2019 Festival Results & Awards

Canada Shorts: Canadian and International Short Film Festival
The Throwback

The Throwback

Best Short / Grand Prize Winner Best International Short Best Director (tie) Best Documentary (tie)

If video killed the radio star, then surely Netflix has killed the DVD store...

  • Director: Louise Bertoncini
  • Writer: Louise Bertoncini
  • Producer: Jenny Crabb
  • Runtime: 10 mins
  • Screening: Saturday, Dec. 14th
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Hang Up!

Hang Up!

Best Canadian Short Best Writer Best Comedy (tie)

After his father's untimely death, Charlie is forced to carry on the family legacy but becomes overwhelmed by a persuasive, insulting telemarketer.

  • Director: Sean M Cullen
  • Writers: Sean M Cullen, Rob Andino
  • Producers: Edward Mines, Sean M Cullen
  • Runtime: 12 minutes
  • Screening: Saturday, Dec. 14th
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Best Director (tie) Best Crime / Suspense

An obscure woman conjures up a man's dark past.

  • Director: Drey Jordan Singer
  • Writer: Shamier Anderson
  • Producers: Drey Singer, Shamier Anderson, DeForrest Taylor, Zahra Bentham
  • Runtime: 8 minutes
  • Screening: Saturday, Dec. 14th
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Best Cinematography

An old guy works in the same office every day. But one day, a young colleague arrives and turns his world upside down.

  • Director: David Leclercq
  • Writers: Othmane Moumen, David Leclercq
  • Cinematographer: Sammy Hermand
  • Producer: Vincent Tavier
  • Runtime: 20 minutes
  • Screening: Saturday, Dec. 14th
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Dancer By The Sea

Dancer By The Sea

Best Music Score (tie) Best Family / Animated

A lonely widowed older woman who lives by the sea finds and adopts an abandoned baby otter on her property. The relationship that develops transforms her life.

  • Director: Barbara Mones
  • Composers: Erik Aho, Mark Lund
  • Producer: Barbara Mones
  • Runtime: 9 minutes
  • Screening: Saturday, Dec. 14th
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Cookies, Tea & Spices

Cookies, Tea & Spices

Best Documentary (tie) Best Music Score (tie)

A collection of stories of passion and perseverance of three diasporas living in Paris.

  • Director: Rath Chun
  • Writers: Jean Hwang Carrant, Chi Wah Chan, Theppwilail (Plup) Saropala
  • Composer: Vincenzo Di Francesco
  • Producer: Pattarin Fontaine
  • Runtime: 20 minutes
  • Screening: Saturday, Dec. 14th
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All I See is the Future

All I See is the Future

Best Documentary (tie)

An optometrist opens her first clinic in the under-served area of Staten Island, New York when a newly released felon asks for a job.

  • Director: Nancy Dionne
  • Producer: Nancy Dionne
  • Runtime: 14 minutes
  • Screening: Saturday, Dec. 14th
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The Vet

The Vet

Best Documentary (tie)

Animal whisperer. Veterinary surgeon. Motorbike racer. Philosopher. Meet Philippe Plaschner as he shares his thoughts on love, life and laughter.

  • Directors: Odette Schwegler, Michael Yelseth
  • Producer: Odette Schwegler
  • Runtime: 5 minutes
  • Screening: Saturday, Dec. 14th
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Best Drama

A bullying class humiliates Emma's deceased grandmother’s dress.

  • Director: Olivér Rudolf
  • Writer: Zsigmond Kungl
  • Producer: Miklós Bosnyák
  • Runtime: 15 minutes
  • Screening: Saturday, Dec. 14th
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Let Me Run

Let Me Run

Best Action / Adventure

This is a story of Orkhan Adigozal (Tural Manafov), preparing to deliver a motivations speech in front of a large audience tomorrow; he has been disabled as a result of an injury from nine years ago.

  • Directors: Elmar Bayramov, Konul Kangarli
  • Writer: Elmar Bayramov
  • Producers: Konul Kangarli, Clara Brotons Mercadal, Alan Goldberg, Zeke Ramazan Gase
  • Runtime: 12 minutes
  • Screening: Saturday, Dec. 14th
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This is a Robbery

This is a Robbery

Best Comedy (tie)

A night. An office. A thief.

  • Directors: Anna Korchagina, Ivan Stepanov
  • Writers: Anna Korchagina, Ivan Stepanov
  • Producers: Anna Korchagina, Ivan Stepanov
  • Runtime: 11 minutes
  • Screening: Saturday, Dec. 14th
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Best Experimental Film

A lifetime of pain and tragedy broke William’s limits and now he’ll have to suffer the consequences of his actions.

  • Director: Glenn McGarry
  • Writer: Glenn McGarry
  • Producers: Mikayla Fasullo, Glenn McGarry
  • Runtime: 7 minutes
  • Screening: Saturday, Dec. 14th
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Hello Baby

Hello Baby

Best Thriller / Horror

Every mother should be happy seeing their child for the first time...

  • Director: Lee Siu Lung
  • Writer: Lee Siu Lung
  • Producer: Wa Choi
  • Runtime: 24 minutes
  • Screening: Saturday, Dec. 14th
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Face Swap

Face Swap

Best Sci-Fi

A guy convinces his wife to try out a new A.I. technology to spice up their sex life, but he ends up getting a bit more spice than he bargained for.

  • Directors: David Gidali, Einat Tubi
  • Writers: David Gidali, Einat Tubi
  • Producers: David Gidali, Keren Hantman
  • Runtime: 5 minutes
  • Screening: Saturday, Dec. 14th
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Premier Awards / Best Of Awards

Grand Prize: The Throwback by Louise Bertoncini

Best Canadian Short: Hang Up! by Sean M Cullen
Best International Short: The Throwback by Louise Bertoncini

Best Director (tie): Drey Jordan Singer for Dalia
Best Director (tie): Louise Bertoncini for The Throwback
Best Writer: Sean M. Cullen & Rob Andino for Hang Up!
Best Cinematography: Sammy Hermand for Doffice
Best Music Score (tie): Vincenzo Di Francesco for Cookies, Tea & Spices
Best Music Score (tie): Erik Aho and Mark Lund for Dancer By The Sea

Best Action / Adventure: Let Me Run by Elmar Bayramov and Konul Kangarli
Best Comedy (tie): Hang Up! by Sean M Cullen
Best Comedy (tie): This is a Robbery by Anna Korchagina and Ivan Stepanov
Best Crime / Suspense: Dalia by Drey Jordan Singer
Best Documentary (tie): All I See is the Future by Nancy Dionne
Best Documentary (tie): Cookies, Tea & Spices by Rath Chun
Best Documentary (tie): The Throwback by Louise Bertoncini
Best Documentary (tie): The Vet by Odette Schwegler and Michael Yelseth
Best Drama: Emma by Olivér Rudolf
Best Experimental Film: Anemone by Glenn McGarry
Best Family / Animated: Dancer By The Sea by Barbara Mones
Best Sci-Fi: Face Swap by David Gidali and Einat Tubi
Best Thriller / Horror: Hello Baby by Lee Siu Lung


A Poem in Bamboo by Chun-Yao Chang and XuFei Wu
A Small Change by Yao Ge
A Typical Fairytale by Annette Reilly
Ad Men in Sheds by Donal Moloney
Alice in Borneo's Ocean Wonderland by Oliver Deppert
Anacronte by Raúl Koler and Emiliano Sette
As Summer Days End by Victor Quach
Atomic Ed by Nicolas Hugon
Au Revoir by Cesar Alfonso Delgado Carrillo
Better Men by Odette Schwegler and Michael Yelseth
Big Wok Chef by Hoi Wong
Boulevard by David Bercovici
Boxed In by Cindy Zhang
Braised Pork Belly by Helen Liu
Bruised by Rok won Hwang and Samantha Tu
Chandelier by Antonis Glaros
Chickens by Bryian Keith Montgomery Jr
Cool Critter by Yucong Chen
Cure All by Yu (Cora) Gu
Dream Job by Katie Burrell and Colleen Gentemann
Enter the Diamond Origins by Bob Bharatwal
Erin by Myles Yaksich
Esperanza Y Futuro by Claire Imler
Eternity by Anna Sobolevksa
EXT by Adrian Bobb
Finding Normal by Barb Briggs and Jarrett Glockzin
Fire Flames by Briggs Ogloff, Tiana Franks and Erin O'Connor
Five Course Meal by James Cadden
Florence by Emanuele Daga
Flow by Veronika Kurz
For Pete's Sake by Katterina Powers
Gitanyow Lax'Yip Guardians by Farhan Umedaly
Good Red Road by Masashi Muto
Grandma's 80th Surprise by Fola Evans-Akingbola and Curtis Lum
Here Today by Meredith Grace Dabney
He's a Space Debris from the Doomsday Prophecy by Tsung-Fan Tan
Jason Rip: A Tombstone Epitaph by Matthew Downs
Justice For Vincent by Andy Palmer
Krump Antidote by Fatty Soprano & Shutterr
Legacy by Barry Mitchell
Let Your Sisters Be by Aileen O'Sullivan
Making Waves: Rebirth of the Golden Rule by James Knight
Man in the Woods by Kevin J Oneill
Marie Celeste by Tori Larsen
Meeting with the devil by Theo Kim
Mister Monster by Guo Site
My Lyric I Never Knew by Nauzanin Knight
My Name is John Artis by Ruzbeh Tamjeedi
Nanosophobia by Rakesh Sain
New Woman by Benjamin Noah
Nothing to Say by Aubry Mintz
OlO by DQ Kim
Peaks and Valleys: The Search for Ryan Shtuka by Russell Walton and Jared Featherstone
Prairie Wind by Martin Lisius
Removal Process by Samuel Scott
Return To Sender by Lou Dubigeon
River of Oedipus by Yu Daxiong
Rock Paper Scissors by Nicholas Muecke
Run the Risk by Stephanie Sannuto and Amanda De Souza
Seven by Nie Lei
The Distance by Fernando Lorenzana
The Fading Blue by Minghui Ning
The Guide by Jeriel Yordan
The Longest Chapter by Courtney Cameron
The Music Box by Joe Chang
The Recording by John Poliquin
The Repeal by Carter Reed
The Songs Of Love by Andrii Andreiev
The Story Of Pema by Martin Buzora
This Being Human by Aimie Vallat and Guido Ronge
Tinman by Majid Koudmani
Tough Love by Nicholas Dragas
Trap by Paul James
Trapped Birds by River Deng and Shine Wong
Unanswered by Nils Kimmel
Unbecoming by Navid Mashayekhi
Valentine's Day by Marni Little and Tim Goodwin
Vessel by Ethan Godel
Who's The Daddy? by Mary-Sue Masson
Winfield Historical Times...And Other Oddities by Julia Cowle
Wunderkind by Igor Mijavec
You Will Survive Doomsday by Kyle McDougall
Young Lady in the Pantry by Tian Shi

Awards of Excellence

1-900 by Rio finnegan
A Paper House by Wei Geng
A Celebration by Mahsa Razavi
A Cursed Desire by Michael Silva
A Long Way to Kansas by Stefano Notaro
A Symphony of Sparks by Gabriel Fortin
A Walk Down To Water by Levi Holwell
Act of Loving by Austin Gilbert
Adima by Harinarayan Rajeev
Aim High by Daniel McGuire
Akro by Benjamin McGregor
Amicae Aeternum by David Graham Tennant
Analogy by Mike Gillespie
Antarctic Alpha by Aryan Mojiri
Arrow And Oil by Jingwei Zhou
Aurora by Kara Hinds
Before The Storm by Erin Segal
Before The Tide Comes In by He Qianming
Believe by Anna Anaka
Best Wishes by Fangxiang Zheng
Beyond the Green Mountain by Meicen Meng
Beyond Words by Thomas Guttierez
Blue by Laura Magnusson
Blurred by Veerle Ackerstaff
Bourgeois Absolution by Jorrit Bouwmans and Jasper Koopmans
Breathe by Austin Smith
Cashed Out by Michael Trainor
Cat's Home by Shinobu Imao
Cheers to Reunions by Chris Kastelanac
Coalition by Leonard Teo Min Xuan
Cold Storage by Thomas Freundlich
Come Home To Me by Margot Bruce
Conversion by Destiny Dionne
Cosmo by Sarah Gonyea
Crush by Richard Burke
Dance, Dance, Evolution by Tara Catherine Fraser
Dear Hearing World by Adam Docker
Diamond In The Rough by Jackie English
Dolls Don't Die by Julie Prieur
Dona & Vixen by Alasdair Melrose
Dysconnected by Tom Schlagkamp
Engaged to be Engaged by Joseph Covello
Ennui by Cole Beaulne
Everything You Want to Say by Edward Mines
Final Act by Maria Hespanhol
Five Thrilling Minutes by Leví Star
Flight by Nils Kimmel
Forêt noire by Jean-Marc E. Roy and Philippe David Gagné
From the Thunder by Daniel Everitt-Lock
Glory Days by Kama Sood
Hazel by Sara Eustáquio
Header by Dana Bontempo
Helping Hand by Austin Smith
Homecoming by Jennifer Blair
Hunter's Chance by Courtney Deelen
I'd Rather Be in Bed by Ari Cohen
I'm here. by Ryuji Kamiya
In Love by Zixuan Zhao
Indomitable by Linda Sanders
Inherit the Earth by Christian Schultz
Inner Space by Jamie Lam
Invisible by Jacob Melamed
June by Yangxuan Zhou
La Buena by Chad Riley and Troy Mundle
Lay Them Straight by Robert DeLeskie
Lie Like Me by John Lewis James
Like Leaves in the Wind by Florian Ecker
Longye: The Jungle God by Lesley Mapstone
Lysistrata 2.0 by Kai Soremekun
Ma's Dilemma by Alexa Carrénard
May Flowers by Marianna Phung
Mirror Images by Neil Hall
Miserable Morals by Ivana Bittnerova
Misfit M. by Austin Ball and Sarah Hempinstall
Miss Freelance by Matthew Kyle Levine
Moth by Shu Zhu
Moyang - Inside All Of Us Is An Indigenous Heart by Farhan Umedaly
Nana by Sammy Azero
Night Tales by Randy Rubin
One by Handuo Zhang
One Last Last Heist by Darrin Rose
Outside In by Laura Nordin
Perghuzat by Pierluigi Muscolino
Portraitist by Cyrus Neshvad
Pretty Boys by Samson Dannetta
Requiem by Liam Winckel
Romance Language by Jose Lourenco
Rueful Warrior by Mark Owen
Ruins by Gao Chaoyu
Rust Bucket by Mo Wynne and Roddy Hyduk
Sammy by Dana-Lee Mierowsky Bennett
Seven Days with Grandma by Zhenyuan He (Rex Ho)
Seven Seas by Martin-Philippe Tremblay
Sink or Skim by Austen McCowan and Will Hewitt
So It Goes by Jim Hall
Song Without Words by Andy Froemke
Soul Technician by Taylor Wice
Spirit by Nicolas Sato and Cole Winokur
Spizella by Mehmet Tığlı
Stewy Baby a Dogumentary by Kristin Cooper-Herby
Sun Eater by Diego Silveira
The Beach Raiders by Tyson Breuer
The Burglar by Xander Copp
The Christmas Bull by Rosie Jones
The E Still Documents by Porfirio Agustin Fernando Castillo
The Follower by Patricia Frontain
The Hanged Man by Jeremy Chi-hang Au
The Ton by Simon Tait
The Uncanny Valley by Ian Vardy
The Wrecker by Li Geqi
They Won't Last by Portlynn Tagavi
This Town. That Future by Thomas John
Three Quests by Zachary Silverstein
To Havana To Hold by Tim McCarthy
Trapped by Mahaut De Coustin
Two Graves by Andrew Gerard
Two Mums and a Giraffe by Rachel Tillotson
Unsupervised Fleeing Oldtimers by Cheery Ng
Walk a Mile by Judith Cowley
We Have Zine Rebellion by Rose Folias
What Memories Hold by Ryan Doyle
Willa by Corey Mayne
Windsock by Emilia Mazzacurati

Awards of Distinction

12 by Ntora Kazantzidi
30K an Ounce by Sagar Singh Sivaraman
36 Hammond Drive by Romaine Waite
9 to 5 by Filippos Tsapekis
A Couple, A Hobo And A Hole by Chenyang Shu
A Journey For Agnes by Jenny MacKenzie
A Story About Lights by James Barahanos
A Trip with Mom by Sophie Shui
About Mermaids and Sailors by Will Falks
After The Beep by Florian Bison
Almost Charming by Taylor Carnes
Ambivalence by Olivia Peters
Athina – Stockholm by Anastasia Sima
B’Y by John Hollands
Big Fat Joke by Charlie Gudgeon and Tavish Gudgeon
Black and Blue by Justin Kueber
Blending In by Ellie Jacobson
Blue and Curt by Jesse Cote
Boy in Bloom by Ivanka Haney
Broken waves by Patrick Francke-Sirois and Thierry Sirois
Brolga by Adrian Powers
Buttonwillow by Harrison Houde
Can Someone Hear Me? by Oskar Sjöberg
Captured by Jeffrey Gerein
Coffee in the Morning by Rogelio Rodríguez
Confessional by Peter Malcolm
Copenhagen Road by Lee Chambers
Cotard by Jorge Carvajal
D.N.A by Alpha Nicky
Death and Taxes by Cameron Saville
Death of the Party by Melanie M Jones
Dig Your Own Grave by Kirk Larsen
Distinguished Feelings by Keren Marciano
Do Turtles Swim in Maple Syrup? by Paul-Daniel Torres
Don't Open Me by Ziyad Saadi
Driftless by Abdullah Azizi
Droplet by Simon Deeley
Economic Reconciliation by Andrée Cazabon
El Regreso by Sebastian Porral
Electric by Oliver Miller
Emily by Spencer Zimmerman
Extinct by Lucas Jackman
Fatimah by Omar Rammal
Fish Out of Water by Alyssa Asaro
Flashpoint by Rita Marchelya and Matthieu Moerlen
Flyman by Charles Roy
Fog by Jessica Cummings
For the Best by Madeline Wahl
Gaming Fields by Chen Zhang
Hard Week by Tristan McAlister
Hashtag Apocalypse by Samuel Larson
Hidden Intentions by Sabih Samdani
Hip Hop: The New Generation by Kathryn Martin
I'm Not Lying by Weiyu Sun
In Colors by Stephanie Willis
In Sickness & In Health by Chris Oz McIntosh
In Sight by Richard Burke
Intervene by Chris Weatherly
Interview by Christopher Guyon
Jo by Christine Wu
Kicking Stones by Tim Lopers
Knock Me Down by Erika Kramer
Lacuna by Dwight Petrovic
Lecho by Karoly Palfai
Lemon Tree by Scout Stolpmann
Liam and May by Keith Murphy
Lights Out, Chinatown! by Mark Tran
Like A Virgin by Yang Xiaoman
Like in Hollywood by Yaroslava Kuzmenko
Line of Fire by Mike Johnston
Little Philip’s Birthday by Hesam Anvari
Love by Benoit Ouellet
Love After Anne by Darrin Rose
M Like Mobius by Faranak Moradi
Males by Samuel Koh
MIR[n]E by Supanan Wataniyakun
MMF by Leonard Garner
Mnemosyne by Tracey Lavigne
Monochopsis by Alex Harris
Mr. Sam by Zeus Kontoyannis
Mustimuhw: All of the People by Lachlan R. Anderson
My Dear Child by Prabhjot Nijjar
Name Escapes Me by Humphrey Gibbs
Nebula by Jay Trusler
Nut Milking Exposed by Nick Saik
Ocultos by Gabriel Bucher
Om Nom Nom… by Minato Matsuda, Haruna Ueno and Tomoko Taiga
One More Day by Brenda Grzetic
Persimmon Night by Scarlett Li
Please Don't by Thomas Egan
Pledge It by Rachael Sonnenberg
Professional Bride by Liza Korotka
Redress by Mike Wong
Resilience by Antonio Chavez Trejo
Restless by Nicolas Audy
Rick Osborne: Outlaw by Vrishub Merai
Ring of Fire by Tracy Kleeman
ROARrrr: The Beast King's Great Discovery by Charles Taylor
Roses by Morgan Bowles
Running On Empty by Steve Bagshaw, Rose-Marie Daniels
Safety Belt by Owen Chen
Samantha by Sebastian Ponton
Sergey's Fortune by Peter Mackie
Siege by Deeptanshu Sinha
Soul Mate by Heather Hawthorn Doyle
Space Dog by Ivan Pshenin
Spear of Adolescent by Yijiang Dai
Such a Small Thing by Shelly J. Hong
Suspect by Benjamin Dol
Sweetheart by Matthew Fasullo
Synnopsis by Mike Johnston
Taipei Biyori by Elen Ji
Ted and Hanna by Henrique Saladini
The Affair by Mike Call
The Agreement by Falk Poetz
The Ascension of Ava Delaine by Tonya Kay
The Birth by Mazen Adel
The Broken Trace by Wang Xin
The Buoy by Darik Maurice and Ryan Wibowo
The Candy by Salvatore Leonardi
The Charmsters by Emily Blumenthal
The Crying Fields by Hayley Morin
The Deadly Lupus Flower by Neil Warren
The Gift of Winter by Robin Wang
The Infection by Séamus Miller
The Leaving Party by Milly Garnier and Emily Bray
The Life That Awaits You by Ginevra Barboni
The Lost Mine by Mauriel Morejon
The Maids Will Come on Monday by Harley Chamandy
The Meet Up by Alex Meridy
The Menagerie by Catherine Åsberg-Fleury
The Order of Things to Come by Tavit Melikian
The Spectacle by Chloé Sirois
The Still Life of Annika Myers by Matthew Blecha
The Tipping Point by Melisa Daly and Johan Bosma
The Very Special Day by Hayatto
The Voice of Waves by Mobai Zhang (Pato Branco)
The Wait by Angela Bevilacqua
The Wooden Dancer by Mohammed Ebrahim
Tides by Justine BP
Tipped by Alysse Leite-Rogers
To Kill A Secret by Jevon Boreland
Two Stans and a Dan by Jeff Mosuk
Unofficial Selection by Gordon Mihan
Urban Seeds by Adam Steel
Way Back by Per Kasch
We Meet On The Roof by Nicholas Sun
We Were There by Saeed Vahidi
Wet Paint by Yi Cheng
What Could Be by Cody Hilliard
When a Tree Falls by Matt Kincses

Awards of Commendation

#NoFilter by Nicolo' Durante
63 Miles Away by Emma Josephson
A Good Story by Marcus Mullen
A License to Torture by Jim McDonald
A Lot More to Give: Recapturing the Dreams of Young Offenders in the Philippines by Enrique Leon
A Normal Evening by Yongjun Liu (Max) and Cwing Wang
A Story of Courage by Ariana Feiner
Agen by Nadan Pines
All About Toby by Maryanne Niceforo
All Their Names by Aleksey Ageyev
Alone by Siyeon Kim
Amazing Racers by Susan Colleen Snell
Art: An Unexpected Vocation by Marrianna Phung
Artist's Block by Diego Lacámara
Astronomical Imagination by Stephanie Leite
Badera by Catherine Veilleux
Balloonburbs by Sefi Sloman
Behind Banana Vacuum by Lian Morrison
Behind Doors by William Vitória
Behind the Truth by John M Nyengele, Deidre Jessica and Mark B Nyengele
Be-Longing by Mike McKenzie
Black Box by Deanna M. Pedone
Blind Text by Katalina Kovecses
Blue Rose by Riley Maguire
Boozy Mickey by Benoit Perrin
Bound By Precedent by Maryanne Galvin
Brent Handy Aerobatics: The Next Chapter by Maciej Hatta
BumbleBee Forgets Mother's Day by Scott Fiander
By The Time It Gets Dark by Evan Galiffa
Camouflage by Mark Alan
Carmen by Charlotte Daniel
Chambers by Victor Villar-Hauser
Chasing Glaciers by Mark Gregory
Chemistry Read by Norm Lang
Conditioned by Alexander Maxwell
Constant Treason by Ruvin Orbach
Crystal Horse by Ronen Amar
Date Night by Arlen Aguayo Stewart
D-Day Plus One by Larry Kelly
Dearest Enemy by Alden Adair
Demons of The Deep by Rachel Evans
Disrepute by Stephane Mounkassa and Stefan Sundin
Diversity Hire by Christer Harris
Easy Way Out by Ismael Diarra and Casey Jones
Echo by Brandon Watts
Evie by Miranda Howard-Williams
Evoked by Kate Ely
Exit To Stage by Daphne Schmon and Emily Carlton
Farfalle by Ophelia Spinosa
Festival Of The Midnight Sun by Björn Rallare, Niklas Mertel Ekelund and Peder Carlsson
Fiction by Miku Kitagawa
First Date by Teodor Pytel
Five Love Pieces by Jialei Li
Gap by Yuchao Lai
Girl in the Hallway by Valerie Barnhart
Girl Of My Dreams by Kari Townsend
Going Home to Hollow Earth by Trevor Bess
Good Night, Sleep Tight by Brandon Nicoletti
Gotopo by Juan S. Jiménez
Happy to Be With You by Biwei Cong
Heart Bomb by Rémi St-Michel
Hello, Mother; Hello, Daughter by Chris Corl
Home in Time by Patrick Hagarty
Hot Water Frog Prince by Charlie Gudgeon and Tavish Gudgeon
I Am Rare by Dianne Mahoney
I Stem The Tide by Faisal Al-Jadir
In an Empty Wood by Chia-Hsin Lee
Incomparable by Jeriel Yordan
Intimate Fears by Tina Korki
Isolation by Justin Bromley
It Stops Here by Juan Sepulveda Sanchis
Italy & (This Is) Water by Ioan Gavriel and Anja Franziska Plaschg
It's A Story About Kaze "Wind" & Sora "Sky" by Ira Starr Bitner II
It's Not The End by Sydney Perozak
Jill and Giles by Alison Byrne
Jungle Justice by Idowu Okeniyi
Just Today by Aislinn Belot
Kar by Sahar Golshan
Kensington in Crisis by Jill Frechie, John Ricciutti and Isaac Mell
Khadija by Beshr Idlbi
Killing Irma by Sarah Clark
Late Night by Nick Drummond-Hay
Lázaro by Mario González Jiménez
Letters to God by Yves Cohen
Liquormen by James Young and Nik Benn
Living With Musicians by Phillip Edge
Lockdown by Patrick Heaphy
Lycanthropy by Alexander Black
Maebe by Ian Rayburn
Meet Vancouver by Pranav Marwah
Memories by Ian Rayburn
Memories of Mogadishu by Asha Siad
Moksh by Mr. Avignan Bhattacharya
Muted by Maikol Pinto
New York Rhapsody by Salvatore D'Alia
Night Scenes by Farhad Pakdel
No Place by Gabriel Amaral
Perfect Match by Luke Masella
Pink Me Blue by Natalie MacMahon
Prohibit return by Yin Ge
Prone to the Drone by Daisy Montalvo
Rebecca Gold short by Ian David Diaz
Reborn by Edina Kishonthy
Red by Anthony Hunos
Refuse by Steffen Hauglum
Resurfacing by Maja Aro
Rocky Mountains Encounter by John Banovich
Sacrum by Rolf Lindblom
Shadowland by Bellopropello
Short Hands by Felix Tetreault
Sifu by Gordon Wong
Snow by Elliott Hale
Someone Good Will Find You by Leelila Strogov
Speak by Emily Pasternak
Speechless by Merve Gezen
Steve's Diner by Demmi Dupri
Stripped by Claire Bronson
Sunshine Policy by Angela Koh
Take Care of Me by Ace Hicks
Takeoff by Pierce Csurgo
The Ark by Ahmed Said
The Art of Flawsome by Andrea Nirmala Widjajanto
The Barber by Melanie Aronson
The Big Bingo Bonanza by Jackson Herman
The Disguise by Sandeep A. Varma
The Doctrine by Shane Brar
The Fork by Maggie Craig
The Funeral Dancer by Natalie MacMahon
The Get Together by Caitlin Dahl
The Good One by Eric Y. Zhang
The Grand FranAllie by Carleen Kyle
The Lender by Michael Florizone
The Longest Noodle by Sandy Morris
The Lost Man by Austin Smith
The Memory Of Water by Mary Stephen
The Missing Picture by Javier Aparisi
The Nun's Kaddish by Luis ismael
The Remaining Eight by Mór Kőműves
The Seventh Day by Ernie O'Donnell
The Sex Act by Madelyn Rideout
The Story Of A Head That Fell Off by Tianyu Liu
The Tortoise by Lyndon Hanrahan
The Twelve Thousand by Eric Davis
The Visitor by Justin Olstein
Today by Kenzie Yango
Top Secret by Humphrey Pitman
Totalité by Laurie Little and Justin T. Jones
Trapped by James Bushe
Two Apart by Kevin Lu
Two Queens, a King and a God by Maziyar Khatam and Anya Chirkova
Undermine - Beneath Canada's Ghost Towns by Francois Desrocher
Where Are We? by Hanna Besirevic
Where Monsters Live by Zac Pinto Lobo
White Line Fever by Nicholas Smith
Wolves by Emese Liliom
Wulsani - Together With Death by Gábor Klacsán
Wyd? by Josh Granovsky
Yard Sale by Jared Eves
Your Mother and I by Andy Reid

Merit Awards

4622 Stillwater Circle by Kati Rehbeck
A Cradle Falls by Nicole Benoit
A Day In the Park by James Liakos and Eric Smigiel
A Little Different by Kayla Resendes
A Simple Dream by Jeff Schellenberg
A Twist of Time by Kit Wilson
Allurement by Benjamin Del Vasto
Almost Home by Susan Cahill and Matt Rogers
Alto by Melisa Sahin
Amphitheater by Mahdi Ali Ali
As It Always Was by Yu Sicong
Assist by TJ Cheslea
At Heart, Citizens of The Esplanade by Ayelen Liberona and Joseph Johnson Camí
Backyard Astronaut by Aron Safranyos
Berta Boys by Kyle Terrence
Body Hugger by Kunru Lin
Bounce by David MacLean
Box and Me by Stephen Lee
Broken Sidewalk by Aaron McPherson
Cambion by Charlie Christensen
Cold Call by Nick Dipchand
Dear Mum, by Donovan Swart
Deeper by Herman Perera
Do I Need To Remind You? by Ayòmide Bayowa and Asiko Foli
Dream/Life by David Aufdembrinke
Emily by Addie Dobson
Ephemeral and Evanescent States of Mind by Paul Fletcher
Fall by Yifan Gong
Far Gone by Henry Thach
Fête by Lloyd Darling
Filtered by Brenton Richards
Fix Me by Woonyea Han
Foreign Dream by Bala Santosh Majji
Funny Money by Trey Van Dyke and Christina Nicole Castro
Gummy Bears by Aharon Jinjihashvili
Heavy Losses by Ian O'Neill
Her Little Rose by Tam Tran
Imprisoned by Zachary Forgues
Inherit by Zion Fos
Joshua by Fred Baheza
Just Like Paula Says by Lydia Frederick
Kalopsia by Sierra Parr
Killer Confidence by Peter Howie
Little Man by Evie Golding
Little Oliver by Brenda Whitehall
Loud by Mark Pedelty
Love In Resurgent by Yajun Xu, Yueying Li and Haixin Xu
Lullaby by Ray Du
Ma by Gabriel Colome
Mac by Samuel Go
Man on the Phone by Nick Aquilino
Midnight Fighter by David Scheinbaum
Neem Jamun by Kamal Moolwani
Nest by Ruxandra Rusu
Never Give Up by Jonathan Schörnig
No English by Japi, Harmen Baidwan and Guramrit Athwal
Norman by Graham McDonald
Obscured Reflection by Alexandra Balda
Out There - Cypress Provincial Park by Christopher R. Abbey
Potrero-Chapultepec by Jorge Lan
Pregnant Pauses by Kim Kelln
Recovery by Amaan Khan, Vrishub Merai, Emily Policarpo and Josh Straver
Red Secret by Savanna Oliver
Red Shoes by Zarvan Bigonah
Regular Cage by Tengfei Wang
Rosana Jesús by Quentin Ferrant
Selfies Fever by Sage Drake
Sew What? by Salvatore Alaimo
She Rose by Malwina Wodzicka
Short Stay by Cydney Cochrane
Showstopper by Jacquile Kambo
Sidepiece by Teddy Tenenbaum
Skin by Alexander Desouza
Small Change by Patrick Burke
Sunder by Spencer Hetherington
Taking Back Hogan's Alley by Beth Mariam, Isabella Zavarise, Gurneet Samra and Kori Sidaway
Terminal Love by Sina Dolati
The 97th Companion by Ty Sheetz
The Breath Of Celia by Miguel Angel Barrroso
The Candle by Jose Sanchez-H.
The Difference by YuBin Zheng
The Garden by David Kemp
The Great Boundary Waters Adventure by Mason Horacek
The Headless Hipster by Chris Remerowski
The Ice Cream Date by Baylee Sinner
The Interview by Peter Durst
The Peck Situation by Carmen Elly Wilkerson
The Valise by Tammy Salzl
To No End by Ian Stout
Tough Gals by Annie Yao
Tuition by Kelvin Omori
Tunnel Beach by Nina Kiri
Until Forever by Katharine Mahalic
Venus Rising by Alexandra Noble
Viaticum by Lara Daans
Wake Up by Anisah Dass and Sean Sutherland
Wheel Love by Ryan Tebbutt
Whispers by Jawed J.S.
Within the Deep by Andre Colquhoun
You by Sandeep Chandrra

Honorable Mentions

A Good Mime to Die by Diego Minor
Background by Dylan Chow
Bingo! by Zeff Lawless
Bòcan by Cindy O'Neill, Beth Ryan, Tom Ryan and James Ryan
Borders by Bo Liu
Brushes With Memory by Lara Wallace
Cigarette Lips by Katherine Castellaw
Click by Kayla Hamm
Close Your Eyes by Hannah Warry-Smith
Danny & May by Andrew Moodie
Deadline by Daniel Franzon
Digging Into The Nacoochee Burial Mound by Brady Brandwood
Discord by Sepi Yadegar
Dolphin Girl by Tanya Carleton Lovrics
Enough is Enough by Anthony Shonaman and Joshua Lively
Ether by Zeff Lawless
Facade by Mahmoud Houshmand
Fall by Ashok Wardekar
For All Good Cats by John Hays
Foreign by Mark Pinkosh
Friend Zone by Britany Sparrow
Greater Fool by Julia Strassmann
Idle Interactions by Joshua Black
I'm Sorry by Gabriel Galand
Included by Merrill Matthews
J Burg by Matthew Gouveia
Joanne by Andrew Cheng
Last Shot by Chandra Chan
Mati 23/7 by Antigoni Kapaka
Move by Blossom Mendoza
Nightlife by Rebecca Rice
Nine Door by Andrew Downey
Online by Shereen Lal
Out and Back by Jake Weber
Overgrowth by Christian Belisle
Prospect by Duncan Shaw
Reboot by Andrei Thutat Ungur
Rendezvous Gone Wrong by Dieter Michael Grohmann
Return Flight by Suzan Oram
Saho... What's Your Limit by Rajiv Walia
Shallow by Johnny Cortes and Robert Douthat
Squashed by Peter Anthony
Teed-Off! by Dizzy Daniels
The Biannual Meeting of the Owners of the World by Brittany Whelan
The Cuddlers by Sean Gloria and Tyshon Freeman
The Leaving Party by Marlowe Granados
The Pact by Natalie Medlock
The Trial of Miss Mudimbe by Melanee Murray-Hunt
The Truth by Marcelle Aleid
The Vessel by Dan McPeake
Ticket Holder by Amina Kearney
Tiggers by Vuyani Bila
Ubering by Eddie Valdes
We Still Good? by Jake Burling and Josh Charbot
Where to go? Where to come from? by Hung Keung