Time by Athena Russell
Our Coast by Ella Van Cleave
Parkway by Marcus Bassett
Playing With Fire by Aaron Bishop
Portrait Mystery in the Mansion by Naveen Manohar
Quarterlife Cruisers by Karlijn Koel
Quo Vadis Documentary by Olha Y Onyshko
Reconciled by John B Lowe
Reunion Dinner by Zheng Ren
Salvation by Zane
Secrets of the Wooden Owl by Hiromi Takagi
Shadows of the World by Marios P. Papageorgiou
Spike by Greta Gregory, Lewis Gregory
Stills by Kyle Marra
Stones by Lincoln Young
Surrender by Jess Dang
Tails on Ice by Miranda Currie
Take My Last Name by Shian Grace
The Anniversary by Shaun Ray Boyd
The art of reinventing by Louise Loly
The Box by patrick devlin
The Cocoon by David Shen Miller
The Dutchman's Pipe by Béla Baptiste
The Emptiness Steven left by Franklin Villar
The Funnel by Charlene A. Carruthers
The Last Song by Rosa Carranza
The Party Job by Raechelle Banno
The Rainbow Brainstorm by Makda Musa
The Sight of Blue UK - 16' - Stereo by Pierre Bouquet
The Tenant by Katherine Ruiz Muro
The Wedding Painting by Claire Audrey Aguayo
Theft by Matt Prazak
This Actually Happened by Emily Maya Mills
Tomb by Fan Yang
Transfer Station by Josh Ford
Underpaint by Anna Hopkins
Variations by Bella Rieth
Vestibule by Julian Elia
Wallpaper by Tanya Jade
When Life Gives You Lemons by Rafeh Mahmud
White Picket Fence by Rebecca Towns
Wok Hei by Joel Salaysay

Awards of Commendation

68 by Quentin Serres, Quentin Hubert
25 years old portrait by Vahid Mahdavi
A Room Without a View by Sacha Sewhdat
A Way of Life by Travis Robertson
Andi, Andrea and the Alps by Nicolas Flood
Anomalist by Michael Wohlfahrt
Art Connects by Fay Nass
Assisted Suicide by Rainy Kerwin
Beige by Hannah Almond Barr
Benjamin by Alexia Dalsoquio
Beyond Money: Yenomon by Anitra Nelson
Bitsy Bites Back by Richard Mueller
Box: The Empathy Project by Alex Gouchtchina
Broca by Luis Oliva
Call for Cassie by Jiwon Lee
Cujo's Colours by CJ Beaver
Dancing Without Steps: The Art of Improvisation with Margaret Beals by Adriana Davis
Disconnected by Mariah Owen
Do Not Resuscitate by Wing Ka Francisca So
Echo by Quentin Ferrant
Eeyou Istchee Trauma Rescue by Kavi Singh, Mourad Boukabache
Escape by Deniz Deman
Everything is Art by Luc Beauchemin, Michel Boissonneault
Exist by Niaz Parvaresh
Face to Face: Forgotten Voices Heard by Elliott Forrest, Kelly Hall-Tompkins
Flyman by Ethan White
Fog by constance R Rivemale
Fright Shift by Tim Dane Reid
Gnaw by Rosalee Yagihara
Grace by Wrya Mahmood
Heir Mail by Shay Thurmon
Hide by Margrét Seema Takyar
I am that girl. by Oriana Theo
In the Lab by Bálint Demers
Indifference by Barb Briggs
Intertwined by Serhat dogantekin
Isolated by Ahmad Satti Ibrahim
Juggernaut by Michael Thomas Goyert
Julien vs Bernatchez by Rui Silveira
Last Meal by Bella Rieth
Listen by Louis Wesley Frost
Little Bird by Tee Schneider
Losing Arlene by Katy Grace Doucette
Lost Dog by David Li
Mama’s Song by Hannah Yang
Maximus by Brielle Lubin
Means To An End by Tanya M. Wheeler
Medak by Danny Crossman
Metaphysical Reclamations by Mary Flanagan
Meter's Running by Anna Di Giovanni
Molly's Light by Noah Pollack
Moments of Summer by Sophie Kokott
More...More...More... by Brad Banacka
Mudder's Hands by Clint Butler
My Boomerang by Robert Kubilos
Nowhere Normal by Matt Kloster
Opaque by Aniket Chandrakant Dhavale
Overdue by Yassin Nour
Part of Our Heritage by Josh Winker
Passage by Dylan Edward Moore
Peinture Noire by Laura De Decker
Pop by Aamina Treymeine
Quirks by Steve C Kwasnik
Ready or Not by Rachel Martin
Rebound by Liam Hoban Thrush
Reeha by Mehak Patel
Remnants by Charleen Phelps, Sidartha Murjani
Roma by Alessandro Vazzoler
Salvaged Love by Gisela Nadasy
Same Time Next Week by louis Lampard
Sarah by Peter Riddihough
Scavenger by Trevor Loman
Scotch, Please by Evan Schneider
Shaytan by Mohamed-Ali Ammar
Shoreline Socialites by Inder Nirwan
Shovel by Camille Hamadé
Sola and The Oracle by Léa Geronimo Rondot
Soothing Sensation by Desiree Jung
Sorrow by Zach Price
Spiel by Mark DeChiazza
Swing in Time by Sydney Posliff
Talking Rosie by Joshua Bernalte
That Little Moment When by Gabrielle Giacomo
The Boys by Vincent Karetak
The Care Giver by Brittany Charlotte Smith, Kenzie Yango
The First Time Experience by Stéphane Deschênes
The Graveyard Shift by Téa Lynor
The Kingston Red Barons by David William McCallum
The Lady In Red by Amir Farouk Qassir Alzeil
The Land Speaks by Gaia Mitting
The Lizard and The Crow by John Ousley
The Normal Girl by Lasley Lui
The People You Love Are Disintegrating Infront Of You by Christopher Bayko
The Ravine by Yihan Yuan
The Soundguy by Keith Obit
The White Rock by Maxime Laurin
To Be Like You by Meredith Esquivel
Transient by Aislinn Boyle
Tsurezure Kankan by Kedoin Yuki, Okado Takashi
Vindicta by Yarron Jesuratnam
Visiting Ben Shemen by Miriam Harris
Waiting for Deading by Paul Sestakov
Walk With Me by Connor Steven Lang
We by Iryna Sakhnenko
What Happened Yesterday? by Eric Bomba-Ire
Wrestling with the Past by Justin Godlien
Written In The Stars by Diljot Jawanda, Dil Buttar

Merit Awards

A Guest for Dinner by Jaron Olson
A Humanly Warm Pozole by José Ricardo Contreras
A Peoplehood - Amiut Yehudit by Marnie Salsky
A Story of One Old Building by Karen Lang
After Sunset by Melo Zhang
Against the Tide by Alicia Tang
Anti-Body by Cameron Patterson
Atlas by Fiza Chaudhary
Bloodstone City by Gerry Manus
Blooming by Zach Closs
Bound Legs by Karoly Palfai
Braided Together by Victoria Anderson-Gardner, Kyle Schmalenberg
Breaking Point by Ben Crossman
Brother Rick by Elton Hubner
Bye Bye Lullaby by Sonali Gulati, Rohan Gulati
Call Time by John Daniel
Cold Blood by Navn Michael Diem
Dangerous Game by Finn Marie Johnston
Excelsior by George Gecewicz
Fallen Leaves by Yan Kaminskyy
Feeling Fine by Fateema Al-Hamaydeh Miller
Fish King by Bella Rieth
Flyer Boys by Taras Lesiuk
Fortune Teller by Julia Tutko-Balena
Friend-ish by Rotem Fenichel
Good Grief by Stefany Mathias
Good Luck by Samir Albaraheem
Guidance by Julia Tutko-Balena
Hard As It Gets by Darren Haskins
He, Who Loves Me by Darek Sharp
Heliotropic by Manu Garcia
Honest Fairytales: Rapunzel by Leena Manro
House After by Dustin McGladrey
House Arrest by Erik Bajzert
How The Cheetah Got It's Stripes by Maura Ferrand
I Did Not Die by Zachary Wise
If...Then...Now… by Anne Kmetyko
Imaginary Carnival by Bernardo Costa
Inadvertent by Anas Houssaini
Infinite Wisdom of an Ageing Superhero by Jack Saunders
IPPO by Yuki Kedoin, Dylan MacGregor
Maid by Melanie V. Mendez Munden
Maria Camila's gift by Andrés Molano Moncada
Minus 35 by Nisarg Raghavdas Lakhmani
Missing Person by David Cartwright
Moonboy by Rachel Kwan
My Pretty One by Lizzy Evashkevich
None died here by Ana Cristina Benitez
Nonino's Gift by Hernan A Ancerra
Not for you to see by Izzi Harris
One Thousand Lives by Javi Osei
Out Of Order by Troy Crossfield, Sheronna Osbourne
Prom Dress by Pamela Fuller
Promenade Sentimentale by Nicolas Danoviz
Rendu tea(two tea) by Venugopal Kesavan
Room of her Own by Jemima Burrill
SCP-Zombie by Bryan Todd Harris
Shadhok Lalon Shaiji: The Divine Soul by Ashik Arafat Rajiv
Shall Not Perish from the Earth by Donald Lewis
Shi Yuan by Xuejie Shao
Speaking To Bias by Jupiter Wildwood
Spirit Workers Union by Bob Kotyk
Spots by Tammy Salzl
That's Life by Dan Nicholls
The Embassy by Bhaktimarga Swami
The Funeral by Ray Taylor
The Joshua Painting by Matthew Lupis
The Red Clock by Alexandra Balda
The Story Coat by Carinne Leduc
The Time You Left by Yvette Sin, Nikita Zhang
Things Get Better by Ryan Minaker
Traversées by Chantal Caron
Unbelievable by Sergey Dobrine
Weight by Thomas Bullen
Welcome To Detention by Justin Riley
Where there is wind by Pei Ge

Honorable Mentions

A Woman's Voice by Robert Bruce Ing
Animal Appetites by Quentin Ferrant
Anniversary by Ali Schmahl, Stefanie Schmahl
Bear Viewing, Katmai National Park, Alaska by Karen Lang
Black Butterfly by Shirin Jahani
Blood Bag by Caelan Marie Campbell
Dandelion by Jane Ballentyne
Figment by Lucas Vitale
Fishing with Baited Breath by Nick Schelle
For Charlie by Honey McKenna
Home by Janine Kanzler
Home With You by Jane Aster Roe, Michelle Crossman
Joanna's Kitchen by Theo Herghelegiu
K2 TOG by Ari Veach
Long Road to Cariboo by Richard Thomas Wright
Misconnection by Garima Soni
Mum Singh by Karan Singh
Rehearsals by Jorge Antonio Guerrero
Round Boxes by Esosa Ighodaro
ShirtTugger by Noah Himmelstein
Sleeping theydy by Joe Sarah Nadeau, Sophie Ruest
The Red Knows by Logan Charron
The Stepmom by Keara Barnes, Brenda Whitehall
Very Common by Spencer Richard