2018 Festival Results & Awards

Canada Shorts: Canadian and International Short Film Festival


Best Short / Grand Prize Winner Best International Short Best Writer Best Animated

María’s routine at school is altered by the arrival of a very special child. Soon, they become close friends.

  • Director: Pedro Solís García
  • Writer: Pedro Solís García
  • Producer: Nicolás Matji
  • Runtime: 10 mins
  • Screening: Saturday, Dec. 15th
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Moving Picture

Moving Picture

Best Canadian Short Best Experimental

A work of art takes flight from its creator. Can he bring it back?

  • Director: James Mor
  • Writer: James Mor
  • Producer: James Mor
  • Runtime: 8 minutes
  • Screening: Saturday, Dec. 15th
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Best Documentary (tie)

A short documentary about a 90 year old man's relationship with the staff at an independent movie theater. The documentary explores their relationship and digs into the mystery to Walters obsession with the film La La Land.

  • Director: David Cartwright
  • Writer: David Cartwright
  • Producer: Kaden Panton
  • Runtime: 17 minutes
  • Screening: Saturday, Dec. 15th
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The Role

The Role

Best Documentary (tie)

For 30 years, a pair of mother and son, stick together and help each other in difficulties. For 30 years, son suffered from cerebral palsy, mother lives as most unprivileged. For 30 years, she found her own way to walk through the dark.

  • Directors: Scott Xie, Mogo Wu
  • Writers: Scott Xie, Akae Wang
  • Producer: Yajun Xiao
  • Runtime: 19 minutes
  • Screening: Saturday, Dec. 15th
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Natural Selection

Natural Selection

Best Director Best Action

In the world where relationship is a real hunt and men hunt women, young Tyomik experiences a strange new feeling to his very first prey.

  • Director: Nikita Tamarov
  • Writers: Nikita Tamarov, Artem Golikov
  • Producer: Alfiya Khilinskaya
  • Runtime: 15 minutes
  • Screening: Saturday, Dec. 15th
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Best Cinematography

Resilience is a stream of consciousness that follows the adventure of a young lady, Renée.

  • Director: Aurora Ovan
  • Writer: Aurora Ovan
  • DOP: Aurora Ovan, Federico Tamburini
  • Producers: Alexander AD, Chloe Na
  • Runtime: 12 minutes
  • Screening: Saturday, Dec. 15th
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Red Red Wine

Red Red Wine

Best Music Score

A woman sleepwalks while dreaming of her past marriage.

  • Director: Kyle Mosonyi
  • Writer: Kyle Mosonyi
  • Score: Sol Seppy, Sigur Ros
  • Producers: Kyle Mosonyi, Jordon Lindoff, Taylor Edwardson, Kristopher Wedgwood, Jon Wedgwood
  • Runtime: 5 minutes
  • Screening: Saturday, Dec. 15th
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The Dark Room

The Dark Room

Best Drama

France, 1910. As her mother suffers from a mysterious illness that she intends to hide, the young Cassandre feels a growing presence in her home...

  • Director: Morgane Segaert
  • Writer: Morgane Segaert
  • Producer: Centre Factory
  • Runtime: 20 minutes
  • Screening: Saturday, Dec. 15th
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Dead Cool

Dead Cool

Best Suspense

A dinner party with a difference.

  • Director: Simon Ross
  • Writer: Simon Ross
  • Producers: Tessa Beazley, Oliver Brown
  • Runtime: 19 minutes
  • Screening: Saturday, Dec. 15th
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Best Comedy

A couple constructs a massive cardboard plane for their nephew...but when they take it for a test flight, they find themselves fighting off an entire squadron of enemies! They'll need more allies to win this battle.

  • Director: Benoit McCullough
  • Writer: Benoit McCullough
  • Producer: Scott Burgess
  • Runtime: 6 minutes
  • Screening: Saturday, Dec. 15th
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Best Horror / Thriller

Set one evening in present day Moscow, 16 year-old Pyotr is baited by an ultranationalist group known for their violent abductions and anti-gay attacks bolstered by Russia’s LGBT propaganda law, but Pyotr has a dangerous secret his attackers could never have accounted for.

  • Director: Blake Mawson
  • Writer: Blake Mawson
  • Producers: Sasha Fisher, Natalie Novak, Cam McLauchlin
  • Runtime: 15 minutes
  • Screening: Saturday, Dec. 15th
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Change for Chimps

Change for Chimps

Best Family Film

A young girl's love for chimpanzees sends her on a journey to raise funds to save chimps from captivity, in hopes to deliver the funds to her hero Dr. Jane Goodall.

  • Director: Lisa Mann
  • Writer: Lisa Mann
  • Producer: Michele Fisher, Cherie Sinclair, Andrea Guernsey
  • Runtime: 7 minutes
  • Screening: Saturday, Dec. 15th
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Laboratory Conditions

Laboratory Conditions

Best Sci-Fi

A physician investigating a missing body disrupts an unlawful experiment.

  • Director: Jocelyn Stamat
  • Writer: Terry Rossio
  • Producer: Joe Russell
  • Runtime: 16 minutes
  • Screening: Saturday, Dec. 15th
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Premier Awards / Best Of Awards

Grand Prize: Cuerdas by Pedro Solís García

Best Canadian Short: Moving Picture by James Mor
Best International Short: Cuerdas by Pedro Solís García
Best Documentary (tie): Walter by David Cartwright
Best Documentary (tie): The Role by Scott Xie

Best Director: Nikita Tamarov for Natural Selection
Best Writer: Pedro Solís García for Cuerdas
Best Cinematography: Aurora Ovan & Federico Tamburini for Resilience
Best Score: Sol Seppy & Sigur Ros for Red Red Wine

Best Drama: The Dark Room by Morgane Segaert
Best Action: Natural Selection by Nikita Tamarov
Best Suspense: Dead Cool by Simon Ross
Best Comedy: Wingman by Benoit McCullough
Best Animated: Cuerdas by Pedro Solís García
Best Horror / Thriller: PYOTR495 by Blake Mawson
Best Family Film: Change for Chimps by Lisa Mann
Best Sci-Fi: Laboratory Conditions by Jocelyn Stamat
Best Experimental Film: Moving Picture by James Mor


A Big Fish by Zuo Yifan
Abdou and the Hippos by Russell Bergh
Ainhoa by Ivan Sainz-Pardo
Amine by Noha Choukrallah
Before I Leave by Tito Rubio-Iglesias and Fernando Mahave
Bucketheads - A Star Wars Story by Marco Bossow and Andy Brown
By Blood by Guillaume Enard and Jonathan Delerue
Chateau Laurier by James Stewart
Chimes by Jannine Benkhardt
Echoes by Mark Kerins and Elliot Mayen
Echoes by Nathan Ross Murphy
English Lessons by Yimin Gu
Feaw by Robin Tremblay
Good Morning Alice by Matt Stacey
Horla by Gabriel Galand
Instinct by Maria Alice Arida
It's Hard To Be A Tern by Elaine Vedette
Kommando 1944 by Derek Quick
Last Respects by Philip Sansom
Little Fiel by Irina Patkanian
Locker Room by Greta Nash
Lullaby For A Mother And Child by Emma Lorie
Malignant by Devin Tau
My Name Was January by Elina Gress and Lenee Son
Newborn by Ray Savaya
Ok, Mum. by Eva Lanska
One Breath: A Life Without Gravity by Sebastian Solberg
Pop by Caden Douglas
Prey by Vivien Endicott-Douglas
Rake by Jonathan Eagan
Raymonde Or The Vertical Escape by Sarah Van Den Boom
Red Tale by Natacha Thomas
Reflection by Hannah Park
Relic by Spencer Hetherington
Ruffians by Alexandre Jallali
Siklus by Louis Minnaar
Slick by Jérémy Brondoni
Sol Bunker by Nathan Mewett
T(HE)Y by Caroline Callender and Silver Liftin
The Big Shot by Borsos Miklós
The Dark room by Morgane Segaert
The Degustator by Jochen Isensee
The Freeze by Trevor Mirosh
The Rainy Season by Mun Jinho
The Spadina House by Taso Alexander
The Trick by Pierre & Max
The Walkers by Bauke Brouwer
Trap by Dariush Ghazbani
Undressed by Alexandra Tse
Valley of the Mind by Edward Mines
Waterlog by Ben Cox
We, The Bereaved by Ryan Bouman
Willow: 7 weeks in Aquarius by Erin Parks
Winds of august by Paloma Valencia
X by Raquel Choy

Awards of Excellence

4/4 by Kyle Sawyer
10 Years Before Happiness by Murray Toews
83rd Street by Tancredi Di Paola
A Date With Shillelagh by Jeff Stewart and Brian Johnston
Aersa by Aaron Alden
Alien Baby by Victoria Blade
All The Way by Lavinia Casaburo
All's Fair by Mathieu Hussenot
Ancentor's day by Nataliya Stoltidis
Anchor Lost by Fonya Irvine
Angels by Taylor Olson
Anna (Kidnapper) by Kaichi Sato
Anna. by Kargo Chen
Artem Silendi by Frank Ychou
Ash by Chen Lu
Beast by Natalie Peracchio
Beautiful Idiot by Harrison Mendel and Robb Thompson
Being Good by Jenny Harder
Black by Sara Taigher
Bloody Glove Box by Cindy Zhang
Blue Collar Betts by Lyndsay Leahy
Blue Lines by Terrell J Pinckney
Blues by Fiorenza Salvador
Brave Cats by Karol Szczepankiewicz and Ola Gołębiewska Wydawnictwo EZOP
Bridges by John Lewis James
Camista by Shawn Tron
Clown by Bowen Tan
Cocoon Redux by Maria Burns
counter//balance by Anuradha Rana
Dark Room by Andrew Dailey
Dear Eloise by Bryan E. Murphy
Deleted Scene by Nicolò Tagliabue
Detachment by Christopher James Francis LeRose
Distance Learning by Santiago Bazan
Ditched by Daniel Oramas
Door to Purgatory by Alexandra Balda
Dorreh by Sogol Afshar
Edek by Malcolm Green
Empty View by Ali Zare Ghanatnowi
En Garde! by Daniels Joffe
Escape by Anjali Nayar
Esmerelda's Castle by Rachel Cairns and Sarah Hempinstall
Far Away by Nicolas Van Ruychevelt
Femi by Arnold Peters
Fish Cracker by Yigit Evgar
(Fool Time) JOB by Gilles Cuvelier
For the Love of Salmon by Jan Vozenilek
Fruit Cup by Ted Hayden
Goodbye, mister D by Artem Makarevich
Hashtagwill by Per Sundström
His Hands by Arron Blake and Darius Shu
Home at Last by Yimin Gu
Hunting Caine by Benjamin Sarabacha
I. Wish by D. Racine
Il Sole (The Sun) by Shawn Henry
IP-IS by Pol Diggler
Jameson by Kurt Soberano
Jellyfish by Che Chun Hei
Julieta by Vicente Gonzalez
Kill Al by Walter Brandes and Renée Stork
Lightsnatcher by Andres I. Estrada
Luchador by Matt Popp
May Day by Olivier Magis and Fedrik De Beul
Mayday by Raymund Santos
Multiplex 10 by Gordon McAlpin
My Moon by Eusong Lee
Neither Peace nor Quietness by Michał Dawidowicz and Zbigniew Bodzek
New York 2150 (TV Pilot) by Harry Assouline
Niraya by Karl Kai
No Accent by Ilanit Shlosberg Moreno
One Evening In June by Matt Stacey
Pinchpot by Greg Holfeld
Poppies by Myles Yaksich
Red by Camille Danton
Rest Stop by Stephen Baxter
Romance Is Dead by Todd Jackson
Season of Passage by Catherine Cobb Ryan
Selcouth by Eric Felizardo
Seventy by Jiage Tong
Shuttlecock by Melanie Jones
Side Chick by Lucas Wakman
Skógafoss by Niels Bourgonje
Small Pieces by Glenn McGarry
Sonder by Mia Fiona Kut
Tali by Tomer Levine
The Class Analysis by Webb Pickersgill
The Curtain by Crystal Lowe
The Desolation Prize by Shane Day
The Evil Monster by Rubén Pascual Tardío
The Forgotten by Sam Uhlemann
The Grey Area by Raysean Blair-Campbell
The Lake by Andrew Gerard
The Last Catch by J.R. Giurissevich
The Logging Road by Daniel Stark
The Moustache by Michael Schaar-Ney
The Night I Met The Old Man On A Bike by Stéphan Sirois
The Old Rogue (Episode One) by Steve Perkins
The Saver by Miguel Chavez
The Snowball Treasury by Kara Blake
The Suburbanight by Eva Colmers
The Terrible Trio by Robert C. Eaton
Tick Tock by Morgan I.P. Fics
Tori's Isolation by Mostafa Keshvari
Tough Guy by Gryffin Morgan
Walter's Way by Tom Gigliotti
War On Love by Aron Safranyos
Watermelon: A Cautionary Tale by Kefei Li and Connie Qin He
When Chinese Meet Zambians by Yingna Wu
William Wishes by Michael P. Vidler
Yasmina by AJ Simmons
Zero by Peter Darley Miller

Awards of Distinction

A Bittersweet Taste by Damien Fannon
A Redcurrant Pie by Marek Kacer
A Single Bound by Ben Passmore
A Stubborn Old Man by Qie Guowei
Aje Ijo Series (3rd Installment): Rivers Of Nine by Kiana Harris
Answer by Adam Palmer
As I Watch You From Afar by Omer Weiss
As It Was by Blake Garbe
As the Earth Turns by Richard H. Lyford
Back on Track by Marius Fischer
Bambi, the Antimovie by Jean-Luc D Mouche
Bear by Josh Cisewski
Behind City Lights by Lisa Rae Bowman
Beijing Is Not My Home by Yingna Wu
Blind As Love by Alex Sultoon
Boys by Ken Yang
Breathe by Gabriel Bullen
Broken by Alper Kasap
C for Seven by Ammar Sharif
Champ by Nashwa Zaman
Chasing Saudade by Kathryn Bouchard
Chesterfield by Florence B
Clack by Harrison Kraft
Cloaks and Daggers by Kristina Hampton and Jordan Dueck
Codename Project 9 by Ron Verzuh
Collar by Russ Emanuel
Commute by Julie Larah and William Bradford
Dad, who Am I ? by Sulaiman Subhi
Day To Night by Chen Yang
Dear Thomas by Tre Martis Karimdad
Death (And Disco Fries) by Dennis Cahlo
Der Gugelhupf by Sophie Tergeist and Hannah Rogers
Discharge by Max Philisaire
DNA of Wild Beasts by Delphine Montaigne
Echoes by Felix Mejias
Empathy by Farshad Khalilpour
Enlightenment by Alex Páramo
Enough | The Empowered Women of Korogocho by Brent Foster
Erasable: A Voyage Through Time by Quinn Laguë
Erika by Hanna Jovin
Fireworks by Eric Kingsbury
Fisher Cove by Sean Skene
For Emma for us by Manuel Klavers
For Sunrise by Hyonok Kim
Freedom by Goh Iromoto
Friends For Life by Philip Curcuru, James Ceribello and Lou DiNatale
Fueling Fierce: The Shannon Heil Story by Christian de Rezendes
Genesis by Jake Pascoe
Getaway by Christine Vartoughian
Glass by Brionne Davis
Gloria by Joëlle Arseneau
Good Mourning by Jack McCafferty
Greater Good by Andrea Ashton
Hear Me Out by Slim Gomri
Heartstrings by Sinje Köhler
His Battle by Kryuchkov Denis
Hoarder by Peter Fiorino
Hogtown by Pranay Noel
Hope in a Box by Mick Dow
Hourglass by Fraser Pemberton
I Exist by Stéphanie Oufan
I Tsuwa Sa I Stsmált (Belongs to the Youth) by Joey Arseneau
If We Love Again by Eason Wen and Fon Chungchung
In My Dreams by Thomas Buschbeck
Inspector W by Matthieu Di Paolo
It's a Mess by Frank Prinzi
Jenni * by Ray Hungria
La Madeleine and the Stranger by Alessandra Cardone
Lakesong by Douglas Gibbens
Lasting Beast by Nagi Gianni and Raphaëlle Mueller
Lilly Goes Fishing by The Bum Family
Little Milo by Drago Lazetich
Living Nightmare by Jonathan Gabriel
Lovely Mummers by Bhaveek N Makan
Lucie by Marc Boily
Lux Ex Caelis by Roberto H Roquer
Macho by Cyriel Guds
Manipulation by Matt Routledge
Masterpiece by Marc Eikelenboom
Methadone: Painted into a Corner by Chris Norman
Misappropriation by Ana Maria Ferri
Miscreant by Rocky Ramsey
Misinformed by R. Stephenson Price
Missed by Fokke Baarssen
Motherblood by Julianne L. Reynolds
Mountain People by Sascha Taylor Larsen
Mr. Goody by Jason MacDonald
My Husband's Jump by R. W. Gray
Need You Now by Cremance
Not One by Abraham Polinsky
Odyssey by Serge Delpierre
Ordinary morning by Kadim Tarasov
Paco by Javier Blanco
Paddock by Michel Kandinsky
Pauly by Sam Stephenson
Pink by Patrick Hodgson
Pink & Quilted by Frédéric Chane-son
Prakshalana (Cleansing) by Ram Katru
Pushing Start by Karl H Man
Ray of Light by Romolo Pompa
Red by Shahriar Shandiz
Refuge In The Rockies by Kaio Kathriner
Rembrandt's etching by Thomas Grascoeur
Rendez-vous by Jimmy Boutry and Thibaud Chaufourier
Romance by Lior Nadjar
Run As One - The Journey of the Front Runners by Erica Daniels
Runaway by Alan Daly
Sachertorte by Leopoldo Medugno
Samsa by Brian C O'Malley
Sea Squirts, A Cautionary Tale of Oysters in NY Harbor by Diane Orr
See You Tomorrow by Katarzyna Kochany
Seher by Manas Shashidharan Jacob
Selfie by Asher Brooks
Send Me To Hell, Baby by Todd Davies
Sharp by Justin Roy
Shedding Lies by Alison Loeb
Silent Film by Luo Wei
Simulant by Natalie Paton
Sir Viss by Michelle Tocher
Sliding Away by Bob Findlay
Snapshot by Billie Stefan
Snow by Kim Barr
Snowfall Time by Cevahir Çokbilir
Socorro by Erik Hirschhorn
Soft Red Winter by Jen Mesch
Stuck by Corey Surge
Such Is Life by Kaizer Thng
Swap by Andre Gaumond
Sweet Lies by Pascal Lebègue
Sweet Yoyo by Mark Cira
Sweetheart by Martha McGrath
Sweetheart by Jérémie Seguin
Swimming by J.J. Jarman and Jimmy Taylor
Tauro by Diana Caro
Tempestad by Daniel E. García
The Actor by Amir Karimi
The Actress and The Landlord by Shahar Ben Halevi
The Certainty Machine by Jean-François Ferland
The Clown Around by Marco Sinigaglia
The Devil You Know by Nelson Dunk
The First Offering by Mathankumaran Madawan
The Girl and The Beach by Francesco Philip Reale
The Hands that Feed Us: Amara Farm by Leanne Ejack and Devon Cooke
The Heart of Spring by Chen Chen
The Heather Project by Gina Davies
The ice-cream poet by Amit Doron
The Lights by Huang Ran
The Lottery Game by Xinxuan Zhong
The Poet by Adam Cushman
The Rarity by Brian Vaughan
The ribbon on the Kite by Gianlorenzo Albertini
The Riveters by Kate Felix
The Singer by Steven Swancoat
The Son of the Matador by Francisco Palomar Custance
The Story of Jon Burgerman by Bas Berkhout
The Story of Vermont's Quiet Digital Revolution by Peter Strauss
The Untold Story of Romeo & Juliet by John Tso
The Vinyl by Ece Palaz
The Window by Jonathan Chuby
Time On The Bridge by Artak Parsian
Tiny House by Isaac Alfie
To Touch by Supanan Wataniyakun
Top Ramen by Rebecca Hertz
Unvoiced by Jeremiah Kipp
Unwelcome by Ida Theresa Myklebost
Utterly Average by Rebecca Martin
Victor by Justin Brunelle
Virtual Reality and the Clinic by Dr. Karen-Marie Elah Perry
Voices by Andy Poulsen
Waiting for Lou by Katerine Martineau
Water Under The Bridge by Trevor Blumas
Waterford: Home for All by Jean Macfarlane
We are All the Same by Cheng-Jie Liu
We Are Listening by Jessie Posthumus
We The Women of Afghanistan: A Silent Revolution by Nahid Shahalimi
What A God Damned Job by Thorsten Homberger
Wheels of Fortune by Hannah Keogh
Written by? by Kankana Chakraborty
Yes She Can by Tiffany Steeves, Daniel Enrique Chavez Ontiveros, and Erendira Olivera Benitez

Awards of Commendation

4:13 by Buchi Ogbonnaya
37% Pure Evil by Frank Popp Jr.
A Beautiful Dawn by Ahmed Ferchichi
A Bitter Reckoning by Albert Fry Jr. and Amber LeRae Earls
A Bullet - Sam’s confession by Tsai Tsai
A Disappearance by Ash Varma
A Drawing by Brad Condie
A Night Like This by Frank Battaglia
A Song For Valerie by Francesco Philip Reale
Algerian's flowers by Rositsa Trayanova
Amen by Amr Moustafa
Amira by Luca Lepone
Anna Lisa by Nadine Arpin
Anti U by Bret Porter and Michael James Salisbury
Apacheria by Joshua Gollish
Apprehension by Ian McGillivray
Are You Listening? A Pathway to Empathy by Wanda Reinholdt
Awakening - As Told By Roman Toi by Kalli Paakspuu
Away Home by Jana Stackhouse
Becoming Leela by AJ
Best Friends Forever by Althea Manasan
Blind Date by Thorsten Homberger
Bloody Late Shift by Adam Harvey
Boy Racer by Barry Fahy
Burnt Out by Lina Li
Cancel by Sebastian Johansson Micci
Carved by Daniel Caradec
Casual Talk by Ramesh P Kumar
Check by Meeshelle Neal
Dance up from the Street by Peter Goldsmid
Danny Boy by Liam O'Neill
Day Off by Alexander Griffith
Deliverance by Philippe Boissier
Disorder by Mason Hambly
Doll by Salvatore Leonardi
Edge of Apollo by Marcus Hann, Jenna Andres
Editing Propaganda by Achinoam Morell
El Muro Entre Nosotros (The Wall In Between Us) by Alex Harris
El Perdón (Forgiveness) by Paola García-Sanjuán Machado
Eleftheromania by David Antoniuk
Empennage by Nerris Nassiri
Empty by AJ Vergara
End Of The Night by Tavit Melikian
Every Measure by Fabio Ricci
Everybody's Got Something by Alison Loeb
Exile and Belonging: Stories Of Migrants From Around The World by Christina MacGillivray
Expiration Date by Shwenn Shunya Chang
Facing Sunrise by Julia Kwan
Far Away Places by Tatiana Shanks
Feel the Rhythm by Rahel T Yohannes
Finders Keepers by Bob Ennis
First to Last by Nada Cosovic
Food by Jeff Fuller
Frame by Aniruddha Pande
Franklin van Hees - Russian Soul by Jess De Gruyter
From darkness to light by Joshua Freake
From Up North by Trudy Stewart
Full English by Charlie Parham
Futureworld by Christopher Angus
Gaslighting by Tina Matzat
Geek Lounge_Down and Dirty by Larry Ziegelman
Generation by Pamela Woolford
Gift from the Abyss by Matthew van Ginkel
Glitter by Tracey Lavigne
Goodbye Agnes by Manuela Filomena
Grace by Taylor Olson
Hatch by Emma Catalfamo
He and Me by Michele Kaye
Hearts & Minds by Michael Heaton
Hearts Want by Jason P. Schumacher
Hope by Eric Hanson
Howard by Alessandra DiSimone
Humans by Alex Afshar
I Think You Gotta Change Gears by Julia Galle
Idée fixe by Miguel Quintero
Ineffable by Maxence Cazorla and Hachem El Yamani
Infectious Melodies by Michael Menecola
InstaFriends by Cathy Tang
Intersection by KioMars Bazrafshan
Is Here Now by Allison Long
John by Yanick Kayembe
June by Andrew Holohan
Kachrachi by Ali Mehdi
Kenny by Erika A Edwards
La Merde by Ben Adam-Harris
Last Day of Summer by Aleksandra Czenczek
Left Behind by Swati Goyal
Life and the Art of Lying by Emily Schooley
Lisa goes Hiking by Josh Taylor and Jenson Smith
Literal by Youngbin Song
Lost Track by Sage Christian Drake
Love At First Sight by Isabella Jacqueline
LoveLess Generation by Tomas Petkovski
Lure by Trevor Meyer and Will Campbell
Madre Tierra by Shir Newman
Maeve by Isadora Kallina de Paula
Making Waves by Christopher Spence
Mare by Ty Sheetz
Matters of Great Unimportance by Liana Cusmano
Meta by Connor Gowland and Charlie Losiewicz
Mia: A Rapture 2.0 Production by Gary J Hewitt
Mishkeegogamang by Jon Wesselink
Miss Van Gogh by Jing-jing, Mi
Missy by Jon Mann
Mother of the Year by Diana Gorin
Mother's Bond by Rafaela Galindo
Murder in the Cat House by Kristy Linderholm
Nail Bait by Myke Bakich
Normalcy by Kalyne Bruce
Nosebleed by Nick Gapp
Objectification by Tanya Maier
Off Path by Julie Jouve and Rida Belghiat
Orange man dreams by Shirin Jahani
Out of Bounds by Jason Kirsch
Out of Tune by Edward Digges
Out There by Louise Domenach
Palookaville by Pim Algoed, Sem Bucman
Parallel Journey by Tarek Aziz Nishok
Parents? by Gabriel Bertini
Pass The Salt by Panta Mosleh and Hayley Gray
Peephole by Richard Anthony Dunford
Phantom. by Drayden DeCosta
Polymorphia by Bernardo Covarrubias Villarreal
Pure. by Joshua Walquist
Raat (Night) by Abdullah Waseem
Rachel by Bita Joudaki
Redemption by Fi Lowrie
Regression by Liam Leblanc
Rehearsal by Linda Rumney
Rehoming by Aarón Monsiváis
Reincarnation by Shihyun Wang
Rest in Piss by Charlotte De Pedro
Revealing Cards by Allison Crowl
Revisiting the Dubhs Ridge by Howard Steen and Guus Floor
Rift by Yuanyuan Sun
Sacred Hair by Mario Morin
Salaam B’y by Amar Wala
Sankara's Ghost by Jazzmin Jiwa
Save Her by Hillary Bosarge
Seven by Sammy Azero
Side of the Road by Nancy Lynch
Silent Love Stories-II by Amr Al-Hariri
Sisters by Mazahir Rahim
Snowstorm Roulette by Matt Wright
So You're Dating A Superhero by Wendell Macapagal
Somewhere Between Girl and God by Olivia Gutenberg
Somewhere with Stella by Lucas Jackman
Sparrow by Max Nilsson
Spectrum by Igor Sadovski
Split Decision by Scott Riopelle
Stable by Simoon Moshi
Stationary by Jeanne Boyé
Still Life: The Art of Murder by Gene Blalock
Stop and Go by Ian Wood
Storm Hunters: Lake of Fire by The Weather Network Pelmorex Corp.
Sunset by Ron Fields
Syria's Tent Cities by Mira Hamour
Take Me Swimming by Claire Dix
Tapferkeit by Joseph Quinn
Team Teenettes by Brian Morelan and Bianca Poroliseanu
Texted by Edward Ogum
That Thing with Feathers by Sukriti Chaudhari`
The Accomplice by Ryan Gatt
the art of the morning by Nathan Hauch
The Ascended by Ryan Ding
The Audition by David Li
The Beat by Brian Bruner (as Eastman)
The Calling by Demmi Dupri
The Carnet by Bettina Niedermann
The Curators by Stefan Matis
The Delivery by Yazan Al Ghazzawi
The Fourth Wall by Rosalind Beeson and Scott Wilson
The Good Death by Tori Larsen
The Great Lakusta by Lease Bertram
The Heart of Cambie by Kanon Hewitt, Rachel Lau, Tina Ly, Jane Shi and Melissa West Morrison
The Hungry Dog by Razhan Aziz
The Hungry Games by Jessica Ellerby, Sam Swainsbury
The Journey by Chang Chih-Cheng
The Lake by Gordon Hecht, Spencer Robson
The Laundromat by Anoop Lokkur
The Loft by Chryssanthi Kouri
The Long Wet Grass by Justin Davey
The Metamorphosis of a Bottle Cap by Kathryn Jankowski
The Nude Model by Charlotte Bydwell
The Present and the Passed by Teresa Langley and Grace McAlister
The Rose by Kenn Crawford
The Ruse by Nicholas Labuda
The Sounds Beyond Silence by Azar Tajalli
The Spectacular Summer of Weredog and Amy by Sylvia Batey Alcalá
The Spirit of Social Change by Tendisai Cromwell
The Stranger by Mohamed Kenawis
The Witness Box by Nic Vanderspank
The Woman In The Room by Kyra E. Lukas and Patrick Marcel Benito
They Eat Your Teeth by Shannon Litt
Toronto's Demons by Kian Simone
Turnabout by Nelson Blish
Una partita ai confini del mondo by David Valolao
Unstately by Paul Cuoco
Until The End by Amr Moustafa
Upside Down Revolution by Florent Médina
Vidya by Danielle Wright, Mariel Fix and Melissa Pratt
Violette by Shahab Mihandoust
Vision by Marcelle Aleid
Wake by Ramon Samson
Waniska by Willie Ermine, Margaret Reynolds, Rose Bird, Florence Allen, Gilbert Kewistep, Mary Lee and Preston Gardypie
Well Born by Lucas Ostrowski
Wild Bred by Luis Bolland
Winter Hill by Alex Lawton
XCTRY by Bill Brown
Zburg by Mark Valley

Merit Awards

3:21:00 by Mahdi Selseleh and Ryan McCarvill
3 Acts into Love by Yvonne Sung
7/8ths of the Way There by Mary Gerretsen
A bottle of love by Koh Lak Jung
A Bum by Thomas Hasse Therkildsen
A Letter To My Oppressor by Maher Sinno
A Little Payback by Stephen Crooms
A Racing Heart by Andrew Dickhout
A Trip by Joannah Khanji
Accidental Bible Camp by Olivia D'Oliveira
Agatha by Pablo Quintanilha Francisconi da Motta
An Art Video by Steven Siegel
And I Drank it Straight Down by Nora Rosenthal
Another 10 Minutes by Jay Reid
Answer Me by Zachary Shafer
Arm Plant by Martin Rehak and Allister McCreadie
Aurora by Bruno Canel
Awakening by Suraj Nair
Baby Shoes by Manuel von E. Dixen
Backyard Astronaut by Aron Safranyos
Banshee by Adam O'Brien
Behind High Walls by Sherine Sabry and Frank Bartscheck II
Beneath the Monkey Tree by Ross Williamson
Beyond Roads by Simon Donato and Gemita Samarra
Big People Talking by Sharisse Zeroonian
Black Coffee by Hani Saqr
Blossom by Lisa Defazio
Blue Refrain by Ty Sheetz
Body Catcher by Emily Pasternak
Brav(e)o by Michael Barber
Breath by Rúben Sevivas
BTO by Melinda Tan
Buddy Cop - Coppelganger by Jonathan Zeppa
Captured: Tornadoes by James Stamoulakatos
Cavendish by Gwydion Morris
Centipede by David Kemp
Chocolate by Asif Rasheed
Clock-Boy by W. Trent Welstead
Clowns Anonymous by Ben Ryan
Constitution Check by Mitchell McEwan
Courage ? by Nhan Tran
Crimson and Blue by Randy S Kirk
Crossing the Andes by Jose Sanchez-H.
Da Capo by Domenique Arnold
Dad, We are Your Children. by Keanna Silva-Richards
Day Dream by Chen Yang
Dear Me by Kinjal Majumdar
Donald Green by Miriam Abrahams
Double Date by Patrick Gratton
Enzo by Serena Porcher-Carli
Essentially Alys by Deb Ethier
Experiment TC-9585 by Todd Redenius
Face On by Justin Best
Final Polish by Paul Kelly
Final Stage [The Time For All But Sunset - BGYOR] by Nicolaas Schmidt
Find/Love by Nick Rees
For All That You Are by Avantika Khattri
Four Days in West Kingston by Deborah A. Thomas and Junior "Gabu" Wedderburn
frock by Natalie Spence
Fugue by Steven Adam Renkovish
Gap Year by Nora Ning, Raymond Chen and Zoe Zhang
Glass Cages by Lori Lyle
Go Up In Smoke by Ellen Inggrid Dengah
Gods Die Too by Adam E. Stone
Good Old Boys by KioMars Bazrafshan
Grounded by John Bruner
Grownasskid by Ryan Roman and Frankie Hoffer
Harevan by Marilou Caravecchia-Pelletier
Heartbeat by Nick Mandri-Perrott
Hotel by Trevor Murphy
How Creativity Killed Sarah Cliche by Gabriel Maltais, Guillaume Lévesque and Maude Bégin-Robitaille
Hush-a-Bye by Taromi Lourdes Joseph
I Didn't Shoot Jesse James by Sophie Beaulieu
Identification by Julia Deak
Inspiration by Véronique Gélinas
Jack and Coke by Heather Hawthorn Doyle
Know No Better by Richard Dang
Laerte Mira by Maria Catalano
Les by Michael Barber
Light Divides the Square by Kimberly Burleigh
Maniera Greca by Kirineos Papadimatos
Margaret's Justice: A Historic Walk Across Nova Scotia by Carter Thurber
Meatball Sub by Shaun English
Michael by Sydney Posliff
Mirza's Friend Ghalib by Anupam Sen Gupta
Monster Fan -The Road to Monster Jam by Taylor Vernon, Noah Kerzner and Mike Rosenberger
Mourning Coup (pushed by An Ant And An Atom) by Katie Yuen
Mukuka Nkoloso: The Afronaut by Kabinda Lemba
Munched by Muhammad Jay
MUum by The Helmer Brothers
National Anthem by Li Qun (Li Wake)
Nice Try Narcs by Ryan Dupas
Nuit Debout by Jean-Charles Paugam
Off Kid by João Folharini
Old Chicago by Zakk Denton
One Tough Cookie by Tony Casillas
Paddy's Passion by Liam MacDonald
Peep Show by Tanya Perez
Photo by Sawsan Al-Areeqe
Pippa Eats by Emma Malm
Prodigy Unit One by Alicia Hannah
Pronounced: North London Darby by Michael Zamanis
Quarume - Never Go Back by Arturo M. Merelo
Raaya by Nitin Shingal
Rain by Ashok Wardekar
Ranvir by Amit Dhuga
Ray by Lorena Sopi
Russian Gangster by Maissa Houri
Safe Ground by Brita Miko
Scarlet or: A Postmodernist Deconstruction of Young Love Under the Corpocracy of Late-Capitalism by Calyx Passailaigue
Second Thoughts by Hash Sesay
She is Juiced: Slice Two -Ope Lori by lois norman
Sorry For Your Loss by Julia Rowland
Squats by Karina Jesson
Stalemate by Andrina Learmonth
Sterilized by Jarrod Anderson
Stitchers: Tapestry of Spirit by Tassie Notar
Surfing in the Sky by Max Romey
Swine! by Guy Sahaf
Temptation by James Nicholson
The Breath of Atem by Marisa Ingold
The Caterer's Reckoning by Jonah Jones
The Chicken Man by Joslyn Rogers and Ash Hrivnak
The First Feeling in my Life by Kazuma Yano
The Fundraiser by Jim Calarco
The Philanthropist by Jayson Stewart
The Race by Jesse Boyko and Maxence Pierrard
The Red Lotus by Jessica Alexandra Green
The Redhead by Natalie MacMahon
The Shitty Day by Hiro Honda
The Thing About the Morning After by Denise V. Powers
The Universe in Furs by David Granneman
The Walking Monk by Michael Oesch
The Weekend by Martin Czachor
The Wish by David Li
This Is Not Santiago Sierra? by God's Entertainment and Super Nase & Co
Tin Can Hill: The Trees Remember by Darryl Bannon
Tommy by Mike Stevens
Tooth Ache by Connor Leinweber
Top Table by Niav Padelis
Two Pink Lines by Tihoni Brcic
Typhoid Mary by Dolores Rogers
Viva la Vida by Daniel Chan
Wake up by Antonio Jefferson
Writer's Retreat by Mitch Huttema
Yesterday's Tomorrow by Ryan E Muise
You Got This by Osvaldo Fregoso and Ryan Moore

Honorable Mentions

A Dreamer's Tale by Arlynne Ramos
A Flash In The Pan by Mark Whidden
A Walk in the Park by Dieter-Michael Grohmann
Bart Score On The Goalie Puck by Hanley P. Hargadon
Basketball by Anthony Schubert
Blind Love by Abhisheek Sharma and Jagjit Singh
Cahoots by Jon Mann
Caregiver Wanted by Christopher Nunez
Carving Landscapes by Agathe Bernard
Curiosity by Jason Harrington
Death and a Dove by Jackson Begley
Deep Sea Fishing by Matt Mirams
Deni Dupre by Shelley Brzak, Breauna Moore and Ed Saville
Dependent by Eva Lanska
Double or Nothing by Oisin McFarland Smith
F.A.I.L. by Nikkhil
Fallen Tree Time by Barbara Bickel
Far From Heaven by Clifton Evers and James Davoll
Feed Your Head! by Halina Katz
Floss by Patrick Hodgson
Flowers by Mina Maniska
Free All by Tiziana Cristiano
Freedom at Risk by Johnny Fortier
Fridge Door by Kevin Walker
Gas. by Nicholas Facchini
Girls Soccer Beyond Borders by Zlila Helman
Joules by Nicholas Labuda
Just Two Dads by Paul Persic
Life After College: Year One by Nicholas Labuda
Life's Answer by Scott Coolich, Doug Lewis, Stephanie Fehr and Stevie Lyons
Like Dolls, I’ll Rise by Nora Philippe
Marked Web Series Episode 1: Scars Re-Opened by John Krissilas and Lena Burmenko
Meow means Meow by Filip Hallbäck
Monuments by Lincoln Constable
Morgan by Alexander Basile and Mia Basile
(Our) Little Secret! by Kelli Gautreau
Our Park Bench by Katya Kaminsky
Outsiders Looking In by Melissa Pratt
Pennsylvania Guy Like Me by Connor Hough
Pinky Promise by Tam Sainsbury
Prelude/Beginning by Onur Keşaplı
Profitably Exiled: Cà Phê Fin by Nhan Tran
Rai-The Living Miracle by Afshar Iqbal
Real Lovin by Adrian Harasowsky
Requiem for the Lost by Deb Ethier
Reverend Billy Bob Gupta by Mitchell Gibson, Kathy Gibson, Michael Irvin, Tiffany Irvin and Isaiah Martin
Silent Ruin by Jonah Jones
Soap: A Film By Emily Ellis by Emily Ellis
That Was My Rock by Simon Beaulieu
The Invisible War on Blood by Ishwari Rajak
The Invisibles: Lost in Berlin by Zlila Helman
The Workweek by Charles Copeland
Three Minutes with Angie by Kevin McGuiness
Tomato by Christian Corbett
Two by Slava Mladenova
When I Let Go of Your Hand by Jack Butler
Who am I by Raja Ram Mukerji